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Leonana 03-21-20 11:55 AM

I was going to do some home projects, but dh is off today, and is set up in the dining room working on a side business he has going. That was the room I was going to paint, so I guess I'll wait to start on Monday, when he's working again. I will have to get my motivation up to workout. I know it will make me feel better, but I'm getting apathetic. It's only been a week since my regular activities have shut down, and I can see it will definitely be a challenge doing this for a long period of time. I really hope this virus is susceptible to the summer heat, so we can get a break to prepare for the winter.

Donna, our state has only shut down schools, with some cities shutting down bars and restaurants. All the casinos are closed, and a lot of restaurants are doing take out only, even if a city hasn't closed them. DH is still working. I think our state would be one of the last to do a shut down, our governor was reluctant to close schools and was pressured by teachers to do it.

donnamp 03-21-20 03:26 PM

Hi -

I ran a few errands today - the vet (for my doggies pills - they had me call from the parking lot and then brought it out to me), CVS (weird being there - just a strange vibe) and liquor store - gotta have my wine, LOL!

I also straightened up my home office a bit since I'll be using it more often than not for the coming months I wanted to clean it up an make it more efficient to work.

Hope everyone has a good and safe and healthy day!

I sure hope that by the time winter rolls around there is a vaccine or at least an anti-viral drug that can help - otherwise, I fear we will be back where we are today.


wishiwasinhawaii 03-21-20 06:02 PM

Well, NJ will be under lockdown starting at 9pm tonight. We're not allowed to go anywhere other than to get food or to medical appointments. But it had to happen because so many people around here were not taking this seriously.

I ordered food from a local grocery today and it was delivered on time and they had everything I ordered except for one minor item, but that wasn't a big deal. I haven't shopped in a store in over a week so I don't know how things are out there, but it seems the stores are able to keep up now. So I'm set as far as food and am ready to hibernate. We can still go for walks outside so I will be doing that as often as I can.

Donna, how was work? Were a lot of people in the office on Friday?

Sherry, I agree about next winter. I actually wasn't even thinking that far ahead because I've been living day to day since this whole mess started, but you're right.

Stay safe and well!

Leonana 03-21-20 07:06 PM

I did three Jessica You Tube videos, all cardio. Walk and Talk to relieve stress and tension, Low Impact HIiT and Quiet HIIT. It was about 32 minutes total and a good stress reliever.

I found out dh would still have work. His moving company has a large warehouse and they are already contracting with Amazon and hospitals for storage and delivery. Sounds like he might be busier.

Donna, everywhere is a strange vibe! I had some wine last night, but regretted it today. It gives me a bad headache nowadays. Thatís great you got your office clean.

wishiwasinhawaii, Iím glad you got most of your items. Iíve been able to get about 3/4ths, now that they are limiting.

donnamp 03-22-20 08:15 AM

Hi Everyone,

The sale/special I was waiting for came up - 1 Month free to Body Electric (Margaret Richard). She has many of her TV shows up now w/ original music. So, I subscribed - it is a pricey subscription regularly at $25/month but I jumped on the free month to do some of these workouts - I guess one upside to this virus is the generosity of the on-line fitness providers in offering free and discounted memberships/trial periods. was one of my favorite combos:

Charlene Prickett - Low Impact from Season 18
Margaret Richard - I picked a 2004 season (some of the others are really dated!!)
CS 1203

It was a long workout and i doubt I will have time for doing all of that every day, still working from home - so I have to keep to some type of schedule.

I may alternate days of cardio w/ days of MR strength and add on Pilates, Yoga/CS as I can.

Sherry - that is good that your DH will be busy with work. We definitely need to keep up with our workouts for stress relief!!

wishiwasinhawaii - I think the lockdowns are necessary b/c as you said - people just aren't listening. DD and i walked outdoors yesterday at a local park and there was a group congregating at one of the picnic areas - exactly what they told us not to do! So far, so good here - no orders for a lock down/shelter in place. I can see it happening.

I feel bad for my DD - her road test for her license was scheduled for 4/13 and we got a message that the MVA is closing until further notice and the play that they were working on is postponed indefinitely - possibly forever since there are seniors in the cast who will be moving on, presumably, next year. It will be interesting to see how the distance learning plays out - supposedly that is starting next week.

Hope everyone has a good day!


Leonana 03-22-20 11:10 AM

I'm taking a rest day today. My plan is to do some touch up painting tomorrow, if my motivation is good enough.

I realized I was wrong about our state, I think the restaurant/bar closings was statewide, not by city. And I just learned Costco will have senior shopping hours for age 60 and older. I turned 60 last December. First time I’ve been happy about that, lol.

I also found out that my husband probably won't get that work if there is a shut down, he doesn't have the right truck. OTH, he would be home and we would be safer, so there's that.

Donna, I'm sorry about your dd's license, that must be disappointing for her. Although, less stress for you, lol. I remember when my dd first started driving! That's nice that Margaret Richards is offering a free month.

wishiwasinhawaii, people aren't taking it seriously here either. Our friend in their over 55 trailer park still congregate for games, although outdoors. The park locked the game rooms. Their theory is that they've been around each other for months already, but I don't think they realize that the virus might not be there yet.

donnamp 03-23-20 07:34 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Leslie - Walk 15 2 Mile Walk
Margaret Richard - 1802 - this one had a David Bowie play list!

Hoping to get some yoga or stretching in later.

The closing for my mom's condo is this morning - woo hoo -after that goes through we can have our lock down!

My workplace is sending mixed messages - practice social distancing - but come in to the office?! I'm still on the schedule of 1 day a week in the office, 4 days a week at home. I'd prefer to be at home 100% of the time, but by the end of the week it may come to that. I don't interact with the public - so the exposure risk is not high - but I'd still rather not take any chances especially since there is no real reason for me to go in - we shall see what happens next.

Hope everyone has a good day!


Leonana 03-23-20 09:35 PM

Today I painted the dining room! Although dh couldn't see a difference, lol. It is the same color, but I think it looks a lot better, much brighter and cleaner. Most of the house is an off white from Home Deport, called Swiss Coffee, but our Arizona room is a light gray, with white trim. I thought about an off white with a tint of gray, but ended up painting it the same color. But now I'm staring at it thinking, why didn't I paint it a different color, lol.

No workout, although I will stretch. I know I will be sore tomorrow! The room has a vaulted ceiling, so that was a challenge to paint. I used the ladder and an extension rod for the roller, but my neck got really sore from looking up so much.

I'm finding that one of the downsides of the pandemic is the nutty conspiracy theories that friends and families are subscribing to lately. It's hard to keep my mouth shut sometimes! I really don't understand people, although I know everyone is stressed.

Donna, I'm glad you were able to have the closing for your mom's condo. That must be a load off of your mind. I hope you are by yourself in the office on Friday.

wishiwasinhawaii 03-23-20 09:53 PM

Today I did something a little different. Tony Horton had a live cardio workout on Facebook, which was a lot of fun. I'd never done a live workout before.

Donna, congrats on the condo closing! I hope you don't have to go into the office anymore. It doesn't make any sense.

Sherry, congrats on painting the dining room! That's a major accomplishment.

Cold and rainy day here today. Tomorrow should be better so I hope to go for a walk.

donnamp 03-24-20 09:10 AM

Hi Everyone,

The closing went as planned - so yay, for that. Our Governor has shut down all "non-essential" businesses, but the list of what can remain open is still pretty long! So we shall see.

Yesterday evening I did a practice from DoYou (formerly Do You Yoga!) they are doing a free 7 day challenge to help cope with the virus and isolation and fear and anxiety. It was ok - nothing special. I may continue on to do day # 2 to day!

This morning's workouts were:

CS 1204
Margaret Richard 1804

Really feeling Margaret - today was mainly floorwork for lower body - this is where she really shines.

I think the weather is going to improve today so hopefully DD and I can take our walk later. That helps.

I also ordered my DD a keyboard (piano). Years ago we had one, but donated it b/c she never used it - but she has recently expressed an interest in starting up again so I used some points and ordered one from Amazon. I hope this provides a good constructive outlet for her during this time!! Her mood and attitude definitely go downhill the longer she spends on the internet/social media.

Hope everyone has a good day!


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