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donnamp 04-02-20 06:55 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning I was feeling really stiff so I did:

Trifeccta Pilates - Wake up with Pilates and the 2nd half of the Tone, Burn & Stretch workout I started yesterday.

It is finally sunny and that should help a bit w/ our moods! Last night DD and I walked and we'll walk again tonight.

I may try to get a "spark" in this afternoon - I'm finding some short - 10-20 min - bursts help throughout they day.

Sherry - I'm glad you are feeling better! What a relief. I also did hear that Cerave has a tinted mineral sunscreen, it has gotten good reviews, so when I next venture out or place an order, I may try it.

wishiwasinhawaii - I'm glad I don't have to go in to the office any more. It just isn't worth the risk.

Hope everyone has a good day!


Leonana 04-02-20 12:47 PM

I took a walk this morning, about a mile and it took me 30 minutes. I went down our canal path, and it was a beautiful morning. Sunny and high 60's. It was nice to see people and smile and wave at them. I missed my doggies while walking. But I'm sure my cats don't miss them, lol.

I also pulled some weeds. I think I'm going to reorganize our games on shelves in our Arizona room.

I also made a Walmart run. I keep thinking I should have everything, but I'm low on kitty litter and Listerine. I had heard those things were hard to get, but fortunately, I found both of them. I've been reading that people are doing puzzles, I wish I had thought to pick one up. I did try Costco, as this morning is senior hours. The line was so long, I went to Walmart.

Donna, I will have to look for that sunscreen. Now I'm wondering if my itching is due to stress. I have a Eucerin lotion, a Dollar General Lotion and the CeraVe Lotion. The CeraVe Lotion was the only one that relieved the itching. And darn, I forgot to pick up a bottle at Walmart!

donnamp 04-03-20 08:09 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was back to Ellen with Fat Burning Fusion!

Yesterday I did a "spark" with Pahla B's Hot 100 Day # 1 and also took a walk with DD before dinner.

I may attempt another spark and a walk later today.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy and sane.


Leonana 04-03-20 10:11 PM

This morning I did Jessica's you tube Total Body Barre. I also did 15 minutes of my own dumbbell moves while watching you tube. However, I must have strained something, because my lower back was really bothering me tonight. I did a you tube Essentrics workout: Stretch: Psoas, IT & Hips with Miranda Esmonde-White. It did help quite a bit, a lot of the soreness is gone.

Donna, I'm glad you got a walk in.

donnamp 04-04-20 11:36 AM


This morning was:

Ellen's Barre Conditioning
Trifecta Pilates - Strength & Connection (1st half). I'm finding if I break up the longer Trifecta workouts it works well for me!

We will get a walk in outdoors and then I'll finish the Pilates workout afterwards.

Yesterday my "spark" was Trifecta Pilates - Standing Weights - which was a bit more of a traditional weight workout - it was only 15 minutes so it was a good one for a quick mid day workout. DD and I also took a walk.

Grocery shopping is interesting - we are doing delivery but you really have to plan ahead as it can take several weeks for your delivery to arrive - but I'd rather do that than go out and get stuff in the store. Once this is all over I may continue to do grocery delivery - I have always detested grocery shopping and if not for the shortages, this would be a good way of avoiding it!

Sherry - glad you felt better after CS.

I'm feeling like I should be finding projects to do around the house, but honestly just want to sit and relax!



pgun3 04-04-20 06:18 PM

can I count cleaning house as a workout LOL

Leonana 04-04-20 07:14 PM

I did no workout today. I had no motivation, so decided to give myself a mental health day. I stopped reading the news, and scrolling FB. It's too stressful!

Donna, I noticed that Miranda is putting more videos on You Tube. Maybe that's one positive in this crisis! I was surprised at how difficult some of the leg moves were for me, I had some DOMS in my glutes today.

pgun, I would count it! A little housework is all I did today!

donnamp 04-05-20 09:25 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning I did:

Ellen - Moving for Beauty
Trifecta Pilates - 15 Min Quick Pilates Routine

I did walk yesterday and finished some of the Pilates workout I had started in the morning. I think my sweet spot for Beth's workouts is 30 min. The longer ones tend to drag for me, but the shorter ones seem rushed.

Pgun - housework counts! I have some to do today!

Sherry - sometimes you just need a break. The news and everything is just overwhelming. I'm finding the weekends are hard for me b/c there is nothing to distract me so I tend to think about all of this and therefore worry about it all the more. Good job on finding projects to do around the house. I should do that on the weekends, but lately I just haven't wanted to do anything on the weekends except lay around.

Waves wishiwasinhawaii. I hope Pam is ok.....


wishiwasinhawaii 04-05-20 06:12 PM

I've been busy with yard work yesterday and today. The weather has been great so it was a good opportunity to get outside and do something other than worry about the virus! I didn't do a workout yesterday because I was outside all day, but today I did a short Jessica strength workout.

Donna, I've been ordering groceries online and it's been great! Like you said, I may just continue to do this once this mess is over. I put an order in today and assumed it would take days to get here, but it came in 5 hours!!! I was shocked.

Sherry, I'll have to check out Miranda's workouts on youtube. I agree about taking a break from the news. I've started checking the news in the morning when I first get up and then don't look at it again until after dinner. That's enough for me. Otherwise, it's just too overwhelming.

Time to watch Netflix!

Leonana 04-05-20 06:29 PM

Today was two shorter You Tube workouts, 15 Minute Total Body Strength Fat Burning Circuit, and the Best Thigh Exercises for Bad Knees. I find I can motivate myself to do a short workout, then I'm able to add another in.

I've also noticed that my lower back issues are most likely because I have weak abs, and I don't engage them. I really focused on engaging my abs this morning, and my lower back feels much better.

If I remember, I want to do a short Jessica yoga dvd stretch tonight.

I am planning on starting to paint my living room tomorrow. One wall at a time, so I don't over do it. We have vaulted ceilings, so that makes it more difficult. I won't be doing the ceiling, it's way too high, I can't reach it even with a ladder. I keep asking myself why I bought a house with vaulted ceilings, lol.

wishiwasinhawaii, getting outside definitely helps. I need to go on more outdoor walks.

Donna, it is hard to get motivated. I did better today, and did some laundry and housework, along with cooking.

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