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Vintage VFer 04-14-20 01:28 PM

Gadget Flashback: Yoga Jellies
I bought 2 pair of these way back when and didn't like them.

They gathered dust until I realized I could use them to store assorted sizes of fitness balls to keep them from rolling away.

Anyone else own these? Maybe someone who actually uses them for the intended use? :p

Honeydew 04-14-20 01:38 PM

I still have mine!

alisoncooks 04-14-20 01:48 PM

I had a pair! They were sort of strange. :D
I got rid of them but I kind of wish I had them for my knees now.

LAC 04-14-20 03:12 PM

I bought them and didn't like them either. Thanks for the tip about using them to keep a stability ball in place - I'll have to try that!

Mickey12 04-14-20 06:23 PM

I never had them but I wish I did. Also I love the idea of using them as an anchor for your stability ball.


geojill 04-14-20 07:33 PM

I got a set a couple of months ago and I really like them. They take a lot of strain off of my wrists.

Usia 04-14-20 08:48 PM

I purchased a set several years ago and I still have them although I rarely use them. I used them as intended, when I do. They're only OK and not as helpful as I thought they would be. They were quite expensive when I purchased them and in retrospect, they're not worth the price I paid for them.

Lucky Star 04-15-20 12:34 AM

I was gifted a pair from a very generous VFer :heart: and I still use them every time I do pushups, planks and yoga. They definitely help my wrists!

txhsmom 04-15-20 08:05 AM

I still have mine, but sadly they disappoint me every time I use them. Definitely not worth the $$ I paid for them. Neither were the WAGs gloves.


Izzy 04-15-20 09:04 AM

I actually just bought some. I had knee replacement and was using a towel to put under that knee because sometimes it hurts to kneel and an instructor suggested I get a pair because it helps with the pressure on that knee.

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