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Leonana 05-08-20 03:31 PM

Today I did the first workout in the Calm and Strong Rotation, Cardio Kickboxing Abs on you tube. There is some high impact, but not too much. I have to admit, I miss doing high impact, it really got my heart rate up. But I find that my muscles are still getting a good workout, I feel them the next day! Jessica really puts a lot of arm moves into her workouts, too. I followed with a you tube Classical Stretch, Relieve Shoulder Pain and Tension. I really appreciate the free workouts she has on you tube. This one did seem to help my shoulder and hand. And I definitely have tension in my shoulders, I was so relaxed afterwards!

Donna, the new lines that people are interested in now are The Inkey List and Good Molecules. They seem to be similar to The Ordinary, fragrance free and affordable. I'm on my last bottle of The Ordinary Niacinimide, and want to try one from the other brands. The Ordinary one is better for oily skin, and I think I need something more moisturizing. But every time I think about ordering, I hesitate. I find I’m more inclined to save money lately. Regarding your job, I think you made a good decision. It sounds like you will be happier with more of a challenge. I understand though, I like "safe," but then it's boring, lol.

wishiwasinhawaii 05-09-20 06:48 AM

Allergies were bad so I didn't do a workout on Thursday, but yesterday was Standing Pilates Fusion Abs from Calm & Strong. Today is a posture workout, but I haven't decided yet if I'll do the DVD or youtube option.

It's very cold here today so I'm staying in. It was cold and rainy yesterday. I haven't been outside since Wednesday. It's supposed to be nice tomorrow so maybe I'll get out for a walk.

Donna, as Sherry said, "safe is boring" so I think it's great you're taking this new job. An internal job came up where I work and I'm thinking of applying, but I'm waiting to hear back from HR on the salary band. If it's in a lower band, then I won't apply.

Sherry, I like Jessica's Cardio Kickboxing workout. I like the one I did yesterday which was a new one for me. It seemed like it would be easy, but you really do feel it.

Time to do some laundry...

donnamp 05-09-20 07:59 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Jenny Ford - Step Across America - Virginia
Blessful Body - Chest Expanding Backbend prep (upper body and hip stretches)

Since I couldn't walk outside yesterday I did Jenny's March Across America Nevada (in front of the Las Vegas sign).

It is nice and sunny today - but chilly - however, we'll still get out for a walk!

Thank you both for the vote of confidence on my new job!!

Sherry - thanks for the new skincare ideas! I'm still plugging away with what I have but i'm getting bored, LOL!

wishiwasinhawaii - hopefully the salary for the new job will be what you want.

I keep thinking about doing Calm and Strong, or maybe I'll start the Summer of Strength when Jessica kicks it off in June. That one looks good, too.

It has been a long time since I followed a rotation of sorts!


donnamp 05-10-20 08:14 AM

Hi Everyone,

Inspired by threads on VF, I did a Pahla B workout:

Weight Loss Cardio for Women Over 50 - This was just what I needed today - not too hard, not too easy and Pahla provided a lot of encouragement and information about working out "at this age". It made a lot of sense - basically - we are still able to work out hard - but b/c of our declining estrogen we don't recover the way we used to and our bodies see this as stress which causes weight gain. Her approach makes sense - workout moderately, so you can do something every day while keeping your body from getting stressed out. I guess her point is - if you workout super hard and have to take a week off you will not get benefits and if you workout super hard and continue to push yourself to keep up that pace your body will perceive it all as stress and cause you to store fat. I went down to "moderate" years ago as my body just couldn't take the high impact/high intensity stuff any more and maybe that is why I haven't really gained weight as I've gotten older? I don't think it is from good eating habits, LOL, as that has always been the hardest thing for me to take control of!

Yoga w/ Adriene - Rose Yoga

DD and I will walk later - it is supposed to warm up! Yesterday we cut our walk short b/c it was more like November than May outside.

Hope everyone has a good day!


Leonana 05-10-20 02:06 PM

I took a rest day yesterday and today. I guess motivation was low. I'm planning on getting in gear tomorrow.

We need a new car, our van is on it's last legs. I can't drive it more than a few miles at a time. So we looked at a used car yesterday at a dealer in North Phoenix, about 20 miles away. They added $4000 to the internet price for a "package." We walked out. I did look at one a couple of weeks ago, but dh balked because they added $1300. I told him, we're going back, lol. I wish the internet price was the real price, it's so irritating. It's a bait and switch I guess. We're looking for a used car with low mileage and low price. It's a tall order! I'm waiting to hear back from the salesman, we hope to look at something today.

Donna, I did that Pahla workout, and I liked the message in it. I've been able to keep my weight down with moderate exercise, if I eat healthy. I think she's right.

wishiwasinhawaii, I hope the weather is nice today. We actually got rain this morning, but the sun is coming out. It's cooling things off, thankfully.

donnamp 05-11-20 07:25 AM

Hi Everyone,

I did another Pahla B workout today as a change of pace - Mini Band Cardio & Toning. It used a circular band and had a bit of cardio in the beginning, strength work w/ the band in the middle and cardio at the end. This is one of those workouts where it depends on the strength of your band as to how much you will feel the exercises. It is also something that is hard to balance b/c I have found that a too tight band will cause me to strain the muscles I'm not using but a too loose band will mean I don't feel much of anything. Anyway - this was a nice change of pace. It was long, too. 55 minutes. I figured I'd better get those longer ones in while I can - before we return to the office! Not sure when that is happening...but good to take advantage of some longer workouts while time allows! b/c it was so long I didn't do anything else, but I may try to squeeze in 10-15 min of yoga or Pilates this afternoon.

I think this week's workouts for me will be a mix of Jenny Ford, Ellen, Pahla, and Jessica Valent. But we shall see how that all works out!

Sherry - I hate car shopping so much. I think that is one reason why I keep sinking major $$ into my 2008!! Just before lockdown I had major work done and I haven't really driven anywhere in weeks. The last time I bought gas was 3/14. I kid you not! Good luck with finding something!!

wishiwasinhawaii - hope you are doing well! I'm sneezing as well from being outside yesterday. It felt good, though. Saturday was like November here, but we were back to spring yesterday.

Hope everyone has a good day!


wishiwasinhawaii 05-11-20 08:50 PM

This day really got away from me, so I didn't do a workout, but tomorrow I will start the last week of Calm & Strong rotation.

Donna, I found out the internal job that was posted is the same salary band I'm in now so I'm not sure if I want to apply or not. My current situation is not great, but it's familiar and I'm a bit afraid to take a chance.

Sherry, Car shopping is always a hassle. Did you find anything today? Like Donna said, I haven't bought gas for my car in mid-March! I probably will have to next week though.


Leonana 05-11-20 10:33 PM

Today was week four of Calm and Strong, I did Cardio Sculpt from you tube. Jessica used 5 and 10s, but I used only 5. Also modified some of the floor work. But it was a good workout, I was able to keep up with most of it. I also did some house cleaning.

I got mixed up and thought that the ab rotation started this week, but it starts next week. I wondered how I missed a whole week, lol.

We did get a car! Nothing fancy, I was looking for a budget sedan. We found a Chevrolet Cruze, 2018 and only 17,000 miles. Dh noticed right away it came from California, the clock was on California time. I hate having a car payment, but our van is a 2007 with 155,000 miles and needed a lot of work. But the payment isn’t too bad, being used and an inexpensive model. It gets a lot better gas mileage too. I needed a reliable car when I start my temp job with the Census. I’m not sure when it will start, the original date was May. I have to admit though, having a car payment does cause a bit of anxiety. I’m hoping we can pay it off early.

On a side note, I asked the finance guy if their business had suffered in the pandemic, and he said it was down by 20%.

Donna, it is stressful going to dealerships! We went to only two, and liked the first dealer best. They were easier to deal with and the price was lower. I wanted to keep our van and fix it up, but dh was done with it. It probably needed a couple of thousand dollars of work on the front end, and the automatic side door on the right doesn’t open. Although still cheaper than buying a new one. I feel sad about selling it, we drove it for 13 years! There’s a lot of memories.

wishiwasinhawaii, yes a silver blue Chevrolet Cruze! I have bought gas lately for the van, I do go to the grocery stores. But it’s been a couple of weeks since i got gas.

donnamp 05-12-20 07:09 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Pahla B - 25 Min Knee Friendly Body Weight MetCon. It was good for a change of pace - in between the 30 seconds of cardio was 30 seconds of body weight toning w/ an emphasis on balance and posture. I'm enjoying doing some workouts w/ Pahla this week - she talks a lot but that is ok - it passes the time!

Jessica Valent - My favorite things workout - a 25 min Pilates based routine that incorporated Jessica's personal favorite exercises.

Sherry - congrats on the car!!! Hmm..maybe I'll do core week next week.....and then get ready for summer of strength, decisions, decisions.

wishiwasinhawaii - I understand re: the job situation, I have been feeling anxious ever since I decided to take the other job. It is certainly not the best time given the pandemic. But, as my daughter tells me, I have to "roll with it" now. So I guess I will.

Hope everyone has a good day!!


wishiwasinhawaii 05-12-20 12:44 PM

I've been having trouble sleeping past 6 am for some crazy reason, so since I was up, I did Cardio Interval Sculpt from WS3 and the Calm & Strong rotation. I used 5 lbs for most, but I did use 8 lbs on some of the moves. That was a good workout. I'm rediscovering that I like a lot of the workouts on WS3 and should revisit that one at some point.

Donna, yeah, it's a tough decision (internal job). I'll probably apply for the heck of it because if I get an interview, I can ask questions and make an informed decision. In your case, you seemed very unhappy with your boss and the work you were doing, so leaving makes sense, but for me, my boss is certainly annoying, but it's the old 'the devil you know' scenario. I fear a new situation could be an even worse.

Sherry, congrats on the car! This is probably a good time to buy a car since the dealers are desperate for sales. I only have two more payments to make on mine, thank goodness.

Ok, back to work. I have to call into a meeting in a bit.

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