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Joni O 04-02-18 10:57 AM

Request the Wealth - April 2018
There were two threads and I think this is the only one now. :D

bubbles76 04-02-18 11:00 AM

Joni, we have got to stop this lol! Put your thread back up :)

carly 04-02-18 11:57 AM

Ok, I finally figured it out. You guys are talking about Share the Wealth April! :)

Joni O 04-02-18 04:13 PM

OK. Iíll edit this.

bubbles76 04-02-18 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by carly (Post 2767416)
Ok, I finally figured it out. You guys are talking about Share the Wealth April! :)

Request the Wealth April :). We kept going back and forth creating the thread and then requesting it to be closed. Funny as heck, gave me a much needed giggle this morning.

Garrie A. 04-03-18 02:20 PM

I'm looking for Kelly Coffey-Meyer's Step Boxing (the first one). I already have her Cardio Kick Step Boxing and her 30 Minutes to Fitness one.

Cheyenne Shaw 04-03-18 02:28 PM

If anyone has The Firm Parts Lower Body Scultping DVD with Kathy Derry (formerly Floor Legs) I would love it, would be willing to pay

LizEMA 04-03-18 04:22 PM

Looking for:
If anyone is looking to give any of the below a new home, please think of me. :)
  1. Tamilee's Abs, abs abs
  2. Cathe's Wedding Tape
  3. Gunnar Peterson's Core Secrets Killer legs
  4. Gunnar Peterson's Core Secrets Bun Battle
  5. Gunnar Peterson's Core Secrets Hard Body Challenge

Garrie A. 04-03-18 06:05 PM

Liz, I sent you a PM.

PennyK 04-04-18 07:19 AM

I am still looking for Paul Katami Hardball and Fit in 15.

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