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donnamp 02-05-20 06:49 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Jessica Valent Pilates - Wall Workout - this one was a mixed bag. While I can see the benefits of using a wall as a prop and for feedback - it, at times, was awkward - it also doesn't help that I don't have a ton of clear wall space in my house to accommodate this type of workout - and sometimes Jessica shows exercises that there is no way I'm going to do - although, in fairness to her, she always starts w/ a basic version that you can stick with while she goes on to more advanced options. Not sure if I will do this one again, but I wanted to check it out and some things were good, some bad, and some annoying!

Essentrics for later today!

Hope everyone has a good day!


Leonana 02-05-20 11:48 AM

Monday was the Dance and Stretch Walk from the 21 Day DVD. I got my dvd's mixed up. I did it in the evening. Yesterday morning I did the Back Friendly Strength workout from You Tube. Today is my Tai Chi Class.

Donna, I don't have much wall space either. Regarding skin care, I'm kind of iffy on the fragrance free Pond's cleanser, I have to rub a lot to get eye makeup off. I think I like using the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser without water for eye makeup, although it stings some.

wishiwasinhawaii, sounds like you had a nice rest day.

Waves to Pam!

donnamp 02-06-20 06:42 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was Jessica's Walking HIIT for Beginners (You Tube). It was pleasant and not dread-full at all!

Maybe I'll follow that workout plan?!

Sherry - nice workouts. On the skincare front - I ran out of Differin and decided to go back to the Alpha AHAs for now. This year is the year I use up what I have and then figure out what works and stick to it, LOL! Next year, I half decided will be a year of using my workout DVDs, and You Tube and cutting back my subscriptions - I suspect I will always keep Ellen Barrett's subscription - it is only $5.95 a month and I always enjoy her workouts. But I' thinking of dropping Pilates subscriptions as I don't use them enough to justify the cost.

Waves, wishiwasinhawaii!

DH reminded me that 10 years ago was "snowmaggedon"! Hard to believe my DD was only in first grade. I remember being in the house for the better part of a week alone w/ DD (DH was in a hotel for work for that week):

Happy Friday Eve!


donnamp 02-07-20 06:55 AM

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was a bust - it was raining all day - so no walk at work. And, when I got home from work I just didn't want to do anything -so I didn't.

Today was:

Jessica Valent - Lift those Buns (Pilates) and 5 min Inner thigh. I liked both of these - it is funny how some of Jessica's I love and others are awkward for me - like the wall workout and there is one mat workout that has weird moves in it, too.

Essentrics - Posture and Spine

I have to take my mom to MVA today to renew her license - she doesn't want to drive any more, but she needs some kind of ID, so she may either renew the license or just get a State ID. With the "Real ID" stuff you have to go in person to present all these documents - so hopefully it will go smoothly. My mom can be difficult and going to the MVA is no one's idea of fun. I'm going to renew my license while I'm there - it doesn't expire until Nov but I need to do my "real id" stuff, too.

Waves -


Leonana 02-07-20 05:43 PM

Yesterday was You Tube, 15 Minute Standing Cardio Strength. I didn't work out before my volunteer filing, and meant to do it in the afternoon. Didn't do it until 9 pm, so just did a short workout. However, I did an extra 15 minutes of dumbbell moves and stretching while watching more You Tube videos. I should watch videos on my tv instead of my phone, and increase my activity.

I didn't sleep well last night and was really tired, so today was just a 15 minute Walk and Talk. I figured out why I haven't been sleeping well lately, I think it's the kombucha. I started drinking it as it's supposed to be healthy, and I chose low calorie, low sugar drinks. However, I didn't realize there was some caffeine in there, and it's keeping me up at night. Oh well, I guess it's back to water or herbal tea.

Donna, good luck at the MVA with your mom. I recently updated my picture, and went ahead and got the new REAL ID-compliant license. In Arizona, we have to have it by October 1, if you want to fly. Not that I ever travel anywhere, lol. I still have some Paula's Choice 8% AHA, that I use on my hands. I swear it has diminished some of my age spots. Didn't seem to work on my face though, for some reason. I'm using The Ordinary azaelic acid on my face about twice a week. I'm still using Curology on MWF, and The Ordinary Niacinimide in the morning. I really like this routine. Good luck figuring out what works!

wishiwasinhawaii 02-07-20 09:13 PM

Yesterday was Stepping Strength and today I did a Jessica oldie youtube video (Stride and Step, I think it was called). It was 30 minutes but I only made it through the first 20. I hadn't done a step workout in a long time and it showed!

Donna, I remember 2010 was a rough winter. I was living in an apartment then so I didn't have to be concerned with shoveling too much, but I remember having to dig my car out a few times. One time I had trouble finding it! Hope the MVA went ok. I renewed my license last year before I knew about Real ID, or maybe it wasn't even a 'thing' yet, so I'll just use my passport for travel since I have no desire to go back to the MVA and pay to get the Real ID right now.

Sherry, It's good you were able to figure out it was the kombucha causing your sleep issues. I've never tried that, but I stay away from caffeine so I'm glad you mentioned it.


Leonana 02-08-20 05:52 PM

Today was another you tube, 30 Minute Feel Good Fusion. It was pretty feel good, it worked out some soreness in my lower back.

wishiwasinhawaii, I think I'm more sensitive to caffeine now that I have eliminated it. I still drink coffee, but decaf. I read your post at first to say that when you were living in an apartment, you weren't too concerned with showering, lol. Stride and Step sounds good, I'll have to check out some of Jessica's older videos.

donnamp 02-09-20 08:56 AM

Hi Everyone,

I'm a bit behind!

Yesterday was:

Morning - Essentrics Full Body Strengthening w/ Amandda
Afternoon - Jessica Smith - Feel Good Fusion - Cardio

My DD had the ACT yesterday morning so I had to cut my morning workout short and then I had to go to my mom's condo to take care of a few things - it should be listed for sale this week or next. I survived Motor Vehicles...barely. But at least it is one thing checked off the list!

Today I did:

FitPrime Lean - for some reason, I have been thinking about these workouts a lot recently. I think it may be a longing to go back to the time when a DVD release was a big deal and instructors put so much effort into the set and music and it wasn't all HIIT and drills and blah, blah, blah. Anyway - what fits the category for elaborate production other than FIRM/FitPrime? I did enjoy revisiting this workout but, boy, am I not used to doing this stuff. I remember when this first came out thinking how easy it was -well - not so much today. There was one arm sequence that is going to have my triceps sore for the rest of the week. All that being said, I would actually like to do a rotation of these - my trouble is time! Maybe I can just do them on the weekend??

Anyway - hope everyone is having a good weekend!!


Leonana 02-09-20 06:18 PM

Rest day today. Maybe a stretch this evening.

We are going out to eat tonight, dh's sister is in town for a work conference, so we are meeting her this evening at a restaurant. She lives in Chicago, so I guess our 70 degree weather today will be a nice change. Of course, it's supposed to rain Monday and Tuesday, with highs in the 50's. Never fails when you have a relative come into town, lol. But the rest of the week is supposed to be sunny and in the 60's.

Donna, I have checked out video clips of older Firm workouts. I definitely don't think I could do them! Although, I didn't start working out until I was around 53. But I was able to do more back then than I can do now at age 60. But the important thing is that we are still moving!

donnamp 02-10-20 09:27 AM

Hi Everyone,

I'm not as sore from Lean as I thought I would be! I definitely feel it, but I was expecting major DOMs in my triceps, but not too bad.

This morning was:

Essentrics - Total Core and Legs w/ Meg - I only have two more workouts to complete the challenge. I may do a 7 day posture challenge on Essentrics TV next - it is a mix of seasons and other workouts.

My subscription ends on 2/20 and I'm not going to renew - I own so much content on DVD that I can "manage" with that for awhile!

Sherry - I hope you had a nice dinner with your SIL. I watched Dr. Dray's video on Deva Curl (I have curly hair -never used the Deva products, though -too expensive!) and one with her shopping at Walmart. I still enjoy her commentary on skin care issues and products!

waves wishiwasinhawaii....


Leonana 02-10-20 08:39 PM

I started February Fusion today. I did Cardio Mat Fusion 2, I think it was made seven years ago. Definitely faster paced! Lots of overhead arm movements and plie squats. I had to slow it down a bit near the end. It really got my heart rate up. On Wednesday, I will sub my Tai Chi class for the fusion cardio.

Donna, I did watch the Walmart video, but my hair is very straight, so didn't watch the Deva Curl. The title of the video sounds like it was controversial somehow, lol. And thanks, we had a nice time at dinner. It was a Mexican restaurant, and was pretty good. Although, kind of modern, trendy Mexican, and I prefer the regular old fashioned Mexican food. Although, technically I guess any Mexican food here in the U.S. is not really authentic anyway, lol.

Leonana 02-11-20 08:57 PM

Today was the 30 Minute Fusion Sculpt from You Tube. It's also Goodwill Tuesday, my friend and I hit a couple of Goodwills later in the morning. Senior Discount, one positive of being over 55, lol.

donnamp 02-12-20 07:02 AM

Hi Everyone,

I have to catch up:

Monday evening I did Jessica's Dance Walk from her first Walk On set. I liked it! Good to re-visit these.

Yesterday I did Essentrics Calorie Burning and Lower body with Gail. It was too miserable to walk outside yesterday and last night I just didn't have the time or energy for anything else.

Today, so far, was Essentrics Full Body Stretching with Miranda.

I completed the challenge! It definitely did help w/ aches and pains and I need to be more consistent with adding it in regularly. I own a lot of content, so I don't need to subscribe to ETV on a regular basis, although I may from time to time to try out their new "exclusive" workouts. I may start a 7 day posture challenge while my subscription is still active.

Unfortunately, I think I caught the crud that is going around. I don't feel awful but I don't feel good either. Hopefully it will be short lived!! This may end up being a rest and recovery week.

Sherry- I think the Deva controversy is that some are claiming it is making their hair fall out. Dr. Dray's explanation was that the Deva products do not adequately cleanse the hair/scalp so build up occurs, etc. I never used Deva so I can't say. I generally use regular shampoos/conditioners on my curly hair. Sometimes I will just wet my hair and condition it - rather than shampoo it every time. I've become so cynical in my old age - I think the whole Deva "no poo" thing is just a marketing ploy to get people to buy their stuff! For curly hair I think the most important thing to do is leave it alone (minimal styling) and keep it moisturized. I think there are plenty of regular drugstore shampoos that will do that!

I sent Pam a PM but haven't heard back.

waves, wishiwasinhawaii.

I'm glad to be working from home today -


p.s. I think I may start February Fusion at some point......I'll wait until I see what happens with this cold virus though!

wishiwasinhawaii 02-12-20 10:53 AM

Sorry I haven't been checking in. I've been working late because I'm leaving on a trip and needed to finish a bunch of things before I go. I don't know if I'll be able to do any formal workouts while I'm away, but I will try!

Donna, Hope you feel better. I'm not thrilled to be flying with all this scary virus news, but I guess we can't hide in our houses either.

Waves, Sherry!

Leonana 02-12-20 05:12 PM

Today was my Tai Chi class. I enjoyed it and I think my balance is getting better. I even came out of introverted shell and chatted a little bit, lol.

Donna, Dr Dray's explanation sounds similar to what happened with WEN hair care. The theory was that the build up was causing hair to break. I have a friend that swears by WEN. But I don't know, her hair isn't a ringing endorsement to me, lol. I can't use it anyway, with my fragrance allergy. I wish I could use drugstore shampoo, but they don't make fragrance free. I am using Free and Clear, but it doesn't lather well, they took everything out that works, lol. The Paula's Choice shampoo is the best, but pricey.

wishiwasinhawaii, good luck with your trip. I'm sure you will be fine. I've read that there are only 13 cases in the US with no deaths. But I'm sure I'd be stressed too.

Leonana 02-13-20 09:52 PM

Today was no workout, but Iíll do a short Jessica stretch. I was just too tired today, plus I did two hours of filing. I over did it yesterday, with the Tai chi class and housework and yard work. I was on my feet a lot. I guess I canít do it all! But I still want to do February fusion, but it will take me longer than four weeks.

donnamp 02-14-20 06:57 AM


I got sick...weird b/c I never get sick in the winter! But, I guess whatever DD brought home was extra contagious.

So, yesterday was nothing....just didn't feel up for it.

Today was a 30 min deep stretch from CocoLime

I hope to be back to some sort of routine over the weekend.

Sherry - yes, sometimes rotations will just take longer to finish up since we have to live life, too!!!

waves, wishiwasinhawaii - I think this is a very "sick" winter season - at least around here!


Leonana 02-14-20 11:10 AM

Donna, sorry you are sick and hope you feel better soon. And thanks! Good to know I’m not alone on doing a rotation slowly. I started thinking something was wrong with me! Today I did Day 3 of the Fusion Schedule, and did the Toning Walk from the 30 Day Walk on. The band workout felt good, and I also slowed down some of the walking. I don't think I'll do Day 5, which is either a step strength workout or the WS3 Metabolic workout. Too hard for me right now, I'll have to sub something else.

I watched a video by Kenna, who is a biochemist in the skincare industry, on Deva Curl. It was really interesting. She doesn’t think not washing could cause these issues, and theorizes that it could be adulterated essential oils. Here’s the link. There was an interesting comment from a poster who claimed to work there who said the company always had problems, but the majority of people with problems increased as they became more popular. They mysteriously said it wasn’t the no poo method or adulterated essential oils, and gave the impression the company had been doing something else shady. Interesting! I really enjoy Kenna’s videos, she’s very knowledgeable.

I checked Dr Dray’s comment section, and it seems people were unhappy with her video. They felt she didn’t do enough research, as a lot of people who used the products were also using another clarifying shampoo.

Leonana 02-16-20 10:17 PM

Yesterday was WS1 360 Abs. I forgot how much I loved that one.

No workout today. This morning we went out to breakfast with friends, then this afternoon I prepped our Arizona room for painting, mainly cleaning the walls and baseboards. DH did some repair work on one of the walls, and it needs painting. We use it as a computer room, and sort of library with bookcases. Tomorrow Iíll be painting, so that will most likely be my workout.

donnamp 02-17-20 08:56 AM

Hi Everyone,

Sorry to be MIA - this virus was a nasty one!

On Saturday I spent most of the day either in bed or on the couch - but I did manage to do Essentrics - Body Reshaping and Posture w/ Amanda.

Sunday was CocoLime Mat Workout (CocoLime is moving off You Tube - moving on to vimeo with a $6.95 per month subscription price. Sad about that - but i expect lots of instructors will move towards paid subscriptions.....)

Monday - so far has been CS 1102 Posture Workout - and Jessica Valent - Love Your Body Pilates Workout.

I'm loosely following the Essentrics 7 Day Posture challenge - most of the content in the challenge is content i own, so I'm going to cancel my subscription.

I'm going to take it on the easy side this week as I don't want to start feeling sick again. Resting on Saturday was the ticket to feeling better b/c there was a big improvement between Saturday and Sunday. I'm sure I ran myself down by going to work, etc. while being sick - but sometimes you just have no choice.

Glad I have the day off today, though.

Sherry - good luck painting!! I guess an Arizona room is like a Florida room, LOL!

Thanks for the link!

While laying around I came across another "mature" skin care You Tuber - Graceful Beauty - I liked the videos i have watched so far - she seems pretty practical and down to earth!

waves, wishiwasinhawaii!


donnamp 02-18-20 06:57 AM

Hi Everyone,

I ended up sleeping in this morning - had a sinus headache overnight - and still have one now - I think it is due to the changing weather - it is supposed to rain today and yesterday DD and I took a long walk outdoors. I don't think that was the smartest move on my part as it wiped me out - but I really like to keep her busy and off social media as much as I can, so when she suggested it - I went for it.

Depending on time and energy and how I feel I may do something this evening.

Hope everyone has a good day!!

I have a ton of issues to deal with at work.

Oh - on a happy note, I got an offer on my mom's condo already. it is a full price offer - no weird contingencies other than a home inspection. Hopefully all will sail through peacefully.

Hope everyone has a good day!


Leonana 02-19-20 10:34 PM

Monday was three hours of painting. Fortunately, my friend helped me, or it would have been more. I got some paint on the tile floor, so another half hour of scrubbing that off. Then pulling some weeds in the evening. Yesterday was a rest day, but I did some light housework and it was our usual Goodwill shopping, so we get some steps in. Today was my Tai Chi class, and some more weed pulling. I have to keep up once it gets warm, or our gravel front yard will be overrun. It's been in the 70's for a high lately.

Donna, that's great you got a full price offer on the condo. I'm glad you are feeling better. That's too bad about Cocolime Fitness going to Vimeo. I have watched Graceful Beauty in the past, but unsubbed for some reason. I'm fickle, I guess! I recently subbed to Robert Welch for makeup, his brother James Welch for skincare, and Hiram for skincare. I guess I wanted to see what the male contingent had to say, lol. I'm not sure what a Florida room is, but an Arizona room is an enclosed patio off the backyard. My dh enclosed it, and built another patio off to the east side of it. We use it as a computer room/office/library. It really needed to be painted, I think it's been 10 years since it had been done! I have touched up the house periodically, especially baseboards, so it doesn't look too bad. But I think I'd like to paint our dining room. Take it slow, one wall at a time. We have vaulted ceilings in the dining and living rooms, so not an easy task to paint it.

donnamp 02-20-20 06:53 AM


Playing catch up:

Tuesday evening I did CS 1003

Yesterday was Ellen's Power Fusion and today was Ellen's Prayer Flow. Yes, back to an Ellen kick!

I'm still not feeling great - this cold is a butt kicker! :)

Sherry - your painting job sounds like a workout - I bet it looks nice. I think that is a Florida room, too! My DH's co-worker is looking to retire to AZ. I think I would like to as well! Who knows...a lot depends on where my DD goes to college and what ends up happening with her - but MD is too expensive to live in as a retiree - so once we are both retired we'll be moving, I'm sure.

I have watched Hiram, too. I think Graceful Beauty has had cosmetic surgery - not sure, but some videos are titled that way. I'm not interested in that for myself...

Hope everyone has a good day -

waves, wiishiwasinhawaii!


Leonana 02-20-20 09:51 PM

Today was a rest day. I did do my volunteer filing for two hours. I think it's the Tai Chi that wears me out! I'm now going to take Thursdays as a rest day, instead of Sundays. I thought the Tai Chi would be really easy, but it takes more out of you than you realize.

Donna, I'm sorry you're still suffering with the cold. Hopefully, it will be gone soon. I struggled with mine for three weeks, and finally had to stop working out until I was over it completely. I kept setting myself back. I think I stopped watching Graceful Beauty because her IG account wasn't my cup of tea. She is really into Keto. But I should subscribe to her channel again, I did like her skincare videos.

donnamp 02-21-20 07:58 AM

Sorry - quick check in again. I think I have turned a corner, first day w/out a sinus headache!

I did Ellen's Fusion Floor today - I enjoyed it - it is one of my least used Ellen workouts and when it first came out I didn't love it - but now, it seems to work for me. I did modify some of the reps/pace on my own.

Sherry - I guess T'ai Chi is a sneaky workout!!!

Be back later - lots to do today.....


wishiwasinhawaii 02-21-20 12:01 PM

I came back from my vacation on Wednesday and then started feeling sick. I went to the doctor this morning and she did a flu test and it came back positive so I have the flu. Yuck! I'm on Tamiflu now so we'll see if that does anything for the symptoms. I got a flu shot so not sure how this happened.

So I won't be doing any exercising for at least a week, but I'll still check in to see how you're all doing.

Donna, glad to hear you have an offer on the condo already!

Sherry, I took a Tai Chi class years ago and was surprised at how much of a workout it was.

Leonana 02-21-20 08:28 PM

Today was two you tube workouts, Back Friendly Strength and 12 Minute Low Impact Cardio Blast. I think Jessica did them when she was newly pregnant, and they are just about my speed nowadays! But I feel like I got a good workout in.

Donna, I'm glad your headache is gone. Yes, I guess Tai Chi is sneaky!

wishiwasinhawaii, I'm so sorry you got the flu. I hope the Tamiflu kicks in soon for you.

donnamp 02-22-20 08:29 AM

Hi Everyone,

Another quick check in (sorry)!

Today was:

Ellen's Dance Walk on Grokker - decided to try a little light cardio to see how I would fare - so far, so good. These are nice little workouts, but, honestly, nothing over the top terrific. Ellen's strength is in her fusion workouts and the walking workouts are ok, but not super.

Ellen's Barre Conditioning - this was enjoyable - it is my 2nd or 3rd time doing it.

wishiwasinhawaii - so sorry you have the flu! I guess the strain in the vaccine is different than what is going around. I took tamiflu once and it did really help to knock back the symptoms - the trouble was - I felt better so I didn't rest and it ended up taking me a long time to recover - so just take it easy even if you feel better!

Sherry - nice workouts. Did you see that Jessica re-designed her site? I went over there to look at the February Fusion rotation and it was re-vamped! I am not quite ready to start a formal rotation yet - but that one looks good.

Hope everyone has a good Saturday!


Leonana 02-22-20 06:00 PM

Today was a workout from February Fusion, WS1 Brain Fitness Fun. I finished the first week! Only took me two weeks, lol.

Donna, I did notice Jessica's site. I think it looks nice. You know, I was thinking about Cocolime fitness going to Vimeo, and I know that creators are not getting paid very much from You Tube. I guess I can't blame them for charging for streaming. However, Jessica has a lot of subscribers and views, so she makes more money than the average fitness person. Hopefully, that means there will still be free content on You Tube, but I will still buy her releases. Although, I would certainly understand if she went to streaming, and would sign up for it.

wishiwasinhawaii 02-23-20 08:13 AM

The Tamiflu is definitely doing something because the symptoms are lessening. Still feel tired though, but that's to be expected. I've already told my boss I will not be going to work this week and she is ok with it. Her boss also has the flu, so it's definitely going around.

Donna, thanks for letting me know about your experience with Tamiflu. I will definitely keep that in mind and will continue to take it easy. I haven't had the flu in at least 20 years and have never used Tamiflu before so it's all new to me.

Sherry, I didn't know Jessica had a new site so I checked it out just now. I like it. Her old site looked outdated and this new one is very fresh and inviting. I also wonder if she will go to a streaming model at some point, but I get the impression she still does well with DVDs so maybe she's not going in that direction yet. We'll see.

It looks like we're going to have a couple of nice weather days coming up and it's tempting to go outside, but I will resist!

donnamp 02-23-20 12:55 PM


Today I did Misty Tripoli's Groove Fit (workout # 1) and Gentle Groovy Yoga - (ended up doing the whole thing even though I had only planned to do one segment.

These were fun for a change of pace!

wishiwasinhawaii - hope you feel better soon!!

Sherry - I hope Jessica keeps up with her You Tube channel! Hopefully her DVD sales help.

Happy Sunday - DD and I will probably walk....


Leonana 02-23-20 05:44 PM

Today was 20 Minute Cardio Sculpting. I'm going to try and add in 15 minutes of yoga this evening, either from Jessica's dvd or you tube.

We had some rain yesterday, which cooled things off, with highs in the lower 60's. Much more rain than we are used to, it rained almost all day. Forecast shows back in the 70's for the second half of next week. I find that it seems cold to me once the highs drop down to the 50's, so I'm glad it's been warmer lately.

wishiwasinhawaii, I'm glad you are feeling better. That's great you don't have to go in next week.

Donna, I hope you and your dd have a nice walk.

donnamp 02-24-20 07:00 AM

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday DD and i ended up taking a walk so I got a good number of steps in.

Today I did Ellen's Yoga Tone - will take a walk at lunch as I have to run to the post office today. And, the weather is nice.

Sherry -funny to hear of the rain in AZ. I keep eyeing the fusion rotation...I really need to try to up the ante on my workouts and that may be a painless way of doing it.......

Waves, wishiwasinhawaii - are you taking the week off or just working from home? I have so much sick leave yet I rarely take off - I do use a lot of it for my DD's dr apptmts and now my mom's and my own....

Hope everyone has a good day!


Leonana 02-24-20 08:59 PM

I did housework and yardwork today, but added in Jessica's 1 Mile Fast Interval Walk in the evening. I did the low impact modifications. I also did 8-Minute Standing Total Full Body Stretch.

Donna, I think the Fusion schedule is a good way to up the intensity. I just can't do the whole schedule in one week and have to pace myself.

donnamp 02-25-20 06:53 AM

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I did get out to walk at lunch - so that was good!

Today I did - Body Groove Fit Workout # 2 and Groovy Pilates Workout # 1.

These are nice for a change of pace. I'm bored with all my other cardio workouts - although you do have to be in a place where you don't mind looking silly when you do these workouts, LOL!

Sherry - Yes, I just have to modify rotations to make them work for me, sometimes I just don't feel like doing what is scheduled or I'm too tired or time crunched or stressed!!

wishiwasinhawaii - I hope you are feeling better!



wishiwasinhawaii 02-25-20 10:51 AM

I'm slowly getting back to normal. Most of the symptoms are better or almost gone, but I am still very tired. I don't think I'll be going back to working out for at least a few weeks.

Donna, I have a ton of sick days so I've been using those, but I worked from home today and will for the rest of the week. I probably should have used another sick day today, but I might use one later in the week, depending on how I'm feeling. The doctor told me that I am still considered contagious and have to stay home this week and my boss completely understood so it's not a problem. I plan to go back to the office on Monday, but am taking the next two days after that off because I have to stay with my niece for a couple of days while her parents and brother go on a college visit.

Waves, Sherry!

Leonana 02-25-20 06:19 PM

Today was Jessica's you tube, Kickboxing Cardio Circuit. The choice was between that and the Cardio Strength workout from WS3. I was thinking WS3 would be too difficult, but the you tube workout was harder than I remembered. I keep forgetting that I can follow Debbie for WS3. The Kickboxing workout had high impact, so I modified, and also moved slower for the strength moves. It is a bit humbling to remember that I used to be able to do this workout when it first came out.

wishiwasinhawaii, I'm glad you are feeling better. That's great you have the option to work from home.

donnamp 02-26-20 06:53 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today was back to Ellen with Modern Interval.

Sherry - yes, that workout is a tough one! I stumbled across one of Jessica's Walk Strong Master Calendars last night- I'm considering try it out....there was a lot of variety in it....

wishinwasinhawaii - good idea to take your time easing back into workouts. The flu really takes a lot out of you and not resting enough definitely makes recovery take longer. Where is your nephew looking? My DD is now talking about a gap year so she can work on her art portfolio and apply to art school. Honestly, I think she would end up wasting time - I'm ok with her living at home and commuting to college and getting a PT job - but I'm not ok with her sitting home to work on her portfolio. I think she needs to be around like minded and motivated people in order to get it done and that would mean being in school at least part time. *sigh* to think I though the baby years were hard. Teen years are worse at least for me!!!

I'm working from home today - so hopefully I can get a lot done.

Happy Wednesday!


wishiwasinhawaii 02-26-20 05:21 PM

So happy I get to stay home and fully rest. I went out earlier to pick up a few things and I'm feeling almost back to normal now.

Donna, My nephew is very close to making a college decision. I think he'll know in another couple of weeks. There is one college he should hear from by Friday, which is the last one he's waiting on. I agree your DD taking a gap year sounds more like a waste of time and possibly a stall tactic. She could easily take classes and at least get those out of the way.

Sherry, I don't think I've done the Kickboxing Cardio Circuit workout, but I'll have to give it a try--not anytime soon, lol.

donnamp 02-26-20 05:52 PM

wishiwasinhawaii - Yup! :)

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