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wishiwasinhawaii 08-06-20 11:50 AM

Today was a stretch routine on the Calm & Strong schedule. I'll probably do something more later. I also went for a walk outside this morning since it's cooler today. I'm taking this afternoon off work to get new glasses.

Donna, I think it's a good idea for your DD to apply to colleges since there's a (slim?) chance things will improve by then with the virus. The mask thing in the dorm room doesn't seem necessary and what if one person wants to wear it and the other doesn't? Seems like a mess waiting to happen. Is she going to apply only to that one college?

Did your DD's HS decide what to do about fall? My niece's school is splitting the kids up into two groups. One group will go to school two days a week and the other group will go the other two days and Wednesdays will be remote for everyone. Each grade has between 400-500 kids, so even doing it this way would mean there'd still be around 1,000 kids plus teachers, etc. in the building. All kids in NJ have the option of opting out of this and taking all classes remotely, so my niece is trying to decide what to do.

Pam, thank goodness the tree didn't damage your house! There is a house down the street from me that had a very large tree fall on it and it looks like the house will have to be torn down.

Sherry, How did your filing go?

Pam61 08-06-20 03:46 PM

Hello everyone,

Today I did Jane Adams Gentle Yoga Desk and Computer Relief work as well as her Lying Practice from the same DVD. Love both of these and it's been a while since I've done much yoga (gentle or otherwise.) I also got some Pilates in with Mari Winsor Lower Body Pilates (hip workout.) Felt wonderful to take it easy today!

Wishiwasinhawaii and Donna thank you for your comments! We've lost a few trees while living in Providence and it's always worrisome and sad. We were very fortunate during this storm yes, but others we haven't been so lucky.

Sherry, wanna do some more filing for me? Office work is the last thing I want to do but it's a must when I let things go for so long with paper stacks everywhere! ;-)

BTW, I will have to google what the heck "Calm and Strong" is, lol! ETA: Okay I have been living under a rock! What a great rotation from Jessica! Not sure I'm ready to tackle it though.

Have a good day all!

donnamp 08-07-20 08:00 AM

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday after work I did Jessica V's Low Impact HIIT which was part of her Pilates Camp - maybe Day # 4??? Anyway it was about 15 minutes of endless squats and not my favorite workout!

Today, so far, has been:

Pahla B- 25 Min Strength & Low Impact Cardio for Women Over 50
Jessica V - Pilates for Inner Thighs (10 min)
Trifecta Pilates - Pilates/Yoga Fusion

I watched Pahla's video yesterday about injury prevention and building your foundation and I'm considering going back to the 31 Day Challenge she did, she mentions that is a good place to start with building up your core, etc. to prevent injury. I have been mainly playing around w/ her weekly challenges when I do her workouts. I do find that when I get sore from them it is along my "rear chain" - which I think is a good thing b/c that is where I'm weakest from all the sitting/desk work I do - so although sometimes i feel like her workouts aren't enough, I think there is a method to her madness!

wishiwasinhawaii - Our schools have decided to be remote only for the first semester, so the earliest we would go back is Feb. Initially the plan you described is what the Board of Education proposed - but we have the same issues w/ the class sizes and the fact that there would still be a lot of people in the building- so I think parents and teachers vetoed them. I think my DD is going to apply to several schools and also keep open the option of classes at community college and working for next year. I think in a way it will be best if that happens - she doesn't know what she wants to do and she has had some "issues" with h.s. and i feel that having a bigger safety net would not be a bad idea for her to start and give her time to figure things out. She also wants to buy her lease horse, and she is going to need some sort of job to support him, LOL! I am thinking on the one hand that may be the worst mistake ever but on the other hand, I think it would be good for her -he is like her "therapy" and it is a good way for her to interact with other people w/out the H.S. drama/pressures.

Pam - yes, Calm & Strong! I actually completed the rotation, it was a good one but I find I prefer to bounce around more these days w/ different instructors and workouts. I really should pull Jane Adams out again - I hate filing and paperwork, too.

Sherry - Agreed, that is not a bad price at all for tuition. I think it would do my DD good to have some breathing room to figure out what she wants to do, too.

Hope everyone has a good day!


Leonana 08-07-20 04:28 PM

I forgot to do my workout yesterday evening. I paid for it, I didn't sleep well. Jessica wears me out, but I sleep well, lol. So, today I decided to do a more challenging (for me) cardio and strength, her you tube Stepping Strength.

wishiwasinhawaii, the filing went well. It took me three hours, but I got them caught up. When the hospice homes were closed, the CNA's did the filing for the office, to get some hours in. That's one reason why I haven't been in since February or March. But they went back to the homes two weeks ago, so the filing was getting behind. The mask was hot, but I got used to it. I'm in the office with one other woman, so it isn't too bad.

Pam, sure I'll come over and do your filing. I'll just drive on over, lol. I'll file for you, if you cook for me! My brain is good at organizing, but not too good about things like cooking or sewing.

Donna, waiting a year might be beneficial for her, and most likely won't hurt her. So many college students change their majors mid-stream, or go back to college in their 30's for a different career. It's hard to make up your mind at that age. The filing I did Wednesday was for a clerical medical assistant, and she is in her late 30's, I believe. She is now taking online college classes in social work, and wants to move out of the medical clerical field.

Pam61 08-07-20 09:47 PM

Hi Ladies,

Just got home after a long day out. Did a lot of errands and ended up eating dinner out at a Mexican restaurant for the first time since the pandemic. A good experience with seating spaced well apart and expanded patio dining available also. We ate late, around 8pm on a Friday night so not very crowded.

Exercise....yeah that! DH and I went to the beach late this afternoon and spent a good couple of hours walking around on the rocky cliffs and shoreline. DH doesn't know how to relax so we wouldn't be the type of people sitting in beach chairs. Around 4pm it was low tide so the shore was covered with seaweed, slippery rocks and dirty (smells like iron) water. DH was a mile ahead of me, and didn't see me slip and fall when I was climbing back up to the parking lot. But he turned around and I was sitting on a rock brushing off my skinned up knee and elbow. I'm fine, but I had my phone in my hand taking pictures of the Atlantic Ocean, and it fell about five feet below the rocks. A couple of people noticed my accident and came to see if I was okay and one gal bringing her first aid kit! I dabbed my knee and elbow with neosporin and applied a couple of bandaids. DH is looking down into the rocks wondering how to retrieve my phone practically standing on his head. This older guy says "I have a grabber in my car, I'll be right back!" So with the use of the grabber, DH got my phone out from underneath the rocks and my phone is smashed up pretty badly. So, I'm currently without a phone but at least I didn't fall to my death on the slippery rocks. Needless to say, I had a Margarita this evening at dinner and I haven't had one of those in about two years or more! ;-) So, walking on the rocky beach precariously was my exercise today!

donnamp 08-08-20 09:29 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today was one of those days when I ended up doing something that wasn't on my radar at all! I thought I would do Ellen or Yoga...but I ended up with:

Jessica - 5 Mile Mix - I did the 2 Mile Pre-Mix which had a faster paced walk and a walk/jog mix. It was fun....

Jane Adams - Yoga for Beginners - 30 min Core practice. I really liked this - it was gentle, but I felt it was also effective since it moved slowly which made the movements more challenging w/out causing risk of injury.

I really have to get some stuff done for my job today, so I'm going to force myself to log on...

Pam - thank you for the Jane Adams inspiration!! I really enjoyed it today. Oh my - I'm glad you are ok after that - I think it counts as exercise for sure!

Sherry - Stepping Strength is a toughie! You know, I was thinking now about doing some type of Jessica rotation since I enjoyed today's so much - I may do her Plug & Play rotation - this way I have flexibility mixed in w/ structure... :) I think taking time off for my DD wouldn't be a bad thing - I want her to take some classes just to keep up w/ academics - but it takes time to figure out what you want to do - I still don't know what I want to do - except "retire"! LOL!

waves, wishiwasinhawaii!


Pam61 08-08-20 04:03 PM

Hi Ladies,

Didn't sleep that well so just did Jillian Hessel's Pilates for Beginner's (Gaiam) workout! It is from 2002, and I'm guessing that's when I bought it and never used it. I did Ana Caban's workouts much more frequently back then, so plan to revisit those soon! Today's workout was a breeze following the beginning modifier, so next time I'll follow Jillian's lead. It was good though, but not the basic mat series sequenced one exercise right after the other, as Ana Caban did. Beautiful Gaiam Hawaii scenery. Props are used to make Pilates accessible to the absolute beginner.

I might add some Jane Adams Balance work before bedtime!

Have a good weekend all!

wishiwasinhawaii 08-09-20 07:07 AM

Yesterday was metabolic conditioning. I hate it, but I love it at the same time!
Today was a stretch on youtube. I also plan to go out for a walk in a bit before it gets too hot.

Donna, What your DD's school is doing is smart and I have a feeling that is what will happen here too. As for college, especially with COVID, it seems best to stay local. The local CC seems like a good option if she has no idea what she wants to do and you'll save money that way, too. I agree about wanting to retire. This is one time I wish I was older, LOL.

Sherry, Glad to hear you've been doing the filing. I'm sure it's good to get out of the house. How many hours a week do you do that?

Pam, Wow, thank goodness you weren't badly injured. That sounds scary.

donnamp 08-09-20 02:10 PM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was an Ellen Medley:

Ellen - Sweet 15
Ellen - KickButt (her take on kickboxing...)
Ellen -Sleek Side Body

Then DD and I ended up taking a short walk. I may take another tonight b/c I find it best not to sit around too much on Sunday since it ramps up my anxiety over the coming week.

Pam - I wonder if I have that workout somewhere - either on DVD or an ancient VHS. I remember buying a lot of those back in the day. I should really do a 'retro rotation' one of these days. Or maybe a throwback Thursday or something!!

wishiwasinhawaii - I know what you mean re: metabolic conditioning. I may do the You Tube Version of Calm & Strong at some point....

Sherry -waves! I really enjoyed sweating w/ Jessica yesterday.

For now I'm thinking next week may be Pahla's mini-challenge for body shaping, but you never know what I will feel like doing tomorrow morning.

Hope everyone has a good day!


Leonana 08-09-20 03:15 PM

Yesterday was house cleaning, and today is a lazy day. I am planning on doing yoga this evening, but we'll see if I remember lol.

I'm back on MFP, tracking my food. I've gained that ten pounds back, the ones I keep losing and gaining!

Donna, I asked my dd, and found out her CC is having some classes on location, and some online. So I was wrong about it being 100% online. Yes, retiring is about all I know I want to do too, lol. Glad you enjoyed Jessica! I like a Jessica/Pahla combo lately.

wishiwasinhawaii, I go in once a week, for about two to three hours. It gets me out of the house, so I enjoy it. I also do some babysitting every once in awhile.

Pam, I'm glad you are okay. I love Margaritas, I'd have one too!

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