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donnamp 01-01-20 10:04 AM

Jessica Smith and Friends 2020
Hard to believe it is 2020~ Here's to another year of great workouts with Jessica and others!

Please join us - whether you do Jessica's workouts exclusively or sprinkled in with other instructors - all are welcome.


Leonana 01-01-20 12:10 PM

Oh wow, time for a new thread! Donna, thanks for starting it.

I forgot to post yesterday's workout. It was from the Power Walk dvd, the warm up, and first mile, then I walked a few minutes while watching tv for a cool down.

Today is a strength workout, not sure which one yet.

I'm also planning on taking down the Christmas tree today. It makes me a little sad to do it, but I do like getting back the extra space in the living room.

donnamp 01-01-20 12:46 PM


I forgot to post my workout!

Yesterday, in addition to my formal workout - DD and I took another walk. We have walked quite a bit this break - I ended up with over 12K steps. I think it is easier for teens to talk when walking b/c they don't have to make eye contact. We haven't had many deep conversations on our walks, but at least we are communicating and there is no phone! LOL. Maybe I can convince her to go again today. I wish my doggie was able to walk longer distances, but w/ her arthritis, she just can't and my other doggie doesn't really like to walk, she'd rather stay at home and play ball.

Anyway - today was:

Trifecta Pilates - January 2020 workout - bend and stretch - this was LONG one - as in over an hour, but I enjoyed the slower pace and attention to detail. I can't always set aside this much time, but today worked for me.

So far, I like the membership site. And, in fact, I may change my plans and focus on that instead of yoga. I think Pilates may help me more in terms of rebuilding strength, stability and balance. But, we shall see!

I also did - Pahla B - Hot 100 Day #1 - including a warm-up, cool-down and finisher.

So, my plan for the month is either Pilates or Yoga with a Hot 100 workout and as much walking and informal exercise I can fit in.

I hope everyone has a good day and start to the new year!

Sherry - taking down the decorations makes me sad, too. My DH is always in a hurry to do it and usually has it done before noon on New Year's Day!


donnamp 01-02-20 01:00 PM

Hi Everyone,

Well, I'm decided to go with Pilates this month - - I can feel the decline from not doing it often enough. I'm going to mostly follow Trifecta Pilates.

So, today was:

Trifecta Pilates - Full Body Burn - I guess the best way to describe this one is reformer inspired - a lot of work in planks and variations was more challenging than yesterday's workout but about half as long!

Pahla B - Hot 100 Day # 2 (including warm-up, finisher and cool down).

My DD went back to school today but I am off and just did some cleaning/decluttering. This year, I would like to get my house organized and thinned out. I hope to focus on one area a month. Today was the bathroom and linen closet.

back to work for me tomorrow, but at least it is a Friday!


wishiwasinhawaii 01-02-20 05:06 PM

I'm keeping my tree up until Jan 15. I was away for the first half of December so I want to enjoy it a bit longer since I didn't put it up until December 14. :D

Yesterday I did Jessica's 15-Minute Standing Cardio Strength [Floor Work Free!] Workout and rode my exercise bike for 30 minutes. Today I was working from home and had a busy day, but I did go outside for a brief walk and did Jessica's 15-Minute Quick At Home Fat Burning Cardio Blast. I will ride my bike later tonight. I wanted to start Jessica's January Jump Start, but I was just too busy with work to do a half hour workout. My boss is taking tomorrow afternoon off so I'm hoping to start then. We'll see.

Donna, do you have a reformer? I really know very little about Pilates. Have fun at work, lol! I go back to the office on Monday. That's going to be rough. The last day I was there was December 18!

Sherry, the Power Walk DVD is one of my favorites. I also like the Get Strong one.


Pam61 01-02-20 11:44 PM

Happy New Year!!!
Hi everyone,

I've just been walking with Leslie, so will stick to that for this month. Unless I decide to add some Jessica walks in, also.

I didn't do so well the last week of December, getting very little in. But today and yesterday were both two mile walks from Miracle Miles.

You all are doing great with your workouts, walks and steps, etc.

We're having house guest tomorrow, so I may not have time for more than a mile...if that. Spent today getting the guest room and bathroom ready. I sometimes takeover that room, from time to time. So, always doing laundry, bed sheets and cleaning up the day before. :eek:

Ready for bed...Night all!

donnamp 01-03-20 06:40 AM

Hi Everyone,

Back to reality today. :(

I got up early and had enough time to do:

Trifecta Pilates - Pilates for Posture
Pahla B - Hot 100 Day # 3 - I even did the plank finisher, eek. Today was weight training - high reps.

I did do one mile w/ Leslie yesterday evening. It is raining today, but if I get the chance I will get out for a walk at work.

wishiwasinhawaii - I don't have a reformer, I think I would like one - but i have no place to put it!

Pam - good job on getting back to it with Leslie. When I can't get outside to walk I think I will add on one of her miles....I guess i could also add on a little bit of time on the stationary bike for some variety.

waves, Sherry. I watched Dr. Dray's review of the Cerave tinted sunscreen....I will have to put that on my "to try" list. I use the Cetaphil redness relief tinted sunscreen - it is a bit too dark for me, but I don't use all that much of it so it is ok.

Waves - TGIF. I guess if you have to go back to work - Friday is a good day to do it.


donnamp 01-04-20 10:47 AM


I'm still moving forward with Pahla B and Pilates. Today was:

Pahla B - Hot 100 Day # 4 - including warm-up, cool down and finisher
Trifecta Pilates - Supine Arm Workout (10 min)
Jessica Valent Pilates - leg stretch routine (from Day # 4 of Pilates Camp)

So, Pahla's workouts aren't all that exciting, but they get the job done in a short amount of time and it is different than what I had been doing. I'm not sure if I will do 100 days straight, time will tell - but these are good for those times when you are busy in life and just want something straightforward to do that is not too easy and not too hard either.

Trifecta's workout for today was a nice one - I am enjoying the variety of the monthly calendar.

I also enjoyed Jessica's routine - and some day I will probably re-join her Unlimited as I really like her and her approach to fitness. But, I don't want to have too many subscriptions going at once!

Hope everyone has a good day -


Leonana 01-04-20 12:06 PM

All my workouts lately have been Jessica Smith You Tube workouts. Wednesday's strength workout was 20 Minute Total Body Barre.

Thursday was my volunteer filing for two hours. I meant to do yoga in the evening, but forgot as usual. I did do some stretching and foam rolling, as the bending for filing made my lower back sore. The band workouts seem to stretch me out and it helps my lower back.

Yesterday was 30 Minute Travel Friendly Travel and Strength with the Band.

Today was 15 Minute Cardio and Coordination, 12 Minute Quick Low Impact Cardio Blast, and 8 Minute Standing Stretch.

wishiwasinhawaii, I need to check out the January Jump Start workouts. Maybe I'll do a schedule.

Pam, I think cleaning the guest bedroom counts as a workout, I know cleaning wears me out. One of my cats just threw up on the couch, and then I noticed how dirty it was under the cushions! Time to vaccuum.

Donna, that's good that your dd will walk with you. I never could get mine to do that. She is starting to get interested in roller skating, and I'm glad about that, it will give her some exercise. I haven't seen that video yet, I'll check it out. I did see her review of the new CeraVe cleanser with Benzoyl peroxide.

donnamp 01-05-20 08:03 AM

Hi Everyone,

Well, I can't stay away from Ellen for too long so today was: Prayer Flow.

This was a new one on her streaming site from November, I think. Very enjoyable and relaxing.

Of course, now that I did an Ellen workout it is all I want to do again...I really should just have ONE streaming service - hers. But we'll see. The plan I had going with Pahla B is more flexible and probably more of what I need right now - guess I can always mix and match.

Sherry - your workouts look good - and I agree, filing/office work and cleaning are hard on the body. On the skin care front, in my never ending effort to declutter and use up my products, I'm using the Alpha line - and so far so good. I'm using the 12% lotion at night - alternating with the Cerave Retinol. I'm using the Alpha cleanser which I like, too. For sunscreen, I had some of the Alpha SPF 30 left over. It is discontinued - I think Alpha reported it was too difficult to keep up with all the regulations on sunscreen. But, once I finish it up I'll probably use one of my other drugstore standbys - the Alpha SPF 30 was just a basic chemical sunscreen anyway. I find the 12% AHA lotion and the Cerave retinol to be moisturizing enough on their own, but sometimes I'll add a little some extra to them if my skin feels dry. So, overall this is working pretty well for me and I'm using up some stuff! Of course, if I find I continue to like the results I'll have to buy replacements, ugh!

Waves, everyone.


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