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donnamp 01-01-20 10:04 AM

Jessica Smith and Friends 2020
Hard to believe it is 2020~ Here's to another year of great workouts with Jessica and others!

Please join us - whether you do Jessica's workouts exclusively or sprinkled in with other instructors - all are welcome.


Leonana 01-01-20 12:10 PM

Oh wow, time for a new thread! Donna, thanks for starting it.

I forgot to post yesterday's workout. It was from the Power Walk dvd, the warm up, and first mile, then I walked a few minutes while watching tv for a cool down.

Today is a strength workout, not sure which one yet.

I'm also planning on taking down the Christmas tree today. It makes me a little sad to do it, but I do like getting back the extra space in the living room.

donnamp 01-01-20 12:46 PM


I forgot to post my workout!

Yesterday, in addition to my formal workout - DD and I took another walk. We have walked quite a bit this break - I ended up with over 12K steps. I think it is easier for teens to talk when walking b/c they don't have to make eye contact. We haven't had many deep conversations on our walks, but at least we are communicating and there is no phone! LOL. Maybe I can convince her to go again today. I wish my doggie was able to walk longer distances, but w/ her arthritis, she just can't and my other doggie doesn't really like to walk, she'd rather stay at home and play ball.

Anyway - today was:

Trifecta Pilates - January 2020 workout - bend and stretch - this was LONG one - as in over an hour, but I enjoyed the slower pace and attention to detail. I can't always set aside this much time, but today worked for me.

So far, I like the membership site. And, in fact, I may change my plans and focus on that instead of yoga. I think Pilates may help me more in terms of rebuilding strength, stability and balance. But, we shall see!

I also did - Pahla B - Hot 100 Day #1 - including a warm-up, cool-down and finisher.

So, my plan for the month is either Pilates or Yoga with a Hot 100 workout and as much walking and informal exercise I can fit in.

I hope everyone has a good day and start to the new year!

Sherry - taking down the decorations makes me sad, too. My DH is always in a hurry to do it and usually has it done before noon on New Year's Day!


donnamp 01-02-20 01:00 PM

Hi Everyone,

Well, I'm decided to go with Pilates this month - - I can feel the decline from not doing it often enough. I'm going to mostly follow Trifecta Pilates.

So, today was:

Trifecta Pilates - Full Body Burn - I guess the best way to describe this one is reformer inspired - a lot of work in planks and variations was more challenging than yesterday's workout but about half as long!

Pahla B - Hot 100 Day # 2 (including warm-up, finisher and cool down).

My DD went back to school today but I am off and just did some cleaning/decluttering. This year, I would like to get my house organized and thinned out. I hope to focus on one area a month. Today was the bathroom and linen closet.

back to work for me tomorrow, but at least it is a Friday!


wishiwasinhawaii 01-02-20 05:06 PM

I'm keeping my tree up until Jan 15. I was away for the first half of December so I want to enjoy it a bit longer since I didn't put it up until December 14. :D

Yesterday I did Jessica's 15-Minute Standing Cardio Strength [Floor Work Free!] Workout and rode my exercise bike for 30 minutes. Today I was working from home and had a busy day, but I did go outside for a brief walk and did Jessica's 15-Minute Quick At Home Fat Burning Cardio Blast. I will ride my bike later tonight. I wanted to start Jessica's January Jump Start, but I was just too busy with work to do a half hour workout. My boss is taking tomorrow afternoon off so I'm hoping to start then. We'll see.

Donna, do you have a reformer? I really know very little about Pilates. Have fun at work, lol! I go back to the office on Monday. That's going to be rough. The last day I was there was December 18!

Sherry, the Power Walk DVD is one of my favorites. I also like the Get Strong one.


Pam61 01-02-20 11:44 PM

Happy New Year!!!
Hi everyone,

I've just been walking with Leslie, so will stick to that for this month. Unless I decide to add some Jessica walks in, also.

I didn't do so well the last week of December, getting very little in. But today and yesterday were both two mile walks from Miracle Miles.

You all are doing great with your workouts, walks and steps, etc.

We're having house guest tomorrow, so I may not have time for more than a mile...if that. Spent today getting the guest room and bathroom ready. I sometimes takeover that room, from time to time. So, always doing laundry, bed sheets and cleaning up the day before. :eek:

Ready for bed...Night all!

donnamp 01-03-20 06:40 AM

Hi Everyone,

Back to reality today. :(

I got up early and had enough time to do:

Trifecta Pilates - Pilates for Posture
Pahla B - Hot 100 Day # 3 - I even did the plank finisher, eek. Today was weight training - high reps.

I did do one mile w/ Leslie yesterday evening. It is raining today, but if I get the chance I will get out for a walk at work.

wishiwasinhawaii - I don't have a reformer, I think I would like one - but i have no place to put it!

Pam - good job on getting back to it with Leslie. When I can't get outside to walk I think I will add on one of her miles....I guess i could also add on a little bit of time on the stationary bike for some variety.

waves, Sherry. I watched Dr. Dray's review of the Cerave tinted sunscreen....I will have to put that on my "to try" list. I use the Cetaphil redness relief tinted sunscreen - it is a bit too dark for me, but I don't use all that much of it so it is ok.

Waves - TGIF. I guess if you have to go back to work - Friday is a good day to do it.


donnamp 01-04-20 10:47 AM


I'm still moving forward with Pahla B and Pilates. Today was:

Pahla B - Hot 100 Day # 4 - including warm-up, cool down and finisher
Trifecta Pilates - Supine Arm Workout (10 min)
Jessica Valent Pilates - leg stretch routine (from Day # 4 of Pilates Camp)

So, Pahla's workouts aren't all that exciting, but they get the job done in a short amount of time and it is different than what I had been doing. I'm not sure if I will do 100 days straight, time will tell - but these are good for those times when you are busy in life and just want something straightforward to do that is not too easy and not too hard either.

Trifecta's workout for today was a nice one - I am enjoying the variety of the monthly calendar.

I also enjoyed Jessica's routine - and some day I will probably re-join her Unlimited as I really like her and her approach to fitness. But, I don't want to have too many subscriptions going at once!

Hope everyone has a good day -


Leonana 01-04-20 12:06 PM

All my workouts lately have been Jessica Smith You Tube workouts. Wednesday's strength workout was 20 Minute Total Body Barre.

Thursday was my volunteer filing for two hours. I meant to do yoga in the evening, but forgot as usual. I did do some stretching and foam rolling, as the bending for filing made my lower back sore. The band workouts seem to stretch me out and it helps my lower back.

Yesterday was 30 Minute Travel Friendly Travel and Strength with the Band.

Today was 15 Minute Cardio and Coordination, 12 Minute Quick Low Impact Cardio Blast, and 8 Minute Standing Stretch.

wishiwasinhawaii, I need to check out the January Jump Start workouts. Maybe I'll do a schedule.

Pam, I think cleaning the guest bedroom counts as a workout, I know cleaning wears me out. One of my cats just threw up on the couch, and then I noticed how dirty it was under the cushions! Time to vaccuum.

Donna, that's good that your dd will walk with you. I never could get mine to do that. She is starting to get interested in roller skating, and I'm glad about that, it will give her some exercise. I haven't seen that video yet, I'll check it out. I did see her review of the new CeraVe cleanser with Benzoyl peroxide.

donnamp 01-05-20 08:03 AM

Hi Everyone,

Well, I can't stay away from Ellen for too long so today was: Prayer Flow.

This was a new one on her streaming site from November, I think. Very enjoyable and relaxing.

Of course, now that I did an Ellen workout it is all I want to do again...I really should just have ONE streaming service - hers. But we'll see. The plan I had going with Pahla B is more flexible and probably more of what I need right now - guess I can always mix and match.

Sherry - your workouts look good - and I agree, filing/office work and cleaning are hard on the body. On the skin care front, in my never ending effort to declutter and use up my products, I'm using the Alpha line - and so far so good. I'm using the 12% lotion at night - alternating with the Cerave Retinol. I'm using the Alpha cleanser which I like, too. For sunscreen, I had some of the Alpha SPF 30 left over. It is discontinued - I think Alpha reported it was too difficult to keep up with all the regulations on sunscreen. But, once I finish it up I'll probably use one of my other drugstore standbys - the Alpha SPF 30 was just a basic chemical sunscreen anyway. I find the 12% AHA lotion and the Cerave retinol to be moisturizing enough on their own, but sometimes I'll add a little some extra to them if my skin feels dry. So, overall this is working pretty well for me and I'm using up some stuff! Of course, if I find I continue to like the results I'll have to buy replacements, ugh!

Waves, everyone.


wishiwasinhawaii 01-05-20 01:04 PM

Today is a rest day so I'm focusing on more decluttering and getting ready to go back to work tomorrow. I did go for a walk indoors today and will probably ride my exercise bike later. It's sunny out, but very windy, so I'm staying in!


Leonana 01-05-20 10:06 PM

Nothing until this evening around 9:00 p.m. I did two of Jessica's Walk and Talks, the one on New Year's Resolutions from January 2018 and the newest one on Stress.

Donna, I'm still toying with trying Curology. Even though what I'm using is working okay. I always want something new, lol. That's great you are using up your products. I just ordered some more Hado Labo sunscreen from Amazon. That one is my favorite. I'm currently using the Eucerin. I've heard The Inkey List Vitamin C Serum is good, I think that's the one Lab Muffin recommended. I've backed off Vitamin C serums, but maybe I'll try that one.

wishiwasinhawaii, I'm now wishing I had kept my exercise bike. I gave it to Goodwill, but I had bought it used off of Craigslist. It wasn't fancy but it worked. I haven't been getting outside lately, and I think I'd use it now.

donnamp 01-06-20 08:47 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Ellen - Lifted & Lean.

I always go back to her for my comfort food workouts. I didn't sleep well last night and this one fit the bill. I like her weekly schedule for this week and may follow it and incorporate some outdoor walks as the weather allows.

Sherry - good for you for getting the walks in later in the day - I usually quit by then!

wishiwasinhawaii - hope the decluttering went well. It is nice to start off with a clean slate. I need to do more at home as well. I will make a list of the areas in my house that need work and I will get through them a little at a time this year.

Pam - waves, how are you?


Leonana 01-06-20 04:03 PM

I decided to try the January Jump Start challenge. Jessica sent it in an email this morning, I think it originally came out a year ago. You can choose either a you tube workout or a dvd workout. One seems to be less intense than the other, so that's the one I'll choose most likely. I did the Get Strong Strictly Strength workout. I used 5 and 8 pounds, although I sub the 5's for overhead moves.

donnamp 01-07-20 09:00 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today was: Ellen - Fusion Flow. For some reason, this is one that I don't reach for very often but it came up on her weekly schedule for this week - so I got it in. I do enjoy it so I'm not sure why I don't grab it more often.

I did take a walk yesterday and hope to get one in today before the weather gets bad (supposedly we are in for a little snow - but who knows, it is sunny right now!)

Sherry and wishiwasinhawaii - the January Jump Start does look good. Maybe one day I will get around to it! :)

Waves, Pam - how are you feeling? Any progress?


Leonana 01-08-20 12:19 AM

Well, I came down with a bad cold yesterday. So no workout today. I guess I jinxed it by starting a rotation! Hopefully, I can get back to it in a few days.

donnamp 01-08-20 07:44 AM

Hi Everyone,

Because my step count was so low yesterday, when I got home (I left work a little bit early b/c we did actually get snow yesterday!) I did two of the 15 min walks from Jessica's 15 Min Fat Blaster DVD. I did the first two - can't remember the titles!!! But, I was reminded about how much I enjoy Jessica and how nice that bright scenery is in the winter!

This morning I had some extra time b/c schools are delayed by two hours so I did Jessica's Feel Good Fusion - Strength. Although I don't find her workouts to be a "zen" as Ellen's I enjoy the scenery, Jessica, and the more athletic approach sometimes.

I see Classical Stretch has posted their winter health challenge - it looks like some thought went into it in terms of building yourself up over the 4 week challenge. There is a bit of repetition in it and the workouts, at least initially, look like they are on the easier side - but it makes sense since it looks like it was designed to be progressive in nature. I'm tempted to follow it!

Sherry - I'm sorry you are sick! I know what you mean - as soon as I decide to do something I either no longer want to do it or something happens that derails me! January Jump Start does look like a good rotation, though, w/ a lot of variety. Maybe....if I don't jinx myself.



wishiwasinhawaii 01-08-20 09:21 AM

I've been sticking with my homemade Jessica rotation, but I'm working from home today, tomorrow and Friday so I'm going to start the January Jump Start later today. I don't normally WFH on Wednesday, but my boss is away and she was ok with it, so I'm happy to stay home. A lot of people in the office are sick so I'd like to stay away!

Donna, We didn't get any snow here. I guess it all stayed south. It's colder today though and it's supposed to get very windy later. I didn't know about the Classical Stretch challenge, so I checked it out and it looks interesting, but I'm not a subscriber. Classical Stretch is on PBS here so I just do that.

Sherry, Sorry to hear you're sick. I had a bad cold last month, but it thankfully didn't last more than a few days. Feel better!

Leonana 01-08-20 12:58 PM

I signed up for Tai Chi at our local Parks and Rec for over 50. I feel better this morning, but not sure if I should go or not. I'm leaning towards not, as I'm still not over my cold completely. There is no email or phone number for the instructor, but I guess I'll notify the Parks and Rec I have to miss this class.

Monday I committed to the rotation, signed up for this class, then made an appointment for blood donation on Tuesday. Then promptly came down with a bad cold in the afternoon, lol. But I do feel a lot better today, so crossing my fingers I'm okay tomorrow.

donnamp 01-08-20 01:45 PM

Tai Chi sounds great, Sherry! I hope you feel better soon.

wishiwasinhawaii - our snow was good - it didn't stick to the roads, but it got places to close earlier - I left early to get home before it got dark. Our traffic is horrible under regular conditions, when it snows it is a nightmare.

Ever since that happened, the Fed Gov't closes early and just about everyone else allows employees to leave early!

I started watching some of the videos for Jump Start January and they look to be above my level right now. I spent 2019 taking it easy! I'm still not ready mentally to do anything too taxing.

I may consider the CS Health Challenge, although I would have to subscribe to streaming for a month - I don't have all of the DVDs included in the challenge, but I like the way it is laid out and I was thinking I could add on some good outdoor scenery workouts on to them.

Or, I may change my mind again...


donnamp 01-09-20 08:56 AM


No workout to report - my doggie woke me up at 3:00 a.m. and I couldn't get back to sleep and then I couldn't get up, LOL!

Maybe tonight I will get something in.

It is sunny today - but cold - but I will still get out to walk.

I really can't decide what I want to focus on - I was giving CocoLime another thought as a way of building up to doing more intense workouts again (someday)!


Leonana 01-09-20 09:42 PM

I skipped Tai Chi yesterday. I felt well enough today to go to my volunteer filing. I was low on energy though, so only did an hour. I skipped a workout for today. I think tomorrow I'll do Jessica's Under the Weather Workout.

Donna, I'm glad you got home okay. It's cloudy here this evening. It looks like rain, although I don't know that it's in the forecast.

donnamp 01-10-20 06:51 AM


This morning was another CocoLime workout - 30 min body weight.

I like these, but I do fall victim to thinking they are not enough at times......

I hope to get out for a walk today - my step count has been terrible since I returned to work. When we were on break, DD and i walked a lot.

I'm considering the CS/Essentrics challenge that starts on Monday - you get a 7 day free trial of the streaming service, so if I want to quit within the first 7 days it doesn't cost me anything. I do like the way it is set up in a progressive way.

Oh - last night I did a stretch from CocoLIme - it was nice to do in the evening to relax.

Sherry - I'm glad you are feeling better! Take it easy though!

Hope everyone has a good day!


Leonana 01-10-20 04:04 PM

Today was Jessica's Under the Weather workout. Such a nice one, I'd like to do it more often. I also did my favorite walk and Talk, the one on stress and anxiety. I like the intensity level in that one, somewhere between the other walk and talks and her regular walk workouts. I'm feeling much better today thankfully.

Donna, I think if you do 30 minutes a day, along with walking, it's beneficial. Tbh, I can no longer do most of Jessica's older challenges. But the January Jumpstart from last year has two workouts to choose from, and one is less intense than the other. I'm doing all of the less intense ones, lol. Usually, it's the dvd workout, but sometimes it's the you tube workout. And I usually modify too.

wishiwasinhawaii 01-10-20 08:19 PM

I've been feeling crummy the past couple of days. I'm not sure if I'm sick or what is going on, but I have no energy and my sinuses are a mess, so I haven't been doing much of anything. I did do Jessica's Under the Weather workout though just to get some movement in.

Sherry, Funny how we're both doing Jessica's Under the Weather workout, LOL.

Donna, Are you getting the crazy warm weather this weekend? That will be a good time to get some outdoor steps in.


donnamp 01-11-20 09:00 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning I had energy so I did:

Jessica Smith - 30 day program - HIIT Party - I really like the brightness of the set, so cheerful.

Classical Stretch - Season 12, Episode 2 - I picked this one b/c it was for hip pain and I needed to stretch out my hips.

so.....unless I do the CS health challenge (still thinking about it - even though I would have to subscribe to ETV - since I don't have all of the DVDs used in the challenge) I was thinking about doing Jessica's 30 day walk program - borrowing Pam's idea from last year- every other day with Ellen or Trifecta Pilates on the in-between days. This way, I'm getting my steps increased while still using my subscriptions. For stretching i can throw in the random CS or yoga in here and there.

wishiwasinhawaii - ugh, sorry you are not feeling well. From what I understand there are a lot of cold/flu viruses going around. The crazy thing about me is I rarely get sick in the winter - even if I'm around sick people. I tend to get sick in the spring - March, April, May, June.......

Sherry - yes, i just don't have the energy to go all out any more. It may be the time of day I'm working out or mental stress or something! Anyway, I'm glad I felt energized today!

Waves, Pam!


Leonana 01-12-20 04:11 PM

Yesterday was Jessica's Beginner Kickboxing HIIT. Today is a rest day. I'm getting sniffly again, this cold just seems to hang on. I feel worse in the evenings. So, I'm trying to take it easy today, good excuse to do nothing, lol.

Donna, I'm glad you had some more energy today. I signed up for Curology again. I'm going to give it more time this go around, and see if it does something. My formula is .02% tretinoin, tranexamic acid 2%, and niacinamide 4%. Their base formula is different, so I think I will like it better. Also, tranexamic acid is supposed to fade age spots. Crossing my fingers on that one!

wishiwasinhawaii, Jessica's Under the Weather is great for those low energy days. I hope you have your energy back.

wishiwasinhawaii 01-12-20 07:17 PM

Unseasonably warm weather here yesterday and today. I think it hit 70 today. Crazy! I'm feeling much better so I went out for walks both days and also did a Jessica strength workout yesterday. I really need to get back on some sort of rotation though!

Sherry, I think the crazy weather is the cause of all this sickness! I wish Jessica had a whole rotation of under the weather workouts, lol.

Donna, It's funny you don't get sick this time of year. I almost always come down with a cold or sinus infection. Did you enjoy the weather this weekend?

donnamp 01-13-20 09:27 AM

Hi Everyone,

The weather was gorgeous here this weekend for January! Saturday was overcast but warm and Sunday was sunny and warm. Can't beat that. It is short lived, I think by the weekend it is in the 30's as our highs. But I'll take whatever breaks in the cold I can get.

Yesterday's workouts were:

CS 1201
Jessica Valent Pilates - Intro to Pilates

Today was:

Essentrics- Rebalance Your Connective Tissue

Yes, I succumbed and subscribed to ETV. You get a 7 day free trial, so if I burn out before then, no harm done. I decided to go ahead and try this challenge - I like the way it is set up - although it may end up getting boring w/ repeating workouts - I think the idea is to practice and perfect. So, we shall see. I did notice that I felt really good on the two days I did Essentrics/CS this weekend. Essentrics TV also re-vamped their site (I subscribed once before years ago) and I like the way everything is organized. And, of course, you can't beat the scenery - especially in the winter.

Oh - I also think I'm going to subscribe to Jessica Valent's site again. I'm nuts, but I really like her approach and variety and the short workouts she does that will make good add ons to Essentrics. I haven't re-sub'd yet, but I probably will. The workouts from her 7 day challenge are still available, probably until tomorrow when registration closes.

Hope everyone has a good day. It is still warm here so I will get out for a walk at lunch.

Sherry - good luck with curology! I'm still trying to use up what I have - but i have been trying to do that for years! LOL!

wishiwasinhawaii - gald you feel better. it is strange I don't get sick when "normal" people do, but I don't. One year I was around everyone w/ the flu and I didn't get it - but come March/April, I got it!

waves, Pam.


Leonana 01-13-20 01:19 PM

I'm feeling much better today. Yesterday's rest was what I needed. However, I can't start exercising again, I guess that is what set me back. I'm going to wait until Thursday. I have my Tai Chi Class on Wednesday, so don't want to get sick again before that. I always do this, but it's hard to not exercise when I start feeling better. However, it always makes the cold come back.

wishiwasinhawaii, our weather has been colder than usual. I feel like the cold is what gets me sick. That's funny you guys were warmer than us! Our high was in the 60's, lows in the 30's. The forecast shows us warming up to the 70's, although rain is predicted at the end of this week.

Donna, signing up for Jessica's site doesn't seem too crazy, it you like it and use it. I'm doing pretty good at using stuff up, I have three bottles each of moisturizer and sunscreens, which is good for me, lol. But I use a different moisturizer for morning and night, so only one backup. I have a lot of The Ordinary Niacinimide and Azaelic Acid, but I can use the niacinimide in the morning and the azaelic acid once a week for exfoliation. I don't have a backup of my Differin, and can use the rest of the tube on my neck and hands. I'm doing a lot better than I used to on buying skincare. But I've been buying more makeup lately, lol.

wishiwasinhawaii 01-13-20 10:39 PM

The warm weather is over, but it was nice while it lasted. I hear we're getting snow this weekend. Ugh.

Today I did Jessica's Standing Strength (16 minute version) and then the 8 minute stretch routine. I also went for a short walk at work. I have a friend who is having a lot of physical issues due to sitting far too much and stress, so I'm encouraging her to walk with me during lunch. Hopefully she'll stick with it. She really has no choice.

Sherry, I'm keeping workouts short and not too strenuous until I'm over this sinus thing because I have the same problem with getting sick again if I do too much, too soon. It was better today.

Donna, I don't know Jessica V. What type of workouts does she do?

I applied for a job I saw posted online for the heck of it and have a phone interview on Thursday. We'll see how it goes. I'm not really looking for a job but it doesn't hurt to see what's out there from time to time.


donnamp 01-14-20 06:55 AM

Hi Everyone,

Last night my DD wasn't feeling well so she skipped her riding lesson -which gave me some time to exercise so I did Miles 1 & 2 from Jessica's 4 Mile Power Walk. I really enjoyed it!

Today I did Reblance your Connective Tissue again from Essentrics. Tonight I will get in some sort of Pilates/Arm work.

wishiwasinhawaii - good luck w/ the interview. It really is good to look around from time to time and also practice your interviewing skills. I look at least once a week where I work for transfer opportunities. Although things are better where I work, I don't want to stay there! I don't want to leave my employer though b/c I have just too much invested there at this point to start over somewhere else - but hopefully a transfer will come along. I really am trying to get out to walk during the day, too. My back and hips really bear the brunt of sitting so long at my desk and driving. I think we're getting some snow this weekend, too. Oh - Jessica Valent does Pilates workouts, but she mixes it up with strength training and barre, she is a physical therapist, too. I just like her stuff b/c it is very efficient.

Sherry - I have cut back on skincare purchases, too. I'm sort of clueless about make up so that has never been a big temptation for me, LOL! I really don't know how to apply most of it to look good!! I did order some Alpha Cleanser and the 12% AHA - they were having a sale and I wanted back ups of those. It is good to take it easy and not jump right back into exercising after being sick.

Hope everyone has a good day.


Leonana 01-14-20 06:32 PM

I'm feeling better, still some congestion though.

wishiwasinhawaii, good luck with the interview. I guess you never know, so might as well check it out.

Donna, I bought the Equate version of the CeraVe cleansers. I mix them together, so the foaming cleanser isn't too drying. They seem to be the same thing, but half the price. I still have some PC 8% AHA, and a lot of The Ordinary Azaelic Acid, so I've told myself I have to use it up before I get anything else, lol. I should get my Curology order on Thursday.

donnamp 01-15-20 07:06 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning I did Day # 3 of the Essentrics challenge - Rebalance Your Connective Tissue. I think 3 days is my max to repeating something - I didn't mind repeating the 2nd day but today it was old! however, all that being said, these workouts do make me feel good. The persistent stiffness I have in my back and hips is much improved after doing CS for 5 days in a row (over the weekend I did some Season 12 episodes). So, I think this is good for me. Tomorrow we move on to a new workout that we do 2X before moving on to the next.

Yesterday ended up being a rainy and dreary day so no walk at work. When I got home I did Jessica Valent's Arms & Abs routine.

At some point today I'm going to do Jessica V's Low Impact workout w/ weights - it is only 20 minutes.

Sherry - let me know how you like Tai Chi! CS/Essentrics, I believe is influenced by T'ai Chi and Qi Gong (I'm not 100% sure about the difference between the two!) and the flowy movements really do make me feel good. I think I will switch to the Equate Versions of Cerave....when I'm due for more. I'm still whittling away at my collection of skin care. A few things I like but wish didn't have fragrance is the Ponds SPF 30 sunscreen - I'm not allergic to fragrance, so it isn't a problem for me - but I hate the fragrance, it is really strong. I also like the Ponds Dark Spot corrector - it is the one in the pink jar and they make one for oily skin -it seems to have a high percentage of niacinamide based on the ingredient list - but again, the fragrance is overpowering!

wishiiwasinhawaii - hope you are feeling better!

My DD is sick she left school early yesterday - complaining of flu like symptoms and slept for 3 hours...she never sleeps during the day. I'm letting her sleep in this morning and if she is feeling better I may send her in later. UGH.

Anyway - hope everyone has a good day!


wishiwasinhawaii 01-15-20 07:53 AM

I forgot to post my workout last night. I got home late from work last night, so I did the first 2 miles of Jessica's Power Walk DVD. It's warmer today so I might walk outside during lunch. I'll be back later to post whatever I do tonight.

Donna, Sorry to hear your DD is sick. It's that time of year... I'm feeling much better. The job I applied for sounds great (work from home) but it says there is 2-3 days of travel each month, so I need to get them to clarify that a bit more. I like to travel, but business travel is not fun so we'll see. Still, I agree it's good to look around now and then. I'm very invested at my current job too, but I really need a change so I'm willing to take a chance if I can find something outside that would be a better situation. The interview is tomorrow morning over the phone. It's a screening interview. I've done those before and it's just someone going over the job requirements to be sure I have those and then they pass the resume on to the hiring manager.

Sherry, I took a Tai Chi class many years ago and enjoyed it. Tai Chi is a little too slow for me though so I do CS instead for that flowy type of workout.

Time to get ready for work...more later.

donnamp 01-16-20 09:36 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today was Essentrics - Day 4 - Release and Rebuild your Fascia. These are not all that different from other CS workouts - so I think all along we have been working our Fascia, LOL! But, I do feel good from doing these onward!

Yesterday I did Jessica V - Low Impact HIIT as planned - and one thing I think I'm learning is that my body just does not like using weights for squats. I may have to go body weight for those - it seems to really compress my lower back to use weights - lunges seem ok w/ weights - but squats, not so much.

I also managed to add on in the evening one of Jessica Smith's Walk & Talk workouts on You Tube. I did the one about Stress Reduction. These are really good for when you want extra steps but don't want to workout per se - and it is either too dark or too cold or too "something" to walk outside. I did it in my PJs barefoot and it did increase my step count. Thank you, Sherry for recommending these!!

wishiwasinhawaii - good luck!



Leonana 01-16-20 08:44 PM

Well, I rest, start feeling better, get out and do stuff, and the cold comes back. Even though I don’t work out of the home, it’s hard to do nothing for a week! But I think I found a way to get well. I started doing the sinus rinse, or nasal flushing. I use a bottle instead of a Neti pot. It works so well and I’m feeling so much better. I guess it flushes the virus germs out. I’m going to wait until Monday to start working out again.

I did go to my beginning Tai Chi class yesterday at my city parks and rec. It’s an over 55 class. It was great, and harder than I expected. My lower back felt really good today, no soreness. The teacher has a you tube channel called Tai Chi Barbara.

Donna, I enjoyed the class and I think it stretched my lower back nicely. I’m glad you like the Walk and Talks, I enjoy them for light walking. I hope your daughter is feeling better.

wishiwasinhawaii, I can understand the popularity of CS, if it’s similar to Tai Chi. This class was a good pace for me, since it was an hour long. I could definitely go faster for a half hour though.

donnamp 01-17-20 06:44 AM

Hi Everyone,

My mind and body needed a break from Essentrics today so I did Ellen's new Barre Conditioning workout. I really enjoyed it - she did not over do anything.

Yesterday I got a walk in at work (even though it was windy) and in the evening I did Gina B's disco walk (You Tube) and Jessica Valent's Pilates for better sleep (which was essentially 10 min of stretching).

Sherry -that sometimes happens to me with colds/viruses! I hope you continue to feel better. I'm going to check out your instructor's channel! I think that type of movement helps my back, too, since for the most part my spine is always in one position....and moving it around really helps to loosen it up.

waves wishiwasinhawaii and Pam!


wishiwasinhawaii 01-17-20 08:30 AM

The interview yesterday went well. The job seems interesting and is work from home, but there would be a lot of travel so I'm not sure I want to do that. The next interview is with the hiring manager so I'm waiting to hear from that person to schedule that. I'll see what that person says and take it from there.

I did Jessica's Cardio Strength from youtube last night. I have to go to the dentist in a little bit so I'll post my workout later.

donnamp 01-17-20 08:35 AM

That sounds promising, wishiwasinhawaii! I can understand about the travel though - it gets old fast, I'm sure!


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