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megrod74 02-25-04 07:54 PM

Tall box / FL workout recommendation
Can someone recommend a tall box/ FL workout? Since I spent so much on this accessory, and I'm a pear, I'd like to use it more. It doesn't have to be a Firm w/o. I have Standing Legs, and one of the newer ones (Cardio Sculpt or something), although I have to be honest and say I don't love either.
I'm a beginner/intermediate.



Helen S 02-25-04 09:32 PM

What's the reason why you don't like the two workouts that you have? I'm just wondering because I don't want to recommend other Firms if they are not your style. You might like Tough Tape 2, Super Body Sculpt, or Lower Body Sculpt 1. But again, that depends if you like Firms at all.

Cathe is taking pre-orders for a high step circuit workout for beginners/intermediates. You might want to check her out at .


Mandy 02-25-04 09:43 PM

When I first started off using the Firm's there is no way I could have done Standing Legs or Body Sculpt w/Jen. Its too intense. Even with no weights. I would recommend a Firm workout that alternates upper and lower with cardio. That way, you get a little break in between leg work. I would recommend Complete Aerobics and weight training or Total Sculpt. CAWT does have more fanny lifter work though. I like the newer Firms.
If you like no cardio and just want a workout that aternates upper with lower body, Nancy Tuckers Body Sculpt blaster is great!

jenlet99 02-26-04 09:34 AM

FL workout
I really recommend FIRM Better Body and Buns w/ Jen Carman, Taber Bruner and Jen Paluso. It is 45 minutes (42 minutes until the stretch begins...I'm a big fan of exact minute countdowns!). I think that BBB is one of the easiest of the "good" workouts, because it is total body and abs, but it's not killer and it's fairly short. Of course, I don't know if you like Firm workouts, but I love Firm and I HATE Standing Legs (way to monotonous and soooo painful!). I think BBB is a cute tape, and you can always omit the weights and work up to modify it to your level. And, of course, it uses the FL (back in the day when they still called it the "tall box step")
:) Jeni

fuzzie 02-26-04 10:14 AM

My favorite tall step workout right now is Cathe's Legs & Glutes. I like how she combines so many different types of exercises (tall step, low step, standing floor, floorwork, weighted, nonweighted, plyo) in this non-stop lower body workout. My heart rate stays up throughout the entire standing section.

megrod74 02-29-04 11:33 AM

Thank you all for your great suggestions!
The reason I don't like SL is that is seems repetitive and I have the way you have to switch equipment all the time.
The other Firm I have is just not very challenging to me.

I'm going to check out these others :)

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