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Sidlynn 06-23-11 08:13 PM

Seasun's Presale for Z-Fit Super Step is on!
Regular price is $19.99, presale is $17.99. Free shipping on all US orders until July 8th. :sun:

neatski 06-23-11 08:30 PM

WOOT! Thrilled about this! Her choreography looks awesome!

neatski 06-23-11 08:34 PM

This was my first pre-order in forever. I <3 Seasun!

ddj 06-24-11 07:20 AM

Anyone else having trouble ordering this? I click on the order button and nothing happens.

tara426 06-24-11 07:43 AM

I'm having trouble, but I thought it was me. My computer has been wonky.

rykram 06-24-11 07:56 AM

I am having problems too. When I tried logging into Paypal from her site, I got an error. When I tried logging into paypal itself no problem. They said there was an error from her site. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. I really want this one. :D

rykram 06-24-11 09:23 AM

I just tried again and it seems to be working now.

ddj 06-24-11 11:10 AM

I still can't order. :(

Judy W. 06-24-11 11:51 AM

Burpees and mountain climbers? Did somebody pass a law that all workouts made in 2011 have to include them?? As creative as Seasun is, I'm surprised she went for those same ol' standbys.

ponytail 06-24-11 12:08 PM

I just ordered!! Can't wait!!

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