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donnamp 05-16-20 07:42 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today was:

Jenny Ford - Step Across America - Georgia
Jenny Ford - Hawaii Stretch

Sherry I haven't done Jessica's Barre DVD in a long time!

Is next week Core Week?

Hope everyone has a good day - I am feeling kinda unmotivated today....



Leonana 05-16-20 12:37 PM

On the schedule today is yoga. I did some housework this morning, and I'm tired. I think I will skip today, except for some stretching, and do yoga tomorrow. I tend to take Sundays as a rest day, then I have trouble sleeping at night. I think I'd like to take a rest day on Saturdays, and do housework, then do the stretch/yoga on Sundays.

We are going to our friends' trailer tonight for a barbecue. They have been associating with everyone in their trailer park during the entire quarantine, but I suppose it's hard to quarantine when trailers are a few feet away from each other. Although many of them are heading north now that summer is here, so the park is getting empty. Since it's an over 55 park, you'd think they'd have a lot of virus cases, but our friends say there are none. I don't know anyone who has the virus in real life, although I suppose that will change eventually. Currently, we are at 13,631 cases, which is climbing due to increased testing, and 679 deaths. My county is the highest, since it's mostly the Phoenix metro area.

Donna, yes Core week is next week. I have to admit, core workouts aren't my favorite, although I know I need to strengthen my core!

Waves to wishiwasinhawaii!

donnamp 05-16-20 12:45 PM

Sherry - thanks, not sure...I may do Core Week....I am considering using my DVDs so I don't have to worry about my video streaming affecting DH's work.


p.s. I think I'm going to order the Cerave tinted mineral sunscreen. I have to get a few things from CVS, so I think I will try it out. I still like the Retinol Serum for acne prone skin that they put out recently. I think I prefer it to Differin. it seems to do the same thing for me with less irritation.

and another p.s. - Do your friends in the trailer park mainly socialize outdoors? If so, I bet that is why they don't get sick - I have heard/read that COVID is killed by light and heat - so if you are outdoors it is probably safer than being indoors. what is interesting to me is how many people can have it and be asymptomatic or just have mild symptoms. I wonder now if I might not have had a mild case in Feb - I had a cold that really lingered for a couple of weeks - including a mild fever. DD had the same thing and she had a rash - which she thought was stress - but maybe we both were exposed and just didn't get a bad case/reaction. I guess the only way to know is antibody testing...

Leonana 05-16-20 01:07 PM

Donna, yes it is all outdoors. The trailers are too small for more than a few people. Although, they usually played games in the game rooms, but the trailer park closed them during quarantine. Now that would have been close quarters! They also closed the pools and discontinued pot lucks. Come to think of it, I guess they were quarantined from the most infectious activities. Boy, were they mad about it too, lol. But I'm sure the trailer park had to follow the state mandates, and they certainly wouldn't want any legal liability.

Our temps have been highs of 80's to 100's during the past two months. It's low 90's right now. I wonder if that's why we don't have a higher death rate here, because of the heat, and most of us are outdoors in the winter.

I wonder if I had it too. At the end of January, I had a weird cold that lasted three weeks. Although, I didn't have any symptoms other than fatigue and just feeling ill. No cough or fever, but also not much congestion. I did have a couple of days in March where I was achey, had fatigue, and also had a rash on my chest. But the rash might have been a reaction to some new suncreens. It would be nice to get an antibody test to know for sure.

I tried the CeraVe tinted sunscreen, but it broke me out. I gave it away, and it is pretty pricey for drugstore. However, the PM Moisturizer also breaks me out. If your skin is okay with the PM, you should be fine with the tinted sunscreen. If Differin is too irritating for you, I guess tretinoin is not advisable for you, as Differin is much gentler. I'm glad the retinol is working for you. I love Curology, it seems less irritating than the tretinoin I was using from India. I'm almost finished with my Niacinimide serum from The Ordinary. I want to try the Inkey List next! The Ordinary's serum is for oily skin, the Inkley List is more moisturizing. I think I might like The Inkley list serum better. I just hate to order online though, and pay shipping.

donnamp 05-17-20 09:20 AM

Hi Everyone,

Still not feeling super motivated to do much of anything, but surprisingly, I did an hour long workout w/ Jessica this morning -

Jessica - You Tube - 60 min Fusion Flow. It was really a nice workout and even though it was long it didn't seem long. Fusion is really my favorite style of workout....

My DD is going to ride her horse today - first time since March 22nd! And, we'll probably walk the dogs, too.

I really do need to get in gear and get some household stuff done....

Hope everyone has a good day!!

I think I'm going to start Core Week tomorrow w/ Jessica. I was also looking at Gilad's 3 week challenge, but I'm not sure I am in the mood....although it would be a good rotation to do while still working from home since some of the workouts are 60 min long... I think I will do the DVD version so as not to disrupt DH's internet access w/ my streaming video! But, it is a good chance to use some of my neglected DVDs. I think I may un-sub from Blessful Body when it runs out.


Leonana 05-17-20 03:27 PM

Donna, great job. I am unmotivated today. But I am planning on doing the yoga workout from Calm and Strong, probably a short 15 minute one!

donnamp 05-18-20 08:01 AM

Hi Everyone,

I had an awful night's sleep last night - literally up every hour on the hour. The upside was I'd read for a bit and then fall asleep, read for a bit, fall asleep - so I finished my book - time to start a new one, LOL!

So, all that being said I have zero energy today so I went with:

Ellen - Lifted & Lean
Blessful Body - Nourishing Stretch and Release

Yesterday it was a bit dreary to walk the dogs, so I did Jenny Ford's March Across America Hawaii instead...

Hope everyone has a good day. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to last through the day being so sleep deprived but I shall survive!


wishiwasinhawaii 05-18-20 04:42 PM

Was busy with yard work all weekend so didn't get a chance to post. I finished Calm & Strong yesterday and am going to give Core Week a try later tonight. I think I'll do Streamline Sculpt from WS3 because I don't believe I've ever done that workout so it'll be fun to try something new.

I spent a lot of time outdoors over the weekend so I didn't go out today.

I've been wondering if I had COVID too. I had the flu in February after I got back from a trip to Florida. I tested positive for the flu at the doctor's office, so I know I had that, but I had some odd symptoms (loss of taste and smell) so I wonder if maybe I had a mild COVID case on top of the flu. At that time, the symptoms of COVID were still being discovered so I wasn't aware that was a symptom until about a month after. Antibody tests are available here now so I might get one. I hear they're not that reliable though.

I know one person who has had COVID and she recovered. There was someone at work who had it and died, but I did not know the person.

Donna, I've been doing Instacart all along, but it's getting too expensive so I'm going to venture out tomorrow to do my grocery shopping for the first time since March. I'm a bit scared, but my SIL went out a few days ago and said it wasn't too bad and gave me some tips, so we'll see. My sleep schedule has been all messed up since this started. I've tried to stick to a routine, but it doesn't seem to matter.

Sherry, How was the BBQ at your friend's trailer? It's interesting nobody there came down with COVID, but I guess if they all stayed home and didn't interact with anyone outside the community, maybe that's how they avoided it?

Leonana 05-18-20 11:48 PM

Yesterday evening was a the 15 Minute Total Body Yoga workout, on what I think is the Yoga Fusion dvd. Today was the first workout for Core Week, Total Body from WS1. I did 5 and 8 pounds, although I use 5 for overhead moves. I also used the pilates ball behind my back for the ab moves. That seems to help quite a bit.

We bought a portable a/c for our computer room. It's called an Arizona room, it used to be the patio and dh enclosed it. It doesn't have duct work, and gets really hot in the summer, especially since it's on the south side. We tried the a/c, and it works really well, I think it will help keep the room cooler in the summer. Another bonus is that our big a/c on the roof won't have to work as hard.

We did enjoy the barbecue. There were about a dozen people there. They did discuss masks, and they believe they don't help. I tried to explain it to them, that you are mainly protecting the other person, but not sure I was successful! I used the analogy that I saw on FB, that if someone pees on you, and you get a lot less wet if they are wearing jeans, than if they weren't wearing jeans. I did make them laugh, lol.

Donna, I'm sorry you had such a rough night's sleep. I have some nights where I don't sleep well, then I'll sleep well the next night, since I'm tired.

wishiwasinhawaii, I haven't heard of anyone that had it, but there are probably a couple of hundred of people in the park. There could be someone who did, but my friends didn't hear about it. And I don't think they stayed home. They shopped at the stores, and even played golf. Now they are out eating at the restaurants that are open and getting their hair done. And most of them are over 60, and they are not wearing masks. They are of the persuasion that it was overblown. I worry about them sometimes.

But it could be due to the amount of cases we have in the state compared to population. We currently have 14,000 cases and 686 deaths, and a population of 7 million people. The odds are that most of us are not going to know anyone who has had it. Of course, the case numbers are going up with more testing. I would also guess there are a lot of people who had it and didn't know it. But tests were not widely available until recently. I wonder if our numbers are lower because we are so spread out here, we don't have the density of other large cities. Also, it's so sunny, hot and dry here, maybe that kills the virus. I'm hoping the sun kills it, because we are opening up the state now.

That's why I never did Instacart, I knew it would be more expensive. It's not too bad, try to go on weekdays in the mornings, it's less crowded. I wear my mask, then take out a wipe when I get in the car and wipe hands, purse and debit card. I made my own disinfectant wipes. I bought some baby wipes and poured a half cup of rubbing alcohol into the container. I saw it on a diy you tube video. It seems to work! Of course, now I'm having a hard time finding rubbing alcohol in the stores.

donnamp 05-19-20 07:50 AM

hi Everyone,

I slept better last night but not perfectly, I am anxious about a lot of things right now so I think that is why when I wake up I can't go back to sleep....but...this too shall pass, right?

Still thankful to be working from home b/c even after a bad night I can still fit my workout in since my "commute" is 2 seconds. LOL.

This morning was:

Jessica Valent - Buns & Guns - this was a kettlebell type workout (although you could easily do it w/ one regular weight or no weight at all). I used my mini kbell from one of the FIRM kits from way back when!

Blessful Body - Pilates for Balance - I enjoyed this one, some mat work and then some standing work to work on balance - basically hip stability.

Will walk later today...walked yesterday, too.

wishiwasinhawaii - I'm pretty sure I had H1N1 in 2009 - I wasn't tested for it but I had a terrible case of the flu right when it happened. I lost my sense of smell and taste from it - so it could be a flu side effect as well as COVID. Who knows? H1N1 was no joke - I was actively sick for about a week and a half and then it took a few more weeks to feel like myself again. I hate to think what the potential ill effects of COVID are!

Sherry - that is a good analogy! I just think it makes sense to take precautions, especially things like wearing a mask that are not likely to hurt you - but could provide a benefit. And, limiting your time in crowded places seems like a good thing to do at this point -

Hope everyone has a good day!!


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