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rhbrand 04-04-18 01:09 PM

Anyone have Instagram, blogs, or YouTube?
Looking for new people to follow, and if they happen to be VFers that would be even great.
I have an Instagram, mainly a mix of fitness, beauty, and whatever like pets, family, etc.

I have 2 YouTubes. My main on is in my signature. But I've started a new one about getting fit. And I've just started doing reviews on workouts, and eventually fitness books, equipment etc.

I do have a blog, but it isn't opening today for me. Stupid internet.

Anyone else or am I alone in the land of Instagram, YouTube and blogs?

Pat58 04-04-18 01:21 PM

I subscribed to your Youtube channel - it looks fun!

Sissy B 04-04-18 03:50 PM

I just watched a couple of videos from your "Rhonda Gets Fit" channel. I love how Sherlock is helping you workout. :D

yogapam 04-04-18 04:10 PM

rhbrand & I follow each other. :D I also follow a few other VFers.

I have two public accounts:

This one is fitness & reading focused:

This one is all things food related:

rhbrand 04-04-18 04:13 PM

I love your fitness account Pam. Its SOOO good!!!

yogapam 04-04-18 04:26 PM


Originally Posted by rhbrand (Post 2767812)
I love your fitness account Pam. Its SOOO good!!!

Aw thanks Rhonda, I really enjoy yours too! I'm in awe of how you lift heavy, I have weak cranky wrists so I'm limited to 10 lbs or resistance bands.

MomOf2Gremlins 04-04-18 05:55 PM

I have IG , but have to admit I'm not a good follower i.e. responding to posts and post pics sporadically. :p

My YT channel is, I'm not very active in posting there either. :o

VK is another nice fitness channel, I like it because a lot of new releases are being shared! ;)

bee 04-04-18 08:29 PM

I am rhockeybee on instagram.....

Garrie A. 04-05-18 09:19 PM


I want to start a blog on three of my favorite hobbies: fitness, knitting, and crocheting.

Aunt Famous 04-05-18 09:31 PM

I have a blog -- I write stories -- about growing older, children, exercising, letting my hair grow grey, my dog, gardening -- all sorts of stories.


Check out my blog at

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