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donnamp 06-18-20 07:28 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Caribbean Workout -Low Impact - just something to get moving before today's stretch workout and I didn't feel like doing a walking workout this morning.

Jessica - Yoga Stretch for Beginners & Beyond - Relaxing Flow

Last night I did Jenny Ford's March Across America - Illinois for steps since it was raining outside.

wishiwasinhawaii - nice work w/ your outdoor exercise! My DD has been to the dentist and my DH is going today - they have a whole protocol for going in - including waiting in your car until they are ready for you - taking your temperature, etc. I go in August, so I guess we will see where we are then. I did go for a hair cut yesterday - I wouldn't have - but my DD was desperate - so we went last night. we were the only clients there and everyone was wearing a mask. So..hopefully...none of us will get sick. I don't plan on going again for awhile as I'm growing my hair out anyway.

Sherry - nice workouts! I'm almost considering doing a WS 3.0 rotation in the future - now that I have done some of the workouts and realize they can be modified so as to not kill me. LOL!

Hope everyone has a good day.


wishiwasinhawaii 06-18-20 07:48 AM

I went for an outdoor walk this morning. It was cloudy and humid so I didn't do the walk on the trails because I was afraid it was going to rain, so I just stayed closer to home and walked around the neighborhood for about 20 minutes. Then I did 30-Minute Barre Sculpt on the SOS schedule for today which is from WS3. There are actually two workouts on the schedule for today so I might do the other one later or maybe tomorrow. That's actually a rest day and it's supposed to rain tomorrow so I won't be walking outside anyway.

Donna, That's good to know about the dentist. My niece goes to the same dentist and she has an appointment next week, so I'll see what she says about it. I really need to get my hair colored, but I don't want to spend 2 hours at the salon right now so I'm just letting it grow out. I can't color it myself because I can't see well enough without my glasses to do it.

My nephew's HS graduation is going to be next week and it will be virtual. So I'll be watching online. The school is also doing an in-person graduation ceremony just for the kids in July. No one else is allowed to attend.

Waves, Sherry!

Leonana 06-18-20 05:01 PM

Today was You Tube 20 Minute Core Stretch. I'm not sure if I've done that one, I liked it, mostly standing ab moves and stretches. There were a couple of floor ab moves I had to skip, but I was able to do most of it. I also did some house cleaning. This way of alternating more intense workouts with yoga is working well for me.

Our governor issued an executive order allowing local governments to mandate masks. My city issued a mandate pretty quickly, along with a few others. It won't be state wide however, but will be interesting to see which cities do it, and which do not. I've noticed very few people in my city were wearing masks lately, so I guess this will change things. I ordered six more masks from Thompson Tee, I really like their masks.

Donna, I need a haircut, but haven't made an appointment. I guess going to the dentist is about all I can handle! I read that two Great Clips employees had COVID, but didn't pass it on, and none of the customers got it. That was encouraging to hear.

wishiwasinhawaii, that's nice that you can still walk outdoors.

Leonana 06-19-20 05:59 PM

Today was SOS 52 minute Ballet Burn workout. I think my arms are fried, lol. I did sub one floor ab move, and didn't do all the overhead moves, but I did 98% of the workout, I think.

I have an eight week job with the census, and still haven't been assigned. They think it won't start until August. Not surprising I guess.

Waves to everyone.

wishiwasinhawaii 06-20-20 08:09 AM

Forgot to post yesterday...I went out for a 30 minute walk in the early morning to beat the heat and then did Mile 1 from Jessica's 4 Mile Power Walk DVD. Yesterday and today are rest days on the SOS schedule, so I walked around inside my house this morning because the humidity is off the charts and I'm staying in today. I will do 2 miles from the Power Walk DVD later.

Sherry, That Ballet Burn workout was brutal. Good for you for getting through it! I don't think I finished that one, LOL.

Donna, Hope all is well.

Have a good day!

donnamp 06-20-20 09:27 AM

Hi Everyone,

I didn't check in yesterday - I meant to but the day got away from me. My DD passed her driver's test and I had people come to pick up my mom's furniture, etc. so it was one of those days.

So...yesterday was:

Jessica - Barefoot Cardio Core - this one was very sneaky - I didn't expect it to be challenging, but it was!

Jessica Valent - Barre Challenge Workout

And, today, so far:

Jenny Ford - Step Across America - Niagara Falls
Jessica Smith - Yoga for Back Pain Prevention

I have to get some work done for my job, clean, etc. So busy day ahead!

Hope everyone has a good day!


Leonana 06-20-20 10:50 PM

Nothing today. But I did some cleaning around the house.

I hope to do some sort of walk or stretch tomorrow.

Donna, congratulations to your daughter! That's great you are able to declutter your mom's furniture.

wishiwasinhawaii, Barre Burn wasn't too bad. Although, I did modify some of the overhead moves, my arms were getting tired, lol. I also skipped one of the floor ab moves.

donnamp 06-22-20 07:16 AM

Hi Everyone,

I failed to check in yesterday!

I decided to try some yoga from the Blissasana channel that Sherry 7899 posted. So, yesterday was:

Blissasana - Sunrise Yoga (morning)
Blissasana - Yoga Dance (afternoon)

I enjoyed both - they felt different to me than the same old, same old yoga routines I have been doing. They do offer music - mainly hip hop, which is not really my thing, but sort of works.

I'm going to do some more from her channel and maybe give her paid site a go - it isn't overly expensive, so I'll see how I feel after I do more of her practices. But these energized me nicely.

Today was:

Jessica Smith - Have a Ball from WS 2.0
Jill Miller - Yoga Tune Up at Home, Level 1, Month 1, Program A*

*this one just works well as a stretch after cardio even though it is boring.

I felt challenged by Jessica's workout today, but it was still an enjoyable routine.

I may squeeze a little yoga or some movement in at lunch.

I have a massive to-do list of both personal and work stuff. UGH. Well, will write it down and go through it little by little...

Hope everyone has a good day!


Leonana 06-22-20 10:02 PM

Yesterday I did the warmup and first mile on the Power Walk dvd. I wasn't too motivated, but at least I did 20 minutes. Today's workout was WS3 Metabolic Strength. I didn't use the step and used 5 and 8 pounds. It was challenging but not overwhelming.

Donna, good luck with your to do list! On the skincare front, I've been happy with Curology, but I'm getting antsy again, lol. I ordered some Retin A from India again. It is cheaper than Curology. I just can't stick with one thing! I also ordered some niacinimide serum from Good Molecules. I want to compare it to The Ordinary Niacinimide serum.

donnamp 06-23-20 07:27 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Jessica's Tone & Flow from WS 3.0. I enjoyed this one as well - a sneaky workout!

I also did Element - Target Toning Pilates for Beginners - Full Body segment.

Yesterday was a busy day and I didn't get a chance to get any additional movement in, unfortunately. Hopefully today will be better, but I'm not holding out much hope. I have several meetings (again) and will probably be stuck at my desk all day.

Sherry - I have not been too motivated lately either. I just feel "oppressed" for lack of a better word, a lot to do, and feeling blah about everything lately - the world situation, the virus, personal stuff, blah, blah, blah. I am a bit bored w/ my skincare, too, just not sure what to try next, LOL! I have been using Differin again, I had a tube of it lying around, I'm not all that happy w/ the results this time - I think it is drying my skin out too much while not really clearing my acne either.... ????? I may go back to Cerave and the retinol they have, that one seems to work well for me.

waves, wishiwasinhawaii!


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