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Leonana 03-24-20 08:04 PM

Today was a rest day. I'm pretty sore and worn out from eight hours of prep work and painting. The dining room looks nice though, I'm happy with it. I will start working out again tomorrow.

My dd is getting an extra $3 an hour from Starbucks. All the employees got a pay raise to compensate for coming in.

Donna, I'm glad the closing was completed. Our governor issued an declaration stating what were essential businesses, and it was the same, a pretty long list. Moving companies is considered essential, so dh will still have work. Although, it will probably slow down soon due to the slowing of the economy.

wishiwasinhawaii, it's been nice weather here, 70's and sunny. Dh and I are sitting out on the patio this evening.

Pam and pgun, I hope you both are well.

donnamp 03-25-20 08:54 AM

Hi Everyone,

Work has been really stressful - this is hitting us during our busy season and there is just so much going on and so many things are changing daily. It has been tough and, also, b/c we are not very up to date in our processes, and still rely way too much on paper, everything is taking longer to do than it should - plus the e-mails, calls and meetings have exploded exponentially. We are now getting phone calls, Skype calls, Team calls, Skype IMs, Team IMs, e-mail. It is a never ending suck on productivity.

Anyway - rant over! LOL!

Today I did a few from Lucy Wyndham Read for a change of pace. She posted a weekly "quarantine" schedule on You Tube -

I did the 15 min walk and 7 min HIIT that was scheduled for Wednesday today. I enjoyed the change of pace and I'm surprised at how sweaty I get from the 7 min workouts. I tend to do mostly the low impact versions. While these don't have great production values, I do enjoy them and these days I just want un-fussy and un-complicated workouts.

I also did Pilates for Stress Relief w/ Ky/Blessful Body. It was part of the renewal challenge last week.

Yesterday DD and I took a walk and then I did some stretching

Hang in there, everyone.

Sherry - great job on being productive during our confinement!! I'm glad your DD got a raise and hopefully your DH will have work!

I think it is raining today - darn it - I look forward to my daily walk!


donnamp 03-26-20 07:53 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning I did:

16 Min HIIT
10 MIN Cardio Abs from Thursday's play list:

I also did MR 1804.

The sun is coming out today so DD and I will walk. We missed walking yesterday it was cold, gloomy and rainy. NOT good weather for being cooped up inside.

I do like Lucy's HIIT workouts for quick cardio/toning.
I think I may follow a template like this:

Day 1 - Steady State Cardio & Pilates
Day 2 - Quick HIIT Cardio, Margaret Richard, Classical Stretch (or other stretch)
Alternate each day or insert something else if boredom strikes - take an active rest day on Fridays (just yoga or Pilates or stretching) which is still my day for now for going in to the office. At least until we issue a shelter in place!

Hope everyone has a good day!!


donnamp 03-26-20 10:31 AM

OK - I am NOT going in the office tomorrow - a person on the 3rd floor of my building has been referred for testing, 4 other people are self-quarantining but have not been sent for testing yet.

I work on the 6th floor - I imagine the third floor employee uses the same elevator and stairs as me. Not*worth*the*risk


Leonana 03-26-20 12:33 PM

Yesterday was Jessica's Back Friendly Strength Workout and The Best Thigh Exercises for Bad Knees.

I did try a different channel, FitnessType, a 20 Minute Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners. However, there was a lot of overhead shoulder moves, and my shoulders were just too tired. After painting on Monday and doing the strength workout previously, they were saying no way, lol.

Well, nothing else happening here. I'm staying home by myself all day, and it's been boring, but not too bad. It's seriously messing with my motivation though, the less I do, the less I want to do. We have plenty of groceries, after going to multiple grocery stores last week trying to find things. So, I've been staying away from the stores too. My best friend, that I shop at Goodwill with on Tuesdays, came down with a severe sinus infection, and is on antibiotics. The doctor wants her to isolate, since her immune system is low. I worry about her, as she's a smoker.

Donna, that sounds like a good idea to stay home.

donnamp 03-27-20 08:18 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Blessful Body - Yes, I succumbed and re-subscribed - I really find her workouts enjoyable they are not difficult but there is something about her and the workouts that I just find soothing - something that we can all use right now!

Anyway today was:

Blessful Body - Core Barre Fusion (20 min) - standing and floor work
Blessful Body - Grounding Flow

My boss was pretty understanding about my not wanting to go in today to do my shift - we shall see how things play out. but 3rd floor in my building is too close to home for my tastes.

Hope everyone has a safe, healthy and relaxing weekend!


Leonana 03-27-20 01:14 PM

Yesterday was Jessica's You Tube Beginner's HIIT with Walking Intervals. Today was WS1 Total Body Strength.

I need to get out of the house today, I'm thinking of taking a walk later. I need to go to Walgreens and see if they have thermometers, we don't have one. I bet they are sold out though.

Donna, soothing workouts sound good. I'm glad your boss was understanding.

donnamp 03-27-20 01:38 PM

Getting out for a walk around here is the highlight of the day, LOL!

wishiwasinhawaii 03-27-20 07:02 PM

I've been staying indoors for the most part. I went outside yesterday for a walk and a bike ride and paid the price today with allergies, so I stayed in, even though the weather was beautiful.

Donna, glad you didn't go to work. I can't believe they would expect anyone to go in with all those suspected cases in your building!

Sherry, not much happening here either, lol.

I've been staying in touch with friends by talking on the phone with them every day. Most of my friends have spouses and/or kids who work in the medical field and the stories they tell are scary.

I did two workouts this morning from Jessica. One was a total body workout and the other was a coordination workout. I'm not following any rotation and just do whatever I'm in the mood for on that day.

Stay well!

donnamp 03-28-20 09:30 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Ellen - Dynamic Cardio
Ellen - Kundalini Glow -Kundalini is not really my thing, but I decided to toss it in today - still not really my thing, LOL!

I may try to get some Pilates in later or a walk - although it is dreary. My DD has some glasses to pick up at the eye dr- we call them from the parking lot and they bring them out to us - weird times for sure.

Hope everyone has a good day!


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