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Old 05-03-07, 09:52 AM  
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Question The Pretzel

Hi guys !
I would like to round out my routine & butt shape so can U list dvds and mp3 with the in-famous PRETZEL exercise please ?
I know the BM Designer Sculpting has it, what else ?
Thanks !!!

disclosure : i have a relationship with a video instructor Peace
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Old 05-03-07, 10:11 AM  
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Here are a few that I can think of...

isculpt ballet 7 (one of my favorite iballets!)
isculpt ballet 10
quick callanetics hips & behind (other callanetics programs as well but this one has a few variations)
fluidity advanced

There are probably a few other iballets that have it but I can't seperate them all in my mind and don't have access to the pdf's at the moment.

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Old 05-03-07, 10:14 AM  
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I don't know if this is the in-famous Pretzel you're referring to, but Tracy Effinger has an exercise in her new workout, SQUEEZE, called the preztel.

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Old 05-03-07, 10:49 AM  
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YBB Goddess Booty has it, too!
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Old 05-03-07, 10:58 AM  
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Isculpt ballet 1 also has it.
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Old 05-03-07, 11:11 AM  
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I think the newer Chicometrics has it too. It's been a while since I did it. I'll have to check to make sure.
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