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sciencelady 08-02-20 07:57 AM

Crone Cronies - In 2020, you have a mandate to stay home and putz. Week of 8/2
The Cronies is a place for women who are mature in age or attitude. The group is highly diverse in that we have ages ranging from 30s to 60s, some are moms, some are single, some are teachers/professors, and some have jobs and work outside the home and some donít. We do our own thing and are happy when life doesnít get in the way too often. Some are training for a marathon, some donít even do vids, you get the picture.

Life and exercise are what we report. A thread is started every Sunday. Some report every day, others whenever they can.

Bottom line: we are a diverse group and very supportive of each otherís goals. Oh, and weíre funny as heck. If youíd like to join us, just come on down.

sciencelady 08-02-20 08:08 AM

Good morning!

I had to shorten one of Laura's suggestions, but putzing is my life theme these days!

I met a clown at the park yesterday! Her car was all decorated with circus stuff, so I asked her what her involvement was - she was a retired professional clown! Cool! Gus enjoyed his walk and will again today. More putzing scheduled for today - might do a run to Target for groceries.

Laura, are you in the hurricane storms today? Hope everything stays safe for you! I guess around here tornadoes are the pop up destruction - usually too fast to do any yard pickup of objects or nail boards over windows.

Paula, I'm sorry to hear about your misstep causing you so much hip pain. I'm limiting what I walk on grass these days as the soil is uneven enough to cause pain for me. No falls for me, knock on wood! Hope your hip is just bruised, not deeply injured :(.

Waves to all (from >6 feet apart!)!


Laura S. 08-02-20 10:48 AM

Thanks for getting us started. I knew it was too long and it would be difficult to shorten it effectively, but the Yoda one cracked me up. It's a good theme because it's so timely.

I went for a walk this morning. I'll try to get in some band strength work this afternoon. I have an Excel tutoring session this afternoon. I have finally gotten back to working on my blog/videos and have a plan for the coming week. I may do a little work on it this afternoon.

Paula - I'm sorry about that bad step and hope you feel better today.

Anita - We are slated to feel the effects of the storm starting tomorrow sometime into Tuesday. Yeah, tornadoes are harder to plan for.

Paula 08-02-20 08:38 PM

Good evening. Workout today was Yoga with Adriene Heart and Hips. Not much else, just a putz around the house day.

Anita, thanks for getting us started, the theme really fit my day. Thanks for your concern about the hip, it's fine today so I guess I just tweeked it. I stretched last night and took some Ibpropren and that seemed to do the trick. The older I get the more I appreciate the necessity of stretching, stretching, stretching - always seems to make me feel better. As long as I don't over stretch which is how I hurt the hip in the first place.

Laura, I emailed my brother and sister about the storm, both seem to think it's not going to be that bad, just lots of rain, wind, and humidity. In any event, stay safe.

Laura S. 08-03-20 06:20 AM

They've changed the track of the storm - it's supposed to swing more inland than originally projected. It's now supposed to go between Wilmington and Raleigh, and we are now looking for 3-6 inches of rain. We're still on the back side of the storm, and so predictions say we won't get as much rain or wind as the east side. They're saying that it's more than predicted before, but nowhere near as bad as previous hurricanes like Florence or Matthew. The worst of it is supposed to arrive in the middle of the night tonight.

I predict that I probably won't get out for a walk today or tomorrow. ;) Today, I'll take DH to a PT appointment this afternoon. And, I have a tutoring session this evening. Hopefully, our WIFI will work fine. I want to get some work on a blog post.

Paula - It's good that your hip was okay the day after the walk. It's gotta be hard to find that path between enough stretching and over stretching.

sciencelady 08-03-20 08:12 AM

Good morning!

Planning on more putzing, walking Gus, doing a Zoom conference with fellow vet toxicologists, and just enjoying this cooler weather! :sun: I do like the opportunity to participate in the Zoom meeting - usually I'd have to fly to a city and meet with them for about three hours and then have hotel stays, meals, etc. Zoom is lots cheaper than the hundreds to thousands of dollars this meeting takes to get there! We have about 100 members in this group - usually about 7 hit this meeting when it involves travel...

Laura, I hope the hurricane downgrades to a tropical storm if it's inland more. I hope you have a peaceful night tonight! I know where to be in the basement for tornadoes, do you do similar safe sleeping position for hurricanes? Hope your wires stay connected!

Paula, glad the hip is feeling better :heart:. I should do more stretching, sigh... Things are NOT moving in a normal range of motion. My affected hip is deeper in my socket by about half an inch - no way I can reach my foot on that side. Supposedly something expected with my bad hip as my doctor mentioned it. I feel like a stiff board :(. Makes weeding frustrating as I have to grab plants about 6 inches off ground and hope the stems don't break!

Waves to all (from >6 feet apart!)!


ddj 08-03-20 08:43 PM

Today's workout was Pyramid Pump, upper body pyramid down only.

We had a storm this morning. One clap of thunder was so loud I jumped out of my chair. :o But it cooled things down a bit. We were in the low 80s today, so that was a welcome change.

Anita, what do you and the other toxicologists talk about? Sounds exciting. ;) I should do more stretching as well. My lower body is getting tight. My inner thighs have been ridiculously tight for years. It's a mystery, though, because I used to do a wide leg forward fold every day after my workout to stay limber. But then it started to hurt. I couldn't understand that since I was doing it regularly. Eventually, I quit doing the stretch because of the pain. And now I have no flexibility at all. Even my quads are starting to get tight. :confused:

Laura, I hope you miss the worst of the storm. I wish everyone could miss it. These storms are always devastating, but it's just too much on top of everything else. Stay safe.

Paula, I'm glad your hip is better and you didn't do more harm.

Lots of hummer activity lately. I'm not sure why. Where have they been all summer? :p The storms don't bother them. We've had several summer storms lately, and my little guy is sitting on the swing, right in the middle of it. He just shakes his feathers out when he gets too wet. :D

Everyone have a good evening.

Paula 08-03-20 08:47 PM

Good evening. Workout this morning was Ellen Barrett's Pick Youor Level Pilates followed by Yoga with Adriene - Yoga for Writers. We flew to Catalina today and did a little hiking, not as much as usual as it was too hot.

Laura, glad the storm is looking less dramatic. Try to stay cool in all the heat and humidity.

Anita, I suspect many people feel as you do about Zoom meetings - so much easier. Hotels are losing though.

sciencelady 08-04-20 08:13 AM

Good morning!

Planning on walking Gus, putzing around, and enjoying this cooler weather (56 currently, going to 76) - we'll be back in the high 80's this weekend. I'll need to do some weed searching out back as Gus is coming in with burs in his hair!

Dede, the meeting was more formal business ends rather than scientific ends - I did the audit committee report. It was good to see so many familiar faces! Next year the meeting they have is going to be in Minneapolis, so maybe I'll go in person, just for this meeting. We had 27 people online! Lots more than what appear at meetings! Cool that you have hummers on your property! I've seen them in fall when they prepare to migrate south, but haven't seen them in my yard on a regular basis. Don't know if I'll see them this year as I don't have the flower baskets they love hanging on my back porch this year.

Paula, guess I rip off the hotel next year also when I drive in to the meeting ;). I do hope they keep a Zoom participation going for members that don't go to the AVMA meeting.

Waves to all (from >6 feet apart!)!


Laura S. 08-04-20 09:42 AM

All Good At My House
The first bands of the storm moved in around 6:00 pm yesterday. It rained hard and then stopped for awhile and then started back up. Overnight, we heard rain when we were up in the night to go to the bathroom, but it was not a pounding rain and we didn't hear the rain at all. When I got up around 6:30 this morning, I walked out on the porch to see what I could see. The sun was coming out, the air was crisp and cool, and I couldn't see any damage. After looking more closely, we noticed that the crepe myrtles lost some of their blossoms. :D

I was wrong yesterday about the walks. We went for a short walk yesterday morning because we ended up having sun in the morning. The only problem is that we were both really stiff - side effects of the weather front. And we went for a walk around the pond this morning.

Anita - It sounds like a good meeting and you didn't have to go anywhere.

Dede - Yeah, these storms can be devastating. There were tornadoes in other areas of NC and flooding. I feel for the people caught in the worse areas.

Paula - It's nice you can go to Catalina for the day. Maybe this fall, it will be less hot and more appealing.

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