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bubbles76 02-07-19 12:08 PM

Suzanne Bowen Barreamped - Is it worth it?
Hi! My birthday is coming up in March, and I was thinking of requesting the Barreamped set. I have many barre dvds, and think with my knee and hip that barre and other body weight type workouts (fusion, pilates, calisthenics, etc.) will be in my future. I like what I see with Barreamped, and like that there are rotations. However, I wonder if I need them, given that I have so many barre workouts? Here's the following barre I have:
  • Lotte Berk
  • Barre 3
  • some Bar Method
  • Exhale Core Fusion
  • one Tracey Mallet
  • one Ballet Physique
  • Xtend Barre Lean and Chiseled
  • Sleek Technique
  • Cathe's Turbo Barre
  • Squeeze Stronger and Squeeze - really like these!
  • Pop Physique
  • Fe Fit

I'm a barre virgin, having started and restarted so many times! I will be restarting my barre/kettlebell rotation, as my kettlebell guards have arrived :) Do you think that Barreamped is different enough from what I have to justify getting?


sillygirl 02-07-19 12:25 PM

Iím in no way a barre expert but have tried almost all the barre methods at local studios and have quite a few DVDs too. Suzanneís barre method is similar to other methods in that you will be using light weights and small movements. She doesnít tuck as much as The Bar Method or Purre Barre though. She works more in neutral spine. The difference will be if you like her style of teaching. Some may not like all the talking but I have to say sheís really good at setting you up for good form which is very important in barre. She also has the best stretch workouts Iíve found.

bzar 02-07-19 12:57 PM

bubbles, I have all of the ones you have and I have all but two* of Suzanne's, including the ones she's done with 10MS. I even have the pregnancy ones she did with Leah Sarago too!

she has occasional sales on Amazon, and i'd wait for those.

as mentioned, they're not too different, it's more about whether you like her as an instructor. that said, I reach for Suzanne, vintage callanetics and Ellen the most for barre work.

since you have Lotte Berk, Suzanne does hip hugger abs under her maiden name "Cook." her style is pretty much the same there as in her BA series, except BA offers a lot more variety and appeal.

*I plan to get Bounce and her Flat Belly Barre at some point

bubbles76 02-07-19 02:32 PM

Thanks for the feedback ladies. I like her form pointers and her calm but cheerful demeanor. Keep the feedback coming!

IceQueen07 02-07-19 03:30 PM

Out of all the barre workouts that I tried when I first started, Suzanne was the only one that I clicked with and stuck with. I have had her streaming for a number of years and her dvds. I am not renewing my streaming since she hasn't put up any new content for over a year, but I still think her teachings are well worth it.

I also think I saw her set for sale on VF Roost.

monterey vidiot 02-07-19 04:40 PM

I have lots of barre DVDs. Entire sets of Lotte Berk, Bar Method, Barre3, Cardio Barre, and a lot of Pure Barre. The only Suzanne barre DVDs that I've kept are Bounce and Flat Belly. Oh, still have the stretch (which I rarely do but keep thinking I will).

sillygirl 02-07-19 04:48 PM

I really like the Flat Belly Barre workout. The production is good just like Sadie's (Barre3) Love Your Lower Body workouts from Prevention.

bzar 02-07-19 05:06 PM


Originally Posted by monterey vidiot (Post 2810786)
The only Suzanne barre DVDs that I've kept are Bounce and Flat Belly. Oh, still have the stretch (which I rarely do but keep thinking I will).

iʻm feeling The Lemming Pull here.... in a good way.:sun:

I love the stretch one - just to nudge you back - itʻs a good one.

yogapam 02-07-19 05:37 PM

Another fan of Suzanneís Flat Belly Barre. I also like Barre3 and prefer the 30 & 40 min workouts over the longer ones because I combine barre with other workouts.

bubbles76 02-07-19 08:06 PM

Cynthia, why didn't you care for the Barreampeds? Maybe it could help me make a decision.


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