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isebelleg44 08-09-11 07:47 AM

Lending out DVDs
I am posting this here as only a true vidiot can understand my predicament. I have a very large collection and have been exercising with DVDs for years. I shudder to think how much I have spent on workouts & equipment over the years. I must have owned thousands of workouts. There are some workouts that I will never part with and P90X is one of them. I bought the system when it first came out. Have used the workouts over the years and still reach for them. I like having them around, so if I feel like doing Core Synergestics one day I can just pop it in the player.

As you know P90X has become very popular in the last couple of years with the mass population. Those informercials are on constantly and even though I have owned the workouts since 2004, I still find myself watching them. My sister-in-law saw the informecial and found out that I had it and wanted to borrow it. Well I lent it to her over 2 months ago and even bought her S90. She has yet to do a workout. So there sits P90X in her basement unused... Meanwhile I have been getting an itch to do PlyoX, Yoga X and Core synergestics and I can't! She belongs to a gym and goes often, so why is my P90X sitting there and getting dusty, when I could be using some of those workouts!:confused:

Can anyone relate to my dvd selfishness?

MKEMom 08-09-11 08:02 AM

Yes! I loaned out a bunch of my old videos to my SIL, and she didn't do a single one. Eventually she just gave them back, but I was really irked the whole couple months I knew she had them and they were just. sitting. there.

I also lent Powerfit Harmony to my mom because I thought it would be perfect for her when she can't get out to walk, and she needs resistance training. She's only done one cardio workout from the set, and one core workout. Plus, all she does is complain about how much she hates it when she does it. :mad:

It's not so much that I'd be doing the workouts that often, I just want them to be well-loved!

summer breeze 08-09-11 08:04 AM

I don't it's selfishness at all. They are your DVDs and you want to do them. How is that selfish? She's not even using them, which makes her look selfish or at the least, kind of thoughless. Tell her you are going to do P90X and since she's not using them right now, you'd like them back.

I have a hard time asking for things back, too, but in this case you're totally justified. I can never understand why people don't just voluntarily return things when they're done with them or if it's obvious they're not going to use them. It would make life so much simpler;).

hotncmom 08-09-11 08:14 AM

I never, ever offer to loan out my DVD's, even to those people that I think would enjoy them. I have been totally burned in the past by loaning out books and the person "losing" them or not giving them back, and my DVD's are worth so much more to me, so why chance it? An even worse situation would be the DVD's being given back damaged, which would piss me off so much it would probably ruin the relationship, so again, why chance it?

Gams 08-09-11 08:19 AM

I would just ask for them back - tell her you want to use them.

CarlaVeg 08-09-11 08:20 AM

You are NOT selfish. You already lent the DVDs to her, which makes you a very kind person. Honestly, if I were you I would nicely ask for the DVDs back. Tell her that you really want to do the program again and that you miss your DVDs a lot! I am sure she'll understand!!!!! :D

Eibhinn 08-09-11 08:29 AM

Ugh. I've had that problem before, too - you lend something to someone, they never use it, but then when you want it back they try to guilt trip you because they "really want to try it." Yeah, no, obviously you don't really want to try it or you would have at some point during the six months you've had it. These scenarios tend to be annoying and awkward, but you have every right to stand your ground. Those are your workouts and you did someone a favour by lending them, but that doesn't mean you're obligated to let them have them for as long as they want. I think most of the problem with lending exercise DVDs is some people are committed home DVD exercisers and some are not. Those people who are not see a large collection and assume most of them are not used very often, or at all. So maybe they feel justified in keeping the DVDs for an unspecified amount of time. Many people who aren't vidiots also see workout videos as sort of "throwaway" things, and might even assume you're trying to get rid of it. And some people are just weird about borrowing and borrow things with the assumption there is no expectation they ever give them back. Not sure where people get this idea, but it certainly is irritating. I've actually had people getting straight up ANGRY with me for wanting my own stuff back. Can't let it bother you, though, because they're the ones who are being stupid and unreasonable in those cases.

I find one of the best ways to get an exercise DVD back from someone who doesn't seem interested in returning it is to design a rotation that includes that workout to be started in 2 weeks or whenever, and then tell them you need it back in two weeks because it's part of the new exercise routine you're starting. That gives them a fair amount of time to actually try to workout if they're ever going to (some people just need a deadline!) and it reminds them this is something you actually use and you weren't giving it away. Then remind and, if it comes to it, nag. I have recovered lost DVDs this way and no one is actually interested enough in my exercise routine to realize I ALWAYS flake out on my rotations. Always. Mostly I try not to lend my DVDs out anymore because they often turn out to be very difficult to get back, or occasionally come back so damaged I end up throwing them away.

Eibhinn 08-09-11 08:32 AM


Originally Posted by hotncmom (Post 1865607)
I have been totally burned in the past by loaning out books and the person "losing" them or not giving them back, and my DVD's are worth so much more to me, so why chance it?

I had a professor who had to re-buy so many books with his own name written in the front cover at the local second-hand bookstore that he stopped loaning books to students at all. I can't even imagine borrowing a book from someone and then selling it, but apparently it happens all the time.

Lucky Star 08-09-11 08:42 AM

Isebelle, your SIL has had them for over 2 months so I think it's personally reasonable for you to request them back. Just say you want to use them again.

I have some DVDs out on a lengthy loan with a friend, but even though I miss them sometimes (:(), I know she's using them so it's okay. They're not my favorites anyway. However, your P90X set is expensive and special to you so an extended loan to someone isn't practical. Two months is plenty long enough to test drive the workouts and see results. If she never even tried them then that's her loss.

ETA - Let's face it folks: no one but other vidiots "gets" how important our collection is to us. The average borrower is pretty offhand and casual about it, and can't really comprehend their value to us.

JackieB 08-09-11 08:49 AM

Yes, just ask for them back. Say you're wanting to use them--they are your dvds.

I have loaned to people before, and I just had to do this. Granted, I would never loan out my precious ones. Really, I think borrowing an expensive set like P90X for that long and not using it is selfish. It's your set--you were generous in loaning it out.


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