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hch 07-21-19 06:59 AM

Workouts, 2019-07-21, Sunday
If you'd like to join, post your workouts and other activity for this day!

gigi 07-21-19 12:42 PM

STS Meso 1 Disc 1 (Chest, Shoulders, Bi’s)/KB Swing Pain Chain…lined up 3 KB lite, med, heavy (25, 30, and 45lb.) and performed 5 swings with each doing as many reps as possible in 15 minutes/Total Body Stretching On the Ball 1.

I did not like the what was,in my opinion, a ridiculous amount of pushups. Next time I will do KB swings every time pushups are done. I did 30 KB swings during staggered the pushups. I wish I had thought of it earlier in the workout.

Karen Beckwith 07-21-19 03:38 PM

Jane Adams Gentle Yoga Desk and Computer Work Relief
Jane Adams Balance and Strength Upper Body
PT exercises for Knees and Balance

Donatella 07-21-19 03:57 PM

Fitness Fusion/Dream Body InTENse from their cardio series
Body by Simone Arms (short youtube video)

Sharaz 07-21-19 05:40 PM

Total Body Bootcamp ST2 (bands)
Beauty Muscle Fit
S Line Fit

Some deviations from the plan but made up with yesterday / today combos. Definitely the MCFIT workouts are a step up from the first series.


Erica 07-21-19 06:06 PM

Firm - Super Cardio Sculpt
Tracie Long - Reach Further

anne 07-21-19 06:54 PM

Jane Fonda Lean Routine
12 minute Fitness Blender Yoga Workout

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