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hch 12-28-18 07:19 AM

Workouts, 2018-12-28, Friday
If you'd like to join, post your workouts and other activity for this day!

owltx 12-28-18 12:19 PM

Cathe's XTrain bis and tris

wendug 12-28-18 10:25 PM

I tried out my new step 360 today. Included with it was a 20 minute sculpting band workout and I really felt my core working! Then I added on Cathe's 30 minute beginner step workout using the Step 360. Using the unstable 8 inch platform had me sweating and I felt like it was a great workout! I can't wait to try out more workouts using my new fitness toy.

lingo10 12-29-18 01:17 PM

Transform Your Body with Brooke Burke - Tone & Tighten

TriciaR 12-29-18 03:44 PM

Gilad #4 4x4 (34m)
Jane Adams Beg Floor stretch(with the deer)(39m)
Multiple rounds of an obstacle course my 7 yr old granddaughter set up with my exercise equipment! Quite challenging!

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