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Lucky Star 05-12-19 06:59 PM

Intermediate KCMs and ranking?
Happy Mother's Day and Furbaby Mama's Day! Hope everyone's day was nice. :sun:

This morning I did Kelly's Body Shop workout 1 and was happily surprised to find that it was generally modifiable to my advanced beginner/low intermediate level. I haven't touched Kelly in years because many of her newer releases are certainly too advanced for me. I'm also not a huge fan of her cardio; I have a few that I like and that's enough for me. But I'm wondering which of her strength videos might work for my level, without twisting/torquing back or knees?

I like Weights and Start Here, and now Body Shop. Some of her workouts are too long for me - I like 30 minutes! - and I prefer more traditional lifting to her creative compound moves.

How would you rank Kelly's workouts in order from easiest to hardest?

tiffanywu 05-12-19 11:36 PM

You'll also like Split Sessions, Body Training, Cardio Pump, Build & Burn, Body Design, Your Best Body and NYC then :D Huge KCM fan here and none of these are too funky for me. And all of these have 25-35 mins segments (exception being NYC which is a super fun circuit workout and Body Design which has 15 mins segments to add on or string together).

Lucky Star 05-13-19 04:54 AM

Thanks Tiffany. Will look up clips!

alisoncooks 05-13-19 06:37 AM

Body Training and Muscle Definition were the two KCM's that I used to enjoy. But MD does go longer than 30 minutes, iirc.

bubbles76 05-13-19 06:37 AM

Split Sessions run longer than 35 minutes, I believe. Not much longer, but longer. I think that either the upper or lower body session was closer to 40 minutes.

Garrie A. 05-13-19 06:45 AM

Yes, on Muscle Definition both workouts are longer than 30 minutes.

Pat58 05-13-19 08:46 AM

Our tastes in KCM are similar - preferring the upper end of beginner to intermediate, and not her cardio. I also don't enjoy her boxing. My favorites are Your Best Body, Build & Burn, Definition and Splits.

I also like Slim Sculpt. It's easily modifiable and I use a light weight for the swings. Then there is Start Here, which is KCM's "easiest" workout but you can use heavier weights if you need a challenge.

The Build & Burn workouts were too short or too easy for some VF'ers, but the program suits me fine and I think it's a well-produced.

My ranking is:

Start Here
Build & Burn
Your Best Body
Slim Sculpt

*same level

Now I have to dust off Body Shop which is a virgin.

tiffanywu 05-13-19 11:08 PM

I've never taken to Muscle Definition -- each segment is too long (>35 mins) and it has some funky moves (not good for my tweaky knees and sensitive shoulders). For the other ones I recommended, if you're willing to skip the stretch/cool-down in one or two cases, they all definitely fit within 35 mins or less :D I know because I often squeeze one of these into my workout at the office gym and literally I'm running to catch the shuttle bus home or to my next work meeting (which means at minimum wiping down and ditching the sweaty clothes) so the <35 mins rule absolutely must prevail! I can always stretch... on the shuttle bus or just sometime later.

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