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Lori_Michigan 07-24-19 08:21 AM

(1) Best low impact streaming? (2) Cardio sculpt (or lightweight metabolic) workouts?
I'm just getting back into working out again after four months of keeping it really low impact for recovering from a blood clot in my calf/ankle. (I'm doing just okay. I really thought I'd be better by now, but alas, that's how recovery goes I think. It's frustratingly slow.)

(1) I am really struggling with finding low impact streaming options -- are there enough Cathe Live low impact (or modifiable?) options? How about KCM? I can't do any amount of impact without my entire leg hurting for days, but I'm finding that I can handle some heavier weights now (like 10 pound dumbbells, sigh). I can also step up onto a step and also use a gliding disc. I can't do planks and sometimes struggle with lunges. I'm liking weight work much more these days since it's just easier to stay low impact.

(2) So that leads me to relying on cardio sculpt workouts because they are mostly low impact and actually get my heart rate up enough. I've been rotating through Cathe's metabolic DVDs, all of Jessica's metabolic workouts (but most are only 30 mins and I need longer), and a few Tracie Long ones that I can still do, and some KCM's, but I can't seem to find any others that fit the bill -- all low impact, light weights (5-8 lbs), four limb cardio, not a lot of floor work (some is okay), no burpees etc. Any other favorites out there?

Thanks in advance!

ellaenchanted 07-24-19 09:45 AM

Pahla Bowers low impact workouts of YouTube. I mention her so much people are going think I get paid LOL

prettyinpink 07-24-19 09:58 AM

Barre3 streaming. All low impact, planks, they use gliding discs and mostly lighter weights, but have lots of workouts with no weights at all. The newer ones supposedly are using weights in the 5 lb range. Many of the workouts do have some floor work, but the kneeling work on hands and knees can be modified to standing, and in fact they often show someone doing it standing.

I also have tried some PahlaB and liked them. And they are free! Fitness Blender might have some that are low impact, also.

Lori_Michigan 07-24-19 10:43 AM

Thanks for the suggestions so far -- I should have included that I can't do barre or ballet/fusion anymore either because of the plies and the positioning of my ankles. I tried it about a month ago and it puts too much pressure on where my clot was/is right above my ankle. I even tried it wearing shoes and it still put too much pressure there. Sigh...

I haven't heard of Pahla B but I should give her a chance. Thanks!

AnMrsDe 07-24-19 11:23 AM

Hi Lori, I hope you get back in your groove very soon! Thanks for the update.

If it were me, I would skip Cathe Live (or anything you need to pay for) since you want to get your $$'s worth, but that's just me. ;) In my Cathe Live notes (not subscribed at the moment), I only counted 9 or 10 classes with 'Low Impact' in the title. There may be more by now but not enough to spend money on in your situation, IMO.

I would stick to free material and if you put "Low Impact Workouts" on the Youtube site, a whole list comes up. You will probably have to sift through them since some might be barre-like, oh, and you and I both know to skip Yvette's classes even if "Low Impact" is in the title, LOL! She has a different idea then me what low impact consists of, haha. A lot of people rave about Sydney Cummings, Pop Sugar, & Body Project workouts and noticed they have quite a few as well.


kittybug 07-24-19 11:40 AM

I would second skipping Cathe Live. I love Cathe, but her definition of low impact differs from mine. I suppose my definition is actually 'no' impact whereas even her workouts labeled 'low impact' do probably contain what you're trying to avoid for now. Just my 2 cents. And best wishes on your recovery! :heart:

Lori_Michigan 07-24-19 11:54 AM

Thanks for the well wishes!

Agreed -- most of Yvette's and Cathe's workouts that have "low impact" in the title aren't my version of low impact! But I have been able to do Cathe's LITE set, just not the calorie crushes, and I've been using ICE workouts a lot without hurting my leg. I can actually use her weight amounts in those and they are easy enough on my leg. Does she have those types of workouts on Cathe Live or are they mostly higher impact cardio?

I did preorder KCM's new ones, and they seem to fit the bill as to my current abilities. I've also been doing some of her other workouts, like Your Best Body and Amped Up Cardio (just following the low impact modifier). I also tried her older TLC boxing one and just kept it all low impact. I really dig her cardio sculpt workouts, but I can't remember which ones are low impact (or easily modifiable). That's why I was thinking maybe her streaming would be a good option unless there's a ton of higher impact stuff.

I miss my Tracie Long workouts! Those were my main workouts for a few years and I was in my best shape ever. But too many up/down and different movements in those now. I was able to do Defined Lines though but I can't do her newer ones. Sigh.

I've done almost every Jessica workout that I can do, but I'm beginning to suffer some burn out on them since I've been doing them over and over and over...

Trixoo 07-24-19 11:56 AM

I agree with the Pahla Bowers rec! They are on the "easier" side, but she offers different levels. Most aren't long, though, so you'll have to "stack" them, which is pretty easy to do on YT.

upperwside 07-24-19 05:22 PM

Hamelin Cardio sculpt, all low impact.

Usia 07-24-19 05:35 PM

I tried couple of Pahla Bowers workouts but SHE NEVER SHUTS UP! She talks so much that I couldn't get past the first 3 minutes of any of them. If you're not bothered by constant chatter then she may be a good choice since she's got lots of variety on youtube.

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