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SurferGirl 04-26-04 09:46 AM

Mini ball workouts/pilates ring
Can anyone recommend any good mini ball workouts?

I just did my first workout this morning with the mini ball and I love it.

The tape I have came with the ball ~Yogaliates.

I'd like to purchase similar tapes, but in my search I haven't come across any.

Also, I recently purchased the pilates ring from Gaiam that also came with a tape. This is a great workout too and would love to find similar tapes on beginner's level. (Pilates is hard!) Any recommendations would be appreciated, because I am new to pilates and my abs are fairly weak. I don't want to start with anything too difficult and get frustrated.

I just purchased Lotte Berks box set from Amazon. I haven't received that yet. But, I am soo excited to get it.

I'm on my way to getting a dancer's body and I'm excited!!

Thanks so much


monterey vidiot 04-26-04 10:35 AM

My favorite mini-ball Pilates is by Leslee Bender. It's in VHS only. You can get it at a VF discount by clicking on the Support VF link, then go to


cmhazlett 04-26-04 01:22 PM

I also like Leslee Bender's workout. Be forewarned that some VF'ers don't like the production value of this particular tape. It doesn't bother me but if that's something of particular importance to you, you may want to go with a different workout.

Gaiam has a good bodyball workout with Ana Caban but I'm not sure whether it's available without the ball.

Karen Voight's Total Body Training is an excellent ring tape & one which I do on a regular basis because it's the toughest inner thigh workout I've tried.

Good luck!


bzar 04-26-04 02:00 PM

inflated mini-ball workouts:

Leslee Bender (VHS) Mini Ball Workout
Beth Shaw (VHS or DVD) Yogabutt
Grace Lazenby (VHS or DVD) All the Right Moves; i like the ball section
Athletic Works Mini Ball (VHS) workout came free with my ball (from WalMart); good workout; i liked it
Colleen Craig (book) Abs on the Ball - excellent book on how to incorporate the mini-ball into your routine; shows some moves using 2 mini-balls

weighted squishy ball workouts:

Karen Voight - Core Essentials or Streamline Fitness
Ana Caban - Ball Workout

BodyRing, Fitness Circle, Pilates Ring, Magic Circle, whatever:

Karen Voight - Total Body Pilates - love this workout
Ana Caban - Bodyring workout (VHS) - love this workout too
Stott Fitness Circle Challenge - advanced - this is a tough workout
Spri Pilates Ring workout - Melissa Walker - kinda instructional, but not bad; it came free with my ring

SurferGirl 04-26-04 03:30 PM

Wow! Thank you sooo much!

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