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Tracyso2 10-10-13 08:17 PM

Tracy Anderson...Inner Thigh Magic???
I've been doing hella yoga all year, finished ULTIMATE YOGI in May and have moved on to the hour-and-40-minute Travis practices on Bryan Kest's site/Travis' site. I've lost a bunch of weight and am stronger than I've ever been. My hips have slimmed down, my arms look great, my psyche is sprightly and my core is getting there. But my inner thighs are completely unchanged...and are now looking kinda disproportionate. I hate Tracy Anderson, but have the feeling she may work for me...and I own almost everything she does. But I've never managed to buckle down & do her, probably because I find her so annoying personally. Can someone tell me if she's singularly effective for the inner thighs? Because that's about the only thing that will inspire me to actually commit to a rotation of her. I'm thinking 3x week her & 3x week extended Travis.
Thoughts, anyone?
Many thanks!!!

Missiscipi 10-10-13 08:39 PM

Dreambody series did alot for my inner thighs quick but my lower back is so jacked up I had to stop doing it :(

daisyduke 10-10-13 08:59 PM

Did meta omni and continuity up until 2.1 and inner thighs were not improved

cherimac 10-10-13 09:18 PM

I did Meta Ab and had to add in other things for my inner thighs. My abs and glutes were worked quite well, though. 10-10-13 10:23 PM

Callanetics...Inner Thigh Magic.

MomOf2Gremlins 10-10-13 10:34 PM

I've only started doing TA so I'm probably not the best judge... but for me I have to say my (inner) thighs feel slimmer every time I do a TA workout (which is mostly her Precision Toning these days). Maybe it's just wishful thinking.. I don't think so though...

If you want something specific for inner thighs, get Mary Helen Bower's Ballet Beautiful DVDs which contain specific segments for the inner thigh and are an absolute killer!!!

mizach 10-11-13 05:52 AM

kettlebell swings are my inner thigh magic

m42 10-11-13 06:51 AM


Originally Posted by (Post 2303661)
Callanetics...Inner Thigh Magic.

I second this.

SquishyMommy 10-11-13 07:04 AM


Originally Posted by Rozy (Post 2303615)
Dreambody series did alot for my inner thighs quick but my lower back is so jacked up I had to stop doing it :(

I second DreamBody. I am currently doing TA Omni, and while my thighs in general are slimming down, I do not feel that I am getting adequate work in my inner thighs. DreamBody worked my inner thighs incredibly well and I did it coming off JMBR and JNL rotations. I remember having inner thigh DOMS for the first time in years with DreamBody.

mizvespa 10-11-13 07:10 AM

Callanetics is brilliant for the inner thighs! I do agree.

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