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nyskier 10-23-12 05:53 PM

Do You Like or Dislike P90X2??
I am totally confused by P90X2. I bought it when it came out, and I guess I expected something different. Some of the moves here are so complicated that I feel as if I will end up in a pretzel after I try them. I seem to be completely intimidated by this one.

I am curious to know what your experience has been. Do you like/dislike the program? Have you tried all of the workouts? Have you sold/traded the set?

Fitstick 10-23-12 07:50 PM

I'm in the same boat as you. I was super excited when I started the program and then the phase 2 workouts just seemed beyond my level. I've been thinking of selling or trading it because I am just not a huge functional fitness person. I don't know, I am conflicted! Part of me wants to clear my mind and try it again... I never made it past phase 2 so I have not tried any of the phase 3 workouts yet.

RedPanda 10-23-12 08:17 PM

I've just started on Phase 3, and have had fantastic results. I haven't followed the suggested rotation, but kept up with my lower body heavy strength training at the gym once a week, as well as my usual cardio, kettlebell and Pilates workouts. I've now done all the workouts, except the 15-minute core one.


* I've improved my core strength and now enjoy Pilates a lot more
* My balance has improved a great deal
* All the balance work has leaned out my thighs (wish I'd taken measurements, but my pants are a lot looser)
* I can jump higher
* I have improved my movement quality in general
* I have increased my deadlift from 75 to 77.5 kilos
* This morning was my first time doing upper body strength training in the gym since I started P90X2, and I have definitely made gains there too. I picked up a 20kg dumbbell and thought, "This seems a bit light".

So it's definitely been worth it for me. I plan to work some of the P90X2 DVDs into my rotations next year.

nyskier 10-23-12 09:47 PM


I am impressed by your results. I think one of my issues is that I don't have very good balance in general (inner ear problem), so these exercises seem way beyond me. While I was able to do most of P90X, the ones in Part 2 seem that much harder.

RedPanda 10-24-12 12:56 AM

Nyskier - Yes, I would think that some exercises in P90X2 would be difficult/almost impossible for someone with an inner ear problem.

But for anyone who can do that kind of stuff, I would highly recommend P90X2. Those exercises seem to work every muscle in your body and produce results very quickly!

Mickey12 10-25-12 08:21 PM

I really liked doing P90X2. The exercises are different and some seem impossible, but I was really surprised and proud of the fact that I got so much better at them. It gave me a real sense of accomplishment more than I ever got with any other program. I did the rotation last January and was thinking I may do another round this winter. It helps that I adore Tony Horton too. He does not irritate me in the least.


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