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nyskier 03-02-20 06:18 PM

Request the Wealth March 2020
Is there a DVD or VHS you have been looking for but canít find? Ask here, and a generous VFer may have it collecting dust on the shelf.

Please note that you may be asked to provide postage or SASE.

Happy hunting!


sbh 03-03-20 09:42 AM

I am looking for Janice Lennard Yoga. Most willing to trade for it. Let me know what you are looking for. :)

Denise R 03-03-20 11:43 AM

I'm looking for these workouts if anyone isn't using them: Tendu Toning Ballerina Strong Workout with Rachel Speck and Natalie Jill 7 Day Jumpstart Total Bodyweight Building Abs DVD

tangerine 03-04-20 09:28 PM

I'm looking for Aimee Nicotera Take 20 Volume 2 and Anni Mairs Life Force - happy to trade or cover shipping costs.

Karla25 03-06-20 08:26 AM

I would love to try one of these older workouts :-)
Yoga in the Garden of Serenity
Altar of the Heart
Erich Schiffmann's Backyard Series

Nelly G 03-07-20 06:58 AM

Hi everyone,

I only want Get your body back by BJ Gaddour but if that is Not possible then BJ Gaddour's Cardio Burners dvd is ok too. Know that on the Get your body back is the same dvd but with strenght on on it. Of course I want to pay by pay you by pay pall. I already looked for it but could not find it but for me it is more difficult because I live in The Netherlands. Thanks.:)

Cher 03-08-20 08:04 AM

Looking for Jane Fondaís Lower Body Solution. DVD or VHS is fine.


maitai 03-08-20 10:45 PM

Margaret Richard's Getting Better

muggle 03-09-20 08:15 AM

I'm hoping to give a good home to:

Patrick Goudeau- Play ball in 4
Sharon Twombly- Zero to sixty-Low Impact w/ weights


KateTT 03-09-20 10:03 AM

Hi everyone!
Do you have Cathe's Fit Split full set you are looking to get rid of? I have a trade list and will certainly trade if you don't like yours.

Also still looking for Men's Health MetaShred Extreme set for my friend. Will also trade.

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