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sherry7899 06-19-17 10:03 AM

Please send healing thoughts to one of my cats
Last Wednesday evening I discovered a growth on the side of our cat named Bonkers. (the shelter gave him that name because he ran around like a maniac and still does!). He is the all black cat in my avatar. I brought him to the vet on Thursday. They took a sample from the cells in the growth and sent them out. We should hear something this week. Of course the vet would not speculate on what this could be, but of course you think the worst.

The growth showed up out of nowhere. Bonkers is an extremely affectionate and cuddly cat. I am always holding and petting him, and he sleeps next to me, so I would have noticed it earlier if it had been there. It is two inches wide.

He is still eating, drinking, using the litter box, running and jumping like normal, so he does not seem to be in any pain.

He is only five years old, and he is the absolute sweetest and most affectionate cat I've ever had. He sleeps next my shoulder and holds my hand between his paws. He is always purring. He will give kisses all over your face like a dog, rub around your ankles and adores being held/hugged. I can't imagine our home without his sweet little presence. He brings love in the room with him when he runs up to anyone.

Our cat Mila (the tuxedo in my avatar) has been extra sweet to him. When I brought Bonkers back from the vet, she ran up to him and started grooming him. When our third cat Huck hissed at Bonkers twice because he could smell the vet on him, Mila ran up and gave him more love. It was so adorable.

Please send good thoughts this way. The waiting is driving us crazy.

Thank you,

dutchgirl 06-19-17 10:07 AM

It's so hard not to worry, Sherry. Inky, Marvel, Bashful, and I are sending licks and love to Bonkers and you!

Pam 06-19-17 11:32 AM

Good thoughts & healing prayers also going out from Yoshi, Monkey, Rainbow & myself.

Diana3271 06-19-17 11:52 AM

Cody (Boykin Spaniel) & Diana (somewhat human, :D) are sending good thoughts your way.

Juliepie 06-19-17 12:20 PM

Hugs and headbonks from me and Theo.

owltx 06-19-17 12:35 PM

Ugh, Sherry, waiting on news like this is the worst. My kitty Neko and I are sending good thoughts your way.

Bluebelle 06-19-17 12:36 PM

Sending healing thoughts to your sweet little Bonkers. I hope he's going to be ok.

mlroman 06-19-17 12:49 PM

All the healthy healing thoughts I can muster coming your way.

Pat58 06-19-17 12:52 PM

Sending positive thoughts.

kenda 06-19-17 12:57 PM

Sending lots of good thoughts!

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