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WWWendy 03-12-03 03:18 PM

VF Support Reminder
If you became a VF supporter early in 2002 and can afford to contribute again, it's time to renew your support. If you haven't yet become a VF supporter, please consider doing so.

Our costs have gone up significantly since last year. After our an inexpensive host we were using went under (ah, I knew it was too good to be true!) our costs went up about 50%, and after getting the bills from the first few months of 2003 I see our costs will be up more like 100-150% in 2003. We've had a great deal of growth since the new year, which is great, but growth has also increased our costs in the form of upgraded server packages and additional bandwidth. The higher my VF bills are, the more outside consulting work I must do to make ends meet, and that's time I can't spend working on VF.

The suggested annual contribution is $20, or about the cost of the average video or DVD, but any amount large or small is appreciated, and gets you that coveted VFS icon.

Whether or not you are able to contribute directly, please remember to use the VF links in the "Support VF" pull down menu in the purple forum toolbar whenever you shop with vendors like Amazon, Collage, Road Runner Sports etc. because that helps support us, too. We get a small commission on items purchased from those vendors.

For more information about how you can support VF, see the Support VF page. If you do not want to use PayPal, our mailing address is on that page. Please include your forum user name with any contribution so that I can give credit to the right person.

Thanks so much to those of you who have become new supporters and to those who have already renewed their support!

LeslieM 03-12-03 04:11 PM

I renewed my support! Thanks WWWendy! nfm

Michele S 03-13-03 10:13 AM

Wendy, I'll send a check.
Thanks! Michele

paidhi 03-13-03 11:05 AM

Paypal isn't supported in my country - is there any other way I could contribute? Money order, moneygram....


Shortstuff 03-14-03 09:36 AM

Thanks Wendy! VF has my support!
Just made a contribution through Paypal! Thanks again!


Sharonm 03-14-03 09:59 AM

donation sent
Hi Wendy. Thanks for all you do for this wonderful place. I just sent my donation for this year.

*pet*art*girl* 03-14-03 11:23 AM

this is so funny. I was JUST thinking of how it is about time to contribute again last night, on my way home from work!
(I hadn't seen this post.)
What is your paypal email? Because I want to use Paypal, but I have $$ in account there. Let me know, thanks!

edited: I figured it out. Thanks, Wendy.

Colleen 03-14-03 05:35 PM


I just sent a check by snail mail. :)

FitnessFay 03-14-03 06:07 PM

Last year there were plans for . . .
VF merchandise to be sold in conjunction with supporting the VF website? (If I remember correctly, it was last fall.) I've been eagerly awaiting for that to start happening! Any word on when we can start with that?


PamelaP 03-15-03 05:06 PM


Originally posted by paidhi
Paypal isn't supported in my country - is there any other way I could contribute? Money order, moneygram....
Since Wendy is able to accept checks, I'm sure money orders would work just as well. Here's another link to the page that has the mailing address:

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