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nyskier 01-02-20 12:58 AM

Cathe/Firm/Yoga/Barre/Walk Ready to Roll January 2020
Hi all-

Today was some Classical Stretch for Back and Knees.


bfj 01-02-20 08:59 PM

Hi :love:

Happy and Healthy 2020:heart:

Lori, thank you for starting us up for the new decade:D

I did barre and yoga yesterday and today.

Have an amazing evening.

nyskier 01-03-20 07:53 PM

Hi All-

Today was Sweat Factor- 30 Minute Low Impact Full Body Sculpt. Then I followed up with a 15 min Sweat Factor stretch. My thoughts on my one -month gift:
Itís a really good and varied streaming service. My one concern is the leveló the easy ones are lighter than a Cathe Live and the hard ones are :eek:

Also, Mike Donavanik is a really heavy breather and grunter.( it sounded like a perv was in the room or someone about to pass out). All in all, I think Iíll pick up this series again after I sift through more of my dvds and decide which ones I donít need anymore.

This was my favorite gift of the holiday season!


bfj 01-03-20 08:07 PM

Hi :heart:

Today was barre and yoga.

Lori, :D love how you described your workout. :D


Maureen, thinking about you.:heart:

Janice, hope youíre feeling ok:heart:

Have an awesome evening.

bfj 01-05-20 09:59 AM

Hi :love:

Yesterday and today: Barre and yoga. This afternoon I am planning to attend a barre technique workshop. Love to fine tune.

Hope you are all very well. Have a wonderful day. Hugs. :heart:

fitjen 01-05-20 02:49 PM


Lori - Thanks for starting the new thread! I like your review of the workouts - sounds like there is no middle ground. Not good. I think I'm going to downgrade my streaming apps to just KCM Raw, Cathe Live, Peloton, and maybe Les Mills - I can't decide. Lol - can't stand heaving breathing and grunting! :)

Bita - Glad you're keeping us going, as usual!

Maureen - I hope you're on the mend!

Janice - Thinking about you!

We have had two of the grands all week, and yesterday I finally finished de-Christmasing the house. That was a workout in itself. Today, I'm prepapring to go back to work tomorrow and planning the week.

Have a great day!

nyskier 01-05-20 09:48 PM


I am going to try doing some of my dusty or virginal dvds. So, today was Tracie Long’s Weightless from her Focus series. I think I am just so so on this one.

I also pulled out a Mike Donavanik dvd to see if he was grunting and panting. There is much less of that on his dvds. I guess the streaming service is less rehearsed and more “live” in nature. His dvds are really good, almost like a male Cathe Bootcamp workout. I’ll revisit them soon.

Janice- so many good thoughts
Maureen- hope you are healing well
Jen- I just put away the Christmas stuff, too, though I’m sure I have less to do in my apartment
Bita- thank you for the daily inspiration


bfj 01-06-20 11:23 AM

Hi Friends. :heart:

Barre and yoga done!

Have you heard about orange theory? I signed up to check it out tomorrow. Will keep you posted.

Have an awesome day. :sun:

fitjen 01-06-20 11:39 AM


Back to work today, so I will check in with a workout later this evening.

Lori - "Just so so" would probably be my take on that one, too.

Bita - I have heard of Orange Theory. Of course, there is not one of those near where I live, but I have looked at it online. Let us know what you think!

Have a great day!

bfj 01-07-20 02:58 PM

Hi my Wonderful Friends :love:

Did barre, yoga and Orangetheory.

Orangetheory was good. Today was half an hour rotation between rowing and squats with weights, burpees, lunges, pushups and the next half an hour was on the treadmill, I did power walk, with high incline.
I liked it. But I like CrossFit better.:p But cardio was more emphasized in Orangetheory, which make it nice. Didnít care for the music.

Hope you are all well. Hugs.

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