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rheash92 01-12-18 02:24 PM

Favorite 30 mins or less yin yoga practices
Looking for some short yin yoga practices either DVD or YouTube. Thanks!

blzgrl 01-12-18 03:47 PM

Travis Eliot

Yoga with Kassandra
(This is just one of Kassandra’s. She has other short ones.)

MomOf2Gremlins 01-12-18 04:09 PM

Following! ;)

aliskina 01-12-18 04:31 PM

Mimi Solaire's Deep Stretch DVD got the following segments that could be combined:
Back Stretches - 20 min, Hips & Legs - 20 min, Neck & Shoulders - 20 min and Bonus Super Stretch - 10 min

sherry7899 01-12-18 04:35 PM

The you tube channels Yoga by Candace and Yoga Upload have 30 minute yin practices.

AnMrsDe 01-12-18 04:56 PM

When I was diagnosed with hip bursitis, this class (below) has all the exercises my physical therapist recommended that I should do. It includes awesome IT band stretches. The only exercise I change up is the very first forward bend exercise. I change those to bridge work which my therapist mentioned I should also include:

Michelle Goldstein's Yin Yoga on You Tube and is 26 min. She is very talkative but you can mute it after you do it a few times, as you can see what to do next which doesn't need any explanations. ;) I really need to get back to do this regularly!! :o

Mimi's Deep Stretch comes in a close second. :)

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