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Leonana 05-12-20 11:19 PM

No workout today. Just did some grocery shopping and stuff around the house.

I'm feeling buyer's remorse! A car is such a big purchase, and sometimes you make a decision so fast. Ugh. I do like the car and know I'll get used to it eventually. I just hate change. The van has so many memories (sigh). Plus, I keep thinking, what if there was a better car out there? Well, there is, but not one I can afford, lol. But the 48 hours to change my mind is up, so I guess subconsciously I want to keep it. We do need a reliable car. And it's not a life sentence, we could get a different car someday. I wanted to get something really cheap, but dh wanted to spend more for newer and less mileage. I can see his point, it is more reliable, and an older car would need repairs most likely.

Donna, I needed to hear what your daughter said, I need to roll with it! I guess we're all feeling anxiety today over big decisions.

wishiwasinhawaii, two more car payments, I am so envious!

donnamp 05-13-20 07:03 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Ellen - Stretch Sculpt
Trifecta Pilates - Pilates/Yoga Fusion Class

Yesterday DD and I walked the dogs as usual!

Not much else going on - just plugging along!

wishiwasinhawaii - it is a good idea to apply and see what happens. Like you said, if you got an interview you could find out more. I'm still nervous - in part b/c of so many uncertainties. I am most worried about learning new things remotely w/out being "hands on" - but I suppose that is what e-mail, phone, etc. is for. And, you are right, I wasn't happy w/ my current job - in fact the day I got the offer I was remarking to my DH that I wasn't sure I could make it another year!

Sherry - I know what you mean - those big decisions....I think your DH has a good point about getting something newer - it will hopefully have fewer problems. In some ways I regret sinking so much $$ into my car, it got to the point where once I spent a certain amount I just had to keep spending to keep it going since I had invested so much anyway. Honestly, in the past couple of years I could have bought something new w/ all I have sunk into repairs.

Hope everyone has a good day!!


wishiwasinhawaii 05-13-20 06:55 PM

This morning was a fusion workout on the schedule that I really enjoyed. I'm finding I like working out in the morning, so I think I'll try to keep that going since I won't be going back to the office for a long time.

Donna, I applied for the job last night. We'll see what happens. Do you use Zoom or WebEx or any of the other video conferencing services for work? If so, if the new co-workers need to show you how to do something, they should be able to do it that way.

Sherry, I had trouble trading in my previous car because I had a lot of memories attached to it, but it had problems that were too expensive to fix, so I had no choice. You'll get used to the new car and will probably like the features newer cars have.

I think I'll ride my exercise bike. We're getting much warmer weather starting tomorrow so I might go for a walk.

Leonana 05-13-20 10:16 PM

Today was Total Body Strength Training on You Tube, from Jessica's Fall Back into Fitness workouts with My Fitness Pal. This was a high rep workout. It was interesting that Jessica mentioned she did high rep workouts, because home exercisers don't usually have heavier weights such as barbells. I never thought of that. She used 5 and 10's, I used 5 and 8's, and used the 5's for some of the heavy weight moves. I also skipped the tricep dips, I knew my shoulders were getting strained. I'm doing so much better listening to my body in workouts, and I'm having much less muscle strain.

Donna, thanks for the encouragement! I'm good with the car during the day, it's at night, when you're tired, that the doubts start! And I discovered it doesn't have cruise control. I thought that was standard and didn't even think about it. If I had known that, I might have looked for a different car. But that would have cost more, this one was cheaper because it was no frills. And to be honest, we rarely go on long trips anyway.

wishiwasinhawaii, so true about the memories, but eventually you have to let it go. It's funny, I almost think of my car as a living thing, when it's really an inanimate object. Although, with all the computer stuff in cars, who knows, lol. This car does have a lot of the newer features, a back up camera and it syncs with my iphone. I'm just used to what my van had. Our van actually had seat warmers, which came in handy in the winter, even in Arizona. We freeze at 60 degrees, so it felt good when we went somewhere at night. I will miss a toasty seat!

donnamp 05-14-20 07:40 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today was:

Natalie Spadaccino - Powerful Presence (on Ellen's streaming site)
Yoga w/ Adriene - 10 min yoga for self care

Will walk the dogs tonight.

Sherry - Most worries surface more at night than during the day! I hope you feel better about your car purchase....

wishiwasinhawaii - I like doing my workouts in the morning, it sets me up for the day in a good frame of mind. Glad you applied for the job - what do you have to lose? And yes, we use Zoom and Teams and Skype so hopefully my "training" can be on-line.

Waves - DH is having trouble doing his work while I'm streaming videos - this has been a recent development, so if that keeps up I may have to dig into my DVD collection for a workout rotation. I was thinking about doing that at some point anyway - but I was thinking more about doing it when my streaming subscriptions expired. But, if it remains an issue I may have to go old school! LOL!

Happy Friday Eve -


Leonana 05-14-20 10:20 PM

I decided to do Pahla Bower's new low impact workout today. But I bailed after ten minutes, it was just not my cup of tea. I did two Jessica you tube workouts, a ten minute core walk that she did to promote WS1, and a 5 minute stretch. I guess I should have done the Calm and Strong workout for today, which was Rise and Shine.

It seems the Arizona Stay at Home expires tomorrow. I got an email about my volunteer filing position at the hospice office. The coordinator asked if I was still interested, the office would be opening soon. I said yes, I can't wait to get out of the house again for something other than the grocery store. They will provide masks and PPE if I need it. I don't think I will, I'm usually around just one person, the one I help with her filing. True confession, we did have our best friends over on Saturday for a barbecue and games. It was just the four of us. It was nice.

Donna, I'm glad your dd can ride at the barn again. I am feeling better about the car. The more I drive it, the more I enjoy it! I'm just one of those people who hates change, especially a big commitment! But I researched which car I wanted pretty thoroughly, and this is the type I want. Although, I would have liked a more expensive version, lol.

wishiwasinhawaii 05-14-20 10:22 PM

Today was a total body strength workout from WS 1. That was another good one I had forgotten about! I only have a few more days of the Calm and Strong rotation, but I will probably do it again in a couple of months.

Donna, If you need to use DVDs, Calm and Strong (and so many of Jessica's other rotations) have the DVD options, so this might be a good time to jump into Calm and Strong or the Summer of Strength (I'm not sure if she has posted that one yet).

Sherry, I've never had a car with seat warmers! I think you'll enjoy all the new features cars have. I always thought backup cameras were dumb, until I bought a car that has one and now I use it all the time, LOL.

It's going to be 85 here tomorrow and rainy so I guess I'll be staying in.

Leonana 05-14-20 10:26 PM

wishiwasinhawaii, I have been using the backup camera a bit! I guess once you start using these new gadgets, you get used to the convenience. The iphone syncing is not something that I'm wild about, because I have bluetooth in my hearing aids. I'd rather listen to my phone through my hearing aids than the car speakers.

Even though I live in the desert, I highly recommend seat warmers. Dh and I would go to our friends for game night, and the van would be cold when we left around 9 or 10 pm. Those seat warmers kept you toasty warm until the heater warmed things up. It also feels good on your lower back. I'm going to miss it!

donnamp 05-15-20 07:50 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Jessica Valent - Barre w/ a ball
Jessica Valent - Floor Barre
Blessful Body - Mindful Awareness (joint mobility/stretching)

DD and I walked the dogs yesterday- not sure about today - like wishiwasinhawaii, the weather here may be iffy later. We shall see.

I lowered the video quality on the videos I was streaming and that seemed to help the wifi situation. still, I am thinking about doing some of my DVDs for old times sake. it was something I was thinking about doing next year - and letting my subscriptions (except for Ellen Barrett) expire. I have plenty of DVDs. LOL!
But, it is nice to do them now, too, b/c many of them have longer workouts and while I'm still working from home 100% of the time I do have time for longer it may be a good time to jump in and do some of my oldies. we shall see!

Our cars are older and none have a back-up camera, I have had them in rental/loaner cars but I'm not used to it so I just back up the old fashioned way. one of our cars does have seat warmers, and I do like that feature!

Our state's stay at home order ends tonight - but individual counties are allowed to do what they think is best - the county where I work will be on stay at home since they have the second largest # of cases and most deaths in the state. The county where I live is lifting some, but not all of the restrictions. Personally, I'm still going to avoid going out and about as much as I can. Low risk outdoor stuff I will do - but for groceries and other stuff I'll rely on delivery and ordering on-line.

Sherry - was Pahla's a walking workout? I don't really like those - not enough variety! I'm glad you can go back to volunteering soon!

wishiwasinhawaii - thanks, that is true, Jessica's rotations often have a DVD and You Tube option! I am giving some thought to summer of strength.....



Leonana 05-15-20 06:14 PM

Today the workout on the C&S schedule was either Cardio Ball Ballet on YT, or Cardio Ballet and Floor Barre from the Barre Fitness dvd. I ended up doing both. I did about 26 minutes of Cardio Ball Ballet, then did the Floor Barre. There was a bit too much over head moves in the cardio, so I knew I'd get shoulder strain, so decided to switch to the Floor Barre. I hadn't done it in awhile, and it uses the ball for lower back support. This is the only floor ab work I can do without tweaking my lower back, the ball support helps a lot. There was some added stretching also, and I enjoyed that.

Donna, I'm glad lowering the video quality helped. It sounds like a good idea to try out your older dvds. Yes, it was a walking workout, and there was hardly any variety. It was mostly walking with just five reps of another move. I'd rather do it the other way round!

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