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Leonana 03-28-20 02:34 PM

Today so far has been house cleaning, vacuuming and mopping. I'm trying to motivate myself to take a walk later. I didn't yesterday, the high was only 61, and that's too cold for me.

We had some cold weather move in, very unusual for this time of year. Although, last year, we actually got snow and rain at the end of March! I had moved my cold weather clothes to the back of the closet, and had to dig them out again. But today is supposed to be 71, and then it should go up to the 80's at the end of the week.

No luck on finding a thermometer. Although, I think our candy thermometer might do in a pinch, lol.

Donna, it doesn't take much to have a highlight of the day, lol.

wishiwasinhawaii, my allergies are bothering me today. I do feel bad for our medical personnel, they seem to be getting hit hard.

pgun3 03-28-20 06:10 PM

I have been having such a hard time getting back into working out!!!!!! I did do a 10 min workout this morning for arms. It was a Tracy Anderson. I know there are a lot of TA haters on VF. I have a few of her workouts that I have just recently bought. I wasn't into her when she was Hot.

I have been looking for some arm workouts to hopefully help with my batwings (ugh I hate that term). I watched a few and there were some that I watched that were VERY similar to TA so since I would rather pop in a dvd then to try and stream them to my tv I pulled hers out today and last night I bought her Omnicentric workouts on ebay yesterday for $25 from 2 different sellers. But they don't come with the materials since they were not as a full set when I bought them. I wonder if anyone knows where I can find information for how to do them online.

as far as the COVID 19. Our office cut down to a skeleton crew and we are only seeing emergencies. But we are now getting emergency referrals from non referring offices....I was hoping to work half days!!!

Leonana 03-28-20 09:36 PM

pgun, I would ask in General Discussion about TA. I don't think you'd get any hate.

I'm sorry you lost your half days. It must be hard working in the medical field right now. Sending good thoughts your way!

donnamp 03-29-20 08:37 AM

HI Everyone,

Today was:

Ellen's Lifted and Lean
Ellen's Mighty Mat Pilates

Yes, I caught the Ellen bug once again. Sorta thinking that maybe now is the time to try my experiment to see what would happen if I just did Ellen - Pilates - Walking....DD and I have been good about getting out almost every day to walk outside. It is the highlight of the day, LOL! I started walking my Lab again and I think it may be helping her arthritis to go for short walks.

Pgun - it is really hard to get and stay motivated during this time! I don't know much about TA - I never tried her workouts.....

Sherry - I have just been draggin' in motivation - I feel like I should be using the weekends to get stuff done around the house - but I just don't want to.

Waves wishiwasinhawaii and Pam!

Hope everyone has a good, safe and sane day!


donnamp 03-30-20 06:25 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning I switched gears again - my hip has been a bit cranky - not sure why - maybe too much sitting around on the couch! So, with that in mind, I decided to do some Pilates this morning. I did:

Trifecta Pilates - Yoga Pilates Fusion Routine - it included some yoga inspired stretching in between the Pilates exercises.

I will get out for a walk today it the weather cooperates and if that doesn't happen I'll find something indoors to do.

Here's to a new week of teleworking madness!

Hope everyone is doing well!


donnamp 03-31-20 07:08 AM

Hi Everyone,

Maryland is now under a "stay at home" order. In a way it is a relief b/c I did not want to go in to the office this Friday (w/ one confirmed case of COVID-19 in the building and possibly more!) - at least now the decision has been made for me. We are all teleworking 100% of the time - we are not ready for it at all - way too dependent on paper - but it is what it is and we'll just have to deal with it. I expect that when we finally do go back it is going to be a disaster with trying to get caught up on things that could not be done remotely.

Anyway - it is what it is...

Today's workouts were:

CocoLime Fitness - 30 min cardio - i don't think this is on You Tube any more, but i can access it since I purchased one of her programs a few years ago.

Blessful Body - Full Body Balance - this was a Pilates/Yoga blend.

Yesterday DD and I took a walk with the dogs and I also did Ellen's Power 15 as a mid-day "spark"

Hope everyone has a good day!


Leonana 03-31-20 12:15 PM

I haven't worked out since Friday. Saturday I did housework. Sunday I think I came down with a mild case of the flu. I had body aches and slight chills, and was fatigued. Monday I felt a lot better, but was still run down. I feel even better today, but am feeling slightly hot. At my last well checkup in February, I told my doctor about my cold in January. She said that feeling hot was my immune system fighting the virus. Anyway, I decided it was best not to work out until tomorrow. I'm going to stick to Jessica workouts, I seem to injure myself every time I try something else.

I think it was just the regular flu, but who knows. I didn't have a cough or shortness of breath. I do get tickles in my throat from allergies, but not a chest cough. Although, Saturday evening I did experience a shortness of breath, which alarmed me at the time, since that is a symptom of the virus. However, it was just once and brief, and I didn't have a fever on Saturday. It was weird though, I never have shortness of breath. But I wonder if it was related to the beginnings of coming down with the flu. I suppose the regular flu could do that too. OTH, I've heard that the virus can start out mild, then get more severe the second week. Crossing my fingers that doesn't happen.

Of course, getting sick stressed me out. I tried to relax, telling myself that stress would make it worse, but you know how that goes! Strange times we are living in.

Arizona just issued a stay at home order, starting today. Dh's job is considered essential, as is dd's. Our governor said he wouldn't call it a shelter in place order, because it isn't war time. Not sure it matters really. He didn't want to do it, but eight City mayors, including Phoenix, pressured him.

Donna, I'm glad you get to work from home now. Maybe this will spur your office to using less paper. I''m glad you have found a workout system that works for you. On a side note, I tried the Clear Zinc sunscreens by Walgreens, both fragrance free in the green and purple tubes. Dr. Dray recommended the Sensitive Skin one in the purple tube. Both of them caused me to have an allergic reaction, a rash and itching. Go figure! I guess it must be some ingredient in both of them. I'll have to google it.

donnamp 04-01-20 07:29 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Ellen - Cardio Core - new workout on her membership site - 20 min of standing core work - pretty good!

Trifecta Pilates - Tone, Burn & Stretch - first half. At the beginning Beth mentions that you can split this into the Tone & Burn and Tone & stretch segments. It isn't clearly delineated where that break is - so I sort of stopped when I though we finished the "Burn" section and I'll come back and do the "stretch" this evening after our dog walk.

Toying with focusing more on Trifecta Pilates this month. I feel that her workouts would really benefit and improve my Pilates practice. But, I also tend to get bored and want to do other things as well. So I'll probably continue to play it by ear and mix her stuff in with other Pilates instructors and non-Pilates workouts.

Well, I just said a whole bunch of nothing, LOL!

Actually - I was thinking that Chris Freytag's walking program may be a good thing to mix w/ Trifecta..but then again, I"m doing more outdoor walks than

Sherry - it would be very scary to feel sick right now - even if not w/ corona! I know I would be freaked out if I had any symptoms of illness. I hope you are feeling better. Interesting about the sunscreen - I wonder what was in it? I have been really good about using up what I have - mainly b/c I just don't want to go anywhere unless I have to and I seem less tempted to order on-line - I'm more about impulse purchases! Maybe once the virus is over I'll have gotten through my products and will be ready to start fresh. I'm still enjoying the Cerave Retinol and would probably re-purchase. Actually, Cerave is making a come back in my life - the PM lotion seems to be working for me as are the cleansers. still haven't found a sunscreen by them that I like. The Ultra Light one is the best for me, but chemical sunscreens still burn my eyes a bit. I think for sunscreens the ones that seem to work best for me are the Eucerin SPF 30, Olay Sensitive SPF 30 and the Aveeno Ultra Calming SPF 30. Aveeno is thick and has a scent even though it says fragrance free!

Sorry to ramble - back to it today!

waves wishiwasinhawaii, pgun and Pam!


wishiwasinhawaii 04-01-20 11:43 AM

Not much happening here. I did a short Jessica strength workout this morning. This is the first sunny day we've had in many days, but I'm too afraid to go outside.

Sherry, Hope you're feeling better. I had the flu in February and I know if I had it now I'd be freaking out that I had the coronavirus. Some of the symptoms are the same, so it's hard to know.

Donna, Glad you don't have to go into the office anymore. That was crazy!

I guess I'll walk around inside my house, lol.

Leonana 04-01-20 05:36 PM

Today was Jessica's Back Friendly Workout. I am feeling better thankfully.

Donna, I don't know if the itching was from the sunscreen or maybe the illness? Probably the sunscreen. I seemed to itch after I put it on, and it's better today. Does CeraVe have a tinted mineral sunscreen? I thought I heard somewhere that they did. I did have a sample size of the CeraVe Body Lotion, and that really helped with the itching.

wishiwasinhawaii, yes it is freaky to get sick right now! And I don't think I could get tested unless my symptoms are serious. And if you are sick and live with other people, do they stay home if their job is out of the house? They wouldn't need to if it was only the flu, but how would one know. We need the money too badly for dh not to work, and I'm sure so many other people are in our situation. The whole thing stressed me out, I was glad it only lasted 48 hours!

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