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donnamp 02-27-20 06:44 AM

Hi Everyone,

Ugh - our power was out last night from 11 pm to 4:30 a.m. Although I was able to sleep through most of it - it wasn't a good sleep - b/c you know how it is when you know something isn't right in your environment - so I ended up skipping my morning workout. Maybe tonight when I get home from work I'll have the time/energy to do something. It is very windy out so not sure about walking at work today - but I can see how it goes.

I'm still contemplating what to do in March. I want to up the cardio and strength but in a way that doesn't wipe me out or make me dread working out. Maybe it is time to try the CocoLIme program I purchased - I would probably modify some of it - I don't really like the looks of the cardio workouts....

Decisions, decisions...

Hope everyone has a good day!



wishiwasinhawaii 02-27-20 09:31 AM

Donna, It stinks your power went out, and for so long. Do they know what caused it? It's very windy here today and we usually have power issues when it's windy so fingers crossed it stays on! I'm not going anywhere today. I might venture out again tomorrow.

About your DD, if she really isn't sure what she wants to go into, maybe she could just go to a CC the first couple of years and get the gen ed requirements out of the way? I was talking to a guy I work with who has a son who is now 26. He didn't know what he wanted to do after high school and still hasn't finished college, but he works in IT where I guess they don't really have to have a degree. He takes classes here and there and will finish eventually, so maybe a more non-traditional approach is better for those who aren't sure. He went to a local CC the first couple of years.

Leonana 02-27-20 06:47 PM

Yesterday was my Tai Chi class. I was so relaxed afterwards, I had to take a nap! Today was a rest day, although I did some touch up painting in the house. Then did my volunteer filing for two hours.

wishiwasinhawaii, I'm glad you are feeling more normal. Yes, the Kickboxing circuit was pretty tough! I modified to low impact but still had to slow it down some.

Donna, my dd has worked full time for a year. But now she says she wants to quit the full time job, and go to college. She will have to work part time, she has a car payment now and car insurance. Although I think college is a good idea for her, I'm stressing out because she will have to get loans. I wanted her to work full time until closer to August, to save money, but she says she can't handle the job anymore. It's customer service for a cell phone company, and constant talking. She is not an extrovert, although she does well. She got employee of the month last month. It pays well for a starting position and has full benefits. She is still employed there, and won't quit until she gets the part time job. On the plus side, she can live at home and go to cc, which will be cheaper. And we have a major university close to us, so she can transfer there and live at home too.

All that to say that working for a year might be good for your dd, and she'd be more comfortable with college when she's more mature. But I don't think I'd be comfortable with them not going to college or not working, they would have to do one or the other.

donnamp 02-28-20 10:05 AM

hi Everyone,

Last night I did:

Trifecta Pilates - Feel Good Pilates

That was about all I had the time and energy for. We had a bit of a drama situation at work yesterday - my new boss was going to have all my work once again funnel through the person who was acting manager when I first started there - even though he and I are now peers. Anyway, for those of you who were around to listen to me complain about him when I first transferred over there, I knew it just wasn't going to work. It is not like me to make waves, but I had to this time - I told my manager it just wasn't going to work and, fortunately, she made the change and my work will go to her for review instead of him. If she hadn't changed her mind on that, obviously, I would have had to suck it up but I would for sure be looking to leave b/c I don't ever want to deal with reporting to someone like that again.


And, today's workout was:

Leslie Walk 15 Mile # 1 - always good energy w/ Leslie
Trifecta Pilates - 15 Min High Energy Pilates flow

So...I think for March I'm going to try to up my cardio. We are going through our busy season at work and I know there will be days when I can't get out to walk at lunch or to take a break, so I'm going to make more of an effort to get some cardio in regularly at home. I am also going to make use of my Trifecta Membership - I purchased a year at a discount in January and have barely used it. I'm not sure why b/c I enjoyed the workouts I did today and have enjoyed her stuff in the past. So, I think March will be walking & pilates focus with some other things thrown in from time to time. My DD indicated that she wants to start exercising to get stronger, so maybe she and i can do some strength workouts together from time to time.

Sherry - I'm with you - I'm fine with my DD going to community college or a local college and living at home or working or doing PT college and PT work - but sitting home to work on her portfolio isn't going to happen - and it isn't good for her - she needs to get out there and get out of her own head.....There are a lot of colleges that are close to us and w/in reasonable commuting distance if she doesn't want to go away. Or, if she wants to try her hand at a full time job, that is fine, too. But, sitting home not gonna happen! :)

On the skin care front - I'm loving the new Cerave retinol. I think I like it better than Differin! I've been using it most nights of the week and then a few nights a week I use the Alpha 12% AHA. I also learned I can't handle chemical sunscreens - they burn my eyes. So I'm using either mineral or combo sunscreens. Right now I'm back the Eucerin SPF 30.

waves, wishiwasinhawaii! yes, with IT/tech I think you can find work without a degree...

Happy Friday.


Leonana 02-28-20 04:30 PM

Today was You Tube, Buns and Guns Barre workout. When Jessica updated her website, she also updated the Fusion challenge, and that workout was different from the original one listed. However, I'm glad she did, I really enjoyed this one. Light weights and low impact, but a good workout.

I had printed out a copy of the February Fusion Challenge. But I always access the You Tube workout on my phone from Jessica's website, so it's in my You Tube history. That way I can find it easily on the Roku You Tube for my bedroom TV. I had to ask myself, why am I printing out these schedules, when I can just bookmark it on my phone? I guess it's a holdover from the past, lol.

Donna, that's great your manager listened to you. Way to be assertive! That's interesting you like the retinol better. I didn't see much difference with retinol, but I probably didn't use it long enough to see results. I've read retinol takes longer to work. I really like the Curology, it's a very low percentage of tretinoin. I also like the Paula's Choice 8% AHA. The Alpha 12% sounds good, but I don't know if my skin can handle the extra percentage. Of course, now I want to try it, lol. Dr Dray did a drugstore skincare video, and there were a few things I'd like to check out. I also really like niacinimide and use The Ordinary. I'd like to try Good Molecules or The Inkey List, to see if one of them is any better. Probably not, but you never know.

Regarding college, I think our kids stress out when they think about the future. I keep telling my daughter that she doesn't have to decide everything right now, she can take her time. Working did help my daughter, and she's more open to college now. However, she's not doing well working full time, and it's overwhelming her. I think it's the type of job, she really doesn't like it. Maybe cc would be a good fit for your daughter. My daughter took a couple of classes her senior year in high school, and it was a good way to get her toe into college. CC's are smaller and less overwhelming.

donnamp 02-29-20 09:29 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning I did a treadmill walk - a rarity for me - I followed a program that Jessica Valent had on her monthly calendar for February - it included some hills and boy, that was a wake up call for me and how much stamina I have lost....I used to be able to do things like that no problem but this time it was a challenge. I think I need to force myself to do a workout like this 2-3X per week to gain back some endurance. Fortunately, I have a lot of treadmill workouts printed I can give this a go....

I may also use my bike more - I have a recumbent bike but I don't use it that often either. But, I think the TM and Bike may be the best ways to up the intensity of my workouts w/out adding impact or dreadful things like burpees and mountain climbers.


I also did Jessica Valent's Pilates and Yoga for Cyclists - it was a good one to do after the walk.

Sherry - I agree, kids are stressing out about everything too much - one day at a time! I think the schools put pressure on them to know what they want to do - and it is ridiculous on some level b/c how do you know what you want to do when you haven't had any actual work experience yet??? I'm glad my boss listened to me, too. It would have been dreadful having to deal with him again.....

Waves everyone!


Leonana 02-29-20 12:59 PM

I'm helping dh paint, so will do something lighter. Not sure what yet.

Donna, work experience can make a difference. It definitely helped my daughter make up her mind about what she wants to do. She quit her full time job today, and will start at Starbucks in two weeks. She plans on college in August. So many people don't know what they want to do until their mid twenties, even thirties or forties! My dd's boyfriend went to cc for two years to become a nurse, realized he hated it, and is now a supervisor at the cell phone company she worked at. He likes it much better.

Good job on the treadmill! I wish I had kept my stationery bike. It was an upright and I could do spinning on it if I wanted. It was a cheap one from Craigslist, but worked really well. I need to keep my eye out for another one.

Regarding sunscreens, I love the Hado Labo. It is very gentle around my eyes and has superior UVA protection with tinosorb. Here's a link to the one I get. It's not overly moisturizing, sort of a light gel consistency. I'm not wild about jar packaging, but at least it's easy to get it all out of the jar when you use it up.

wishiwasinhawaii 02-29-20 01:35 PM

Feeling good today, finally! I think I'm back to normal now. What an ordeal. They say the coronavirus is even worse than the flu. I don't even want to think about that.

I plan to stay in all weekend though, just to give my immune system a chance to recharge. I cleaned the house today and watched TV. I'm going to work from home again on Monday. Might as well since I'm taking Tuesday and Wednesday off anyway and I work from home Thursdays and Fridays.

Donna, My nephew found out he is on the waitlist for the local college, so it's doubtful he'll be going there. He was a bit disappointed, but I think he'll be ok. He wants to be a physical therapist, but it's a long road (7 years) so we'll see. He has to major in exercise science and then apply to grad school and I wonder if he'll still want to do it after all that, but time will tell.

Sherry, I've known quite a few people who thought they wanted to be nurses and realized it wasn't for them. It really takes a special kind of person to be a nurse. I know I never could! It's great your daughter made the decision to quit her job and go to college. What's nice about it is it is HER decision and not something she was pressured to do. A very adult thing to do!

Back to watching TV. I'm going to give myself another few days and then I think I'll ease back into exercise by doing Jessica's under the weather routine.

Leonana 03-01-20 02:50 PM

Yesterday was Jessica's 30 Minute Power Interval Walk. This one was pretty easy to do low impact, there wasn't a lot high impact moves in it.

I didn't help dh yesterday, but will help him paint early evening. That will be today's workout. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so it's today or a few days later. DH's friend said we couldn't paint yesterday with the sun shining on the wall, and needed to wait until later. On the schedule was Stepping Strength, but I will try that one tomorrow, depending on how sore I am from painting!

wishiwasinhawaii, I am glad she decided to go to college. I thought she might eventually, although it happened quicker than I expected! And Starbucks has affordable medical, so that's a relief. What's funny is that I was worried about her not going to college, then I was worried about her quitting a full time job. I always worry about something, lol.

Donna, I forgot to mention that Dr Dray gave a good review to the new Walgreens Sensitive SPF 50, which is a combination sunscreen. She said it was very similar to the EltaMD Clear. CVS also has a similar version. I want to try it. As usual, lol.

donnamp 03-01-20 07:55 PM

Hi Everyone,

Grace and Gusto w/ Ellen today and a walk w/ my DD.

I think I'm going to follow Jessica Valent's template for this month although I am going to tweak it a little and maybe throw in some other instructors, this is my plan so far:

Sunday - Fusion-Yoga-Pilates
Monday - Steady State Cardio & Stretch
Tues - short cardio/walk & arms
Wed - HIIT & stretch
Thurs - Fusion-Yoga-Pilates
Friday - short cardio/walk & legs
Sat - Steady state cardio & stretch

Sherry - There is always something to worry about when it comes to kids! I think Starbucks & college is a great choice. My DD and I talked about her plans today and I'm feeling a little less anxious about that (there are still some other things going on w/ her that make me anxious, though!) - while she thinks she still wants to go to art school some day - she feels that her portfolio is not good enough right now so her plan is to go to college take art classes and take some general ed/ biology classes (biology is her back up if art doesn't work out for her) and then, if she still wants to go to art school she would transfer later on. It may end up taking longer to finish but at least it would buy her some time in figuring things out. She may do community college or may go away. She does have excellent grades - her GPA is 4.5 (they do a weighted GPA here - so Honors and AP earn extra points). I'm not sure of her test scores yet, as she didn't get her ACT scores back yet - but I expect in the English/reading section she did well - math...we shall see. But, I expect her score to be decent.

wishiwasinhawaii - glad you are feeling better! I know, the flu is just terrible. I'm sorry your nephew was waiting does take a long time to become a PT these days- I think most states now require you to have Ph.D.!! I don't even want to think about coronavirus - especially with what it is doing to my retirement accounts!!!

Hope everyone has a good evening - where did the weekend go?


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