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Leonana 07-01-20 10:24 AM

Yesterday was a one mile outdoor walk. Will post later with today's workout.

Well, my daughter is off from Starbucks with two weeks pay. Apparently, a co-worker she worked closely with thinks she might have COVID. The co-worker has not been tested, nor does she have symptoms. However, her roommate tested positive. Dd has no symptoms, and we are hoping she didn't get it. They do wear gloves, masks and disinfect. She is going to try and find a place today to get tested. So, I guess I'm grounded too, until she has a negative test. I guess I better look into pickup for groceries. Fortunately, I did a lot of shopping on Monday.

Donna, I guess that gives you some feedback on your daughter working at the mall this summer! Although, her exposure might be less than at a Starbucks.

Leonana 07-01-20 06:04 PM

Today was Total Body Standing Strength, a prenatal workout on you tube. I really enjoyed this one. Jessica used 7 pounds, I used 5 and 8. I really want to buy 7 pounds (putting another thing on my wish list, lol).

A mini-update. DD has an appointment for a test on Friday. So far, she is feeling fine, and we are all fine.

wishiwasinhawaii 07-02-20 07:00 AM

I've just been doing random workouts this week as I try to decide what rotation to do next. I have been doing some workouts from Tony Horton's 22 Minute Hard Corps that I bought on DVD a few years ago and only did once, so I might do that one for a few weeks. We'll see.

I've also been going out every morning for a 20-30 minute walk. I went out at 7am today to try to beat the heat, but it was so humid that it wasn't too enjoyable. I still managed to walk for 30 minutes though. Not sure what I'll do later. I have today, tomorrow and Monday off. Yay!

Sherry, I know it's tough, but try not to worry. A friend of mine's DIL works in a bakery at a grocery store and a co-worker thought she had COVID and the same thing happened where her DIL stayed home and was being paid. The co-worker tested negative, so that was a relief. It turned out the co-worker just had a cold. So maybe that is how it will turn out for you and your DD. My older nephew works in a convenience store and I worry about him all the time.

Donna, It's tough to know what to do about your DD working at the mall. Are masks mandatory at the mall? They are at the malls here, which just reopened on Monday.

Time to get some cleaning done around here...

donnamp 07-02-20 07:06 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today was:

Leslie - 1 Mile ("Blue" mile from one of her DVDs - I can't remember the name, but the miles were color-coded!)

Jessica WS 3.0 - Pilates & Yoga

I have enjoyed the WS 3.0 workouts i have done in this rotation. I had been a little scared of them.

Sherry- Oh my - I hope your daughter's test comes back negative. Hopefully w/ the mask wearing, etc. she will have been protected from it. Yes, I was reading an article yesterday about the spread and how people are getting it from going back to work in retail, food service, etc, basically any work place where you have a lot of public interaction and can't work from home. I'm sort of hoping DD doesn't get the job at the mall given that situation - she did apply for a data entry job that her friend told her about - I feel a bit better about that, b/c while it would be in an office, it would just be the people who worked there and not the public coming in and out and I'm sure they have to wear masks, etc. etc. We shall see. Working at the barn worries me, too, b/c she is w/ a lot of little kids and it is hard for them to social distance. The saving grace of the barn job is it is outside.

Anyway- prayers for a negative test! :heart:

waves, wishiwasinhawaii.


donnamp 07-02-20 07:09 AM

wishiwasinhawaii - we posted at the same time! Yes, masks are "mandatory" here for anything that is indoors. And, fortunately, from what I have seen, people follow that. So that is good. Maryland's case count and positivity rate is down - but for who knows how long.

Agreed, it is hot and humid. Monday I walked outdoors and it wasn't bad, but Tuesday was pretty hot and humid. Even going early, it is humid.....I think tomorrow we're supposed to be in the upper 90s

Leonana 07-02-20 06:08 PM

I rode my bike this morning around 6:30 a.m. It's still in the 70's at that time, so not too bad. That's unusual, usually 80's are the low by the beginning of July. I remember walking the dogs at 6:00 a.m. and it was 85 degrees. I miss my dogs, but not walking them in the summer. Later in the morning I did Jessica Smith's Yoga for Belly, Buns and Thighs.

Masks are not state mandated here, but so many counties and cities have mandated them, along with individual stores in non-mask cities, that there are few places where you can go without one.

wishiwasinhawaii, thanks for the encouragement. I lean towards her not having it, so trying to be positive. She does have a strong immune system and rarely gets sick. She has a test tomorrow. I'm hoping we know by Monday.

Donna, the data entry job sounds good for your dd, with less contact. With dd and dh exposed to the public, I expected this at some point. I think this is the new reality until we have a vaccine. On a positive note, I watched Dr. Mike's video on you tube, and he said they are having more success with drugs and treatments in the hospitals, so the death rate is lower.

donnamp 07-03-20 08:50 AM

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Today was:

Jessica Smith - Barre Fitness - Cardio & Floor Barre sections. I haven't done this DVD is ages, it was nice to re-visit. I enjoyed the Cardio section and even did some of the jumping.

Sherry - I hope DD's test comes back negative!

waves, wishiwasinhawaii

I am giving some thought about what to do next. I think it may be a combo of Leslie for steps and maybe some know, the usual, LOL!

I may jump into another Jessica rotation at some point, I did enjoy Calm & Strong.

Waves, everyone -


Leonana 07-03-20 06:25 PM

Today was You Tube 40 Minute Band Fusion workout. About six inches tore off the end of my band. There was a small rip, and I guess today it just completely ripped. Time for a new one! I enjoyed the workout, I love band workouts. And there was some cardio too.

I'm finding that Jessica's rotations hit my sweet spot. Although, I have to modify to low impact and lower weights. But it's the right intensity for me to keep the weight off.

DD had her test this morning. It was the swab test, she said it wasn't too bad. We know in two days. I hope that's not two business days, but I guess they might be closed this weekend, especially with the holiday. She was exposed a week or two ago, and she has no symptoms, so the doctor said she probably is fine. But she should know by Monday, which is when we get the test results. But he said it's good to test and know for sure.

Donna, I enjoyed Calm and Strong too.

donnamp 07-04-20 08:45 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Jessica - 5 Mix & Match Miles - Premix # 3
Jessica - Gentle Yoga - For Balance, Flexibility & Mobility - Hips and Knees

Yesterday after "work" I did Jessica's Gentle Yoga - Neck & Shoulder and Chest & Back practices.

I actually completed the calm & strong rotation!

I'm not sure what I want to do next - maybe a Leslie walk rotation plus Pilates? Or I may look into Summer of Strength or maybe doing one of Jessica's Walk On Rotation (she has a few listed on her DVD covers...) The walks/steady state cardio is relaxing to me, so that is why I'm sort of drawn to it.

Hope everyone has a good day.

DD is riding today and then going to a friend's house. I'm a bit worried about her going to her friend's house but it is only her and two other friends gathering, so hopefully it will be ok. They will be that is better than inside. I personally wouldn't go if it were me, but I feel that keeping her confined is potentially more harmful at this point. This past week when she was working, she was much happier - going to bed at a normal time, being more talkative, etc. etc. Of course, I'm nervous about her driving herself, too, I told her she had to be home by dark. I'm not ready for her to drive at night by herself - she's only had her license for two weeks...and it is a holiday weekend....

Sherry - I hope you hear good news about your DD's test sooner rather than later.

waves, wishiwasinhawaii!


Leonana 07-04-20 08:17 PM

A rest day today. I will probably stretch and foam roll tonight. I'm planning on a workout tomorrow.

A very lazy day. I went to The Habit and picked up take out hamburgers for dinner. We have a few sparklers, I guess we will wave them around in the back yard.

Donna, I'm sure your dd will be fine, and seeing her friends will cheer her up. I'm sure being outdoors will help keep them safe.

Happy 4th of July!

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