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Leonana 05-24-20 12:32 PM

Donna, I am so sorry about your mom. It sounds like she is in a better place now, and not suffering. She was blessed to have you as a daughter to take care of her, and work so hard to make her last year a better one.

Being busy is a good way to cope. I'm sure riding the horse will help your daughter. That's nice the stables are open for her. Hugs to you and your family.

ETA: I did Day 6 of Core Week, 30 Minute Fusion Sculpt on You Tube. I chose it over the 47 Minute dvd fusion workout. Although, I'm sure that one has more stretching, so now I'm thinking I should haved done it, but 47 minutes just throws me off. I need to do something easier tomorrow, I'm planning on painting our hallway to the bedrooms, and the bedroom and bathroom doors, next week.

wishiwasinhawaii 05-24-20 04:48 PM

Donna, So sorry to hear about your mom. I lost both of my parents at young ages and that was rough for many reasons, but I imagine it's difficult at any age. At least your mom is at peace now.

Beautiful weather here today and perfect for yard work, so that's what I spent all day doing. I wanted to get it done before the warm and humid weather arrives in a few days, and I'm happy to say I accomplished that. Tomorrow will be a rest day and then maybe I'll get back into Core Week or I'll do something else until Summer of Strength starts.

Sherry, I always choose the shortest workout when there is a choice! I can't do anything over 30 minutes anymore. I just lose interest!

pgun3 05-24-20 05:55 PM

Sorry for your loss Donna!

donnamp 05-24-20 07:06 PM

Thank you all for your kind words! :heart:

Leonana 05-25-20 06:07 PM

I took a rest day today. My tooth was bothering me last night and I didn't sleep well. It's the same tooth I had a crown put on last December. I think the dentist did not place the crown on the tooth correctly. I'm going to a different dentist, I don't trust the first one! I don't have an appointment for another week and a half. Fortunately, it's feeling a bit better today, as long as I don't eat on that side. So frustrating to spend all that money and you still need to spend more!

pgun3 05-25-20 08:08 PM


Originally Posted by Leonana (Post 2875245)
I took a rest day today. My tooth was bothering me last night and I didn't sleep well. It's the same tooth I had a crown put on last December. I think the dentist did not place the crown on the tooth correctly. I'm going to a different dentist, I don't trust the first one! I don't have an appointment for another week and a half. Fortunately, it's feeling a bit better today, as long as I don't eat on that side. So frustrating to spend all that money and you still need to spend more!

does the tooth feel like it hits first when biting down? if so the maybe the crown just needs to be adjusted....BUT if the tooth is infected the infection could be lifting the tooth up a bit. Sometimes after working on a tooth it may need a root canal. I hope it gets better and you don't need a root canal.

Leonana 05-25-20 09:32 PM

Thanks, pgun. It does seem like the crown needs to be adjusted. It's been this way since it was done last December, but I kept hoping it would heal. I really hope I don't need a root canal. Crossing my fingers!

donnamp 05-26-20 07:35 AM

Hi Everyone,

For workouts -

Monday - Pahla B - 35 Min Cardio, Toning & Strength & Jessica Valent -Full Body Flexibility

Tuesday - Pahla B - 25 Min Stretch and Balance

I decided to follow Pahla's weekly challenge for Body Shaping this week. I'm not sure if I'm ready to commit to a 6 week program, so I think doing this week and seeing where I'm at next week will work better for me.

Pahla does talk a lot and there is no music - so there is that - but I enjoy her chattiness and right now it keeps my mind busy.

DH and i began cleaning my mom's apartment yesterday. Since she downsized in Sept there isn't as much as there could have been. I'm going to contact the rental office today to see if there is an organization they work with that takes donations.

While i'm glad my DH was there to help, he does tend to be a pack rat and I think we ended up coming home with more than I would have had I gone alone. For example, I had to convince him that I did NOT need my mom's crock pot. (I already have three crock pots at home!) So, while the moral support was good, having a bunch of stuff I don't need in my basement brings its own kind of stress, which I am working on ignoring for now.

I'm taking today off from work - even though we aren't doing anything until later in the summer - I just need some time to make phone calls, and quite frankly take care of myself before I crash and burn.

There is a noon live essentrics workout, I may do it - I can never do these live workouts since they are during work hours! Also it is nice and sunny today, maybe DD and i can walk.

Sherry- how is your tooth feeling today? Last year I had some weird sensitivity in one of my teeth that just went away on its own...weird.

waves, everyone

Hope everyone has a good day.


wishiwasinhawaii 05-26-20 08:28 AM

I decided to start Summer of Strength today and the first workout was tough! I guess I had forgotten how tough some of Jessica's DVD workouts are because I had been doing mostly her youtube stuff lately, but I need the challenge.

Donna, Do you get bereavement leave where you work? If so, I suggest you take however many days they give you to take a break and take care of yourself. Regarding your mom's stuff, even though my mom died in 2004, I still have a lot of her stuff that I've had a hard time parting with. I would say if you aren't emotionally attached to it, you should get rid of the extra crock pot and whatever else you don't want soon, otherwise you'll end up with it taking up space for years. I'm probably going to be moving in a few years, so I've started the long, difficult process of finally getting rid of things because wherever I live next will most likely be smaller.

pgun3 05-26-20 04:34 PM


Originally Posted by Leonana (Post 2875276)
Thanks, pgun. It does seem like the crown needs to be adjusted. It's been this way since it was done last December, but I kept hoping it would heal. I really hope I don't need a root canal. Crossing my fingers!

try not to bite to hard on it, if the crown is high, hitting it can cause the tooth to die because of the continued beating.

Also I actually did a workout one day this weekend. It was an Essentrics workout. I actually did 2.

I am trying the 14 day trial period for essentricstv and I did 2 of the workouts today. I have been having trouble with my hip sticking or something a lot more lately in a different way from before, if that makes sense. I am hoping it will help correct the problem???

donnamp 05-27-20 08:50 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning I did:

Pahla B - Walking w/ Weights - this is from her weekly challenge for body shaping. I enjoyed this one because it was minimal walking and mostly four-limb movements. The intervals were 20/10 seconds - 20 seconds of 4 limb light weight aerobics and 10 seconds of walking. I don't really like Pahla's workouts that are all walking b/c there is not much variety and it gets boring quickly and stressful to the joints (for me) to walk in place.

Yoga w/ Adriene - Full Body Flow - after saying I haven't been in the mood to do yoga, this one called out to me today and oddly, I'm thinking about doing her HOME program.

Yesterday I did take the Essentrics LIVE class at noon - it was a good class - taught by a man I had never seen before. It was well cued, but nothing different really from the usual classes! But, I would take more classes from this instructor.

DD and I also walked the dogs but cut it short b/c it was hot. B/c I needed more steps I did Up To the Beat - MJ Mix on Gina B's site.

I'm taking the full 3 days of bereavement leave at work - I mostly just have to deal with loose ends since we're not doing anything formal until later in the summer, assuming COVID will allow for travel, etc.

Get this - to cancel someone's comcast account you have to present a death certificate or a notarized affidavit! I understand on the one hand you don't want fraud, but on the other hand, I think this is overkill. I'd be fine signing and affidavit and sending it back, but NOTARIZED?? REALLY?

The upside is that my DD's barn is opening up - and she will be able to start taking lessons again next week. That will be nice for her to get back to some normal activity. I feel it is safe enough since it is mainly outside and they are limiting class sizes and the # of people who can be there at one time.

Both of my dogs are limping today - my Lab always limps, but my Golden must have hurt herself somehow b/c she is limping, too. So no walk, likely for us!

pgun - I think Essentrics can be very helpful and therapeutic. I did the 30 day Health Challenge this past winter and I did notice increased range of motion/better flexibility/less pain. My main problem is I get bored....and then I want to do something else. Silly in a way since it is a helpful program for me!



Leonana 05-27-20 11:16 PM

Rest day Sunday and Monday. I was really tired. I guess because of doing the entire Ab week schedule. I think I'm going to have to dial it down, and limit what I do from the rotations. I enjoy it, and lose weight and tone up, but it wears me out. I'm still going to follow them, but modify quite a bit.

I'm painting today and tomorrow. I painted four bedroom and bathroom doors, along with the door jambs. Although, I didn't do the inside of the doors in dd's bathroom and bedroom. I'm pretty tired now! Tomorrow is the hallway. Then I'm taking a break before I do our bedroom. I might even wait until the winter when it's cooler. I need to keep busy, and I feel happier when I'm painting. OTH, I get bored with painting, and it is tiring. I'm going to have to figure out some other things to do to keep busy.

Donna, my tooth is better, as long as I don't chew on it. I can relate on having a husband who is a pack rat. So far, it's been confined to the garage, the computer room, and his sheds on the back yard. Clutter stresses me out, but he just loves bringing stuff home. Be glad your husband doesn't work for a moving company, lol. On the plus side, we have been given some nice stuff. That is crazy about the cable company. I hope your dogs legs heal soon, and that you are able to take some me time during your leave.

wishiwasinhawaii, Jessica's workouts do feel tougher than I remember!

pgun, I will try not to bite on it. I haven't been chewing on that side very much, as it gets sore when I do. It is feeling better. I don't have throbbing or soreness unless I chew on that side, so I don't think I need a root canal. I'm sleeping just fine with no pain, because I'm not moving my mouth in my sleep. It does seem like the crown is not on right. My appointment is June 5. Thanks for the advice, I will definitely try not to chew on that side.

donnamp 05-28-20 08:27 AM

Hi Everyone,

Pahla's weekly challenge called for a "ladder" style walking workout and I really don't enjoy Pahla's walking workouts - they are essentially walking and/or running in place and that just doesn't feel good for my body and isn't enjoyable to me. I don't mind when she does a walking w/ weights workout, however, as there is variety in movement. So, I found one of Jessica's that is probably most like the style - Pyramid Power walk and did that one.

After that i frittered away time trying to decide what else to do - I was thinking yoga, but it made me restless. So I went to Trifecta Pilates and did a 20 min workout - Feel Good Pilates.

I really think if I stuck w/ Trifecta my Pilates practice and form would really improve. Maybe I should focus on that for June? I like her workouts, but some of them are longer than I prefer - maybe I could do those in "parts"

So, I feel that b/c I didn't have all the proper paperwork yet that I have essentially spun my wheels w/ my mom's stuff. I couldn't cancel her cell phone b/c I don't have the phone to receive the code. I'm hoping I can find the phone and then I can cancel it otherwise I'm going to have to go in to a retail store to do it. Comcast, well, I need a death certificate or a notarized affidavit - so I'm going to wait for the death certificate. The only thing I was successfully able to do was cancel the landline. I'm not sure why they didn't want a pint of blood and an affidavit, too, but I'm thankful they didn't. The rest of her stuff - retirement account, life insurance, etc. I know I can't access w/out a death certificate so I'm not even going to try until I have that. Fortunately, my name is on her bank accounts as a joint account holder so that will be straightforward. I understand the need to prevent fraud, but this is really a lot to have to do/present to clear things up - I guess it prevents some disgruntled person from cancelling someone else's accounts. *sigh*

So, long and short of it - I feel sorta guilty for taking time off from work and not really accomplishing anything, but on the other hand, I really was not up for facing the nonsense that is work at times either. I'm going to try to relax today as I go "back" tomorrow (you only get 3 days for close relatives - crazy).

Sherry - Yes, I need to modify rotations, too - and, wow, good for you for doing so much home improvement. That is something i really need to be doing, too and just can't get motivated. My thinking is that once my DD is off at college I will have a bit more time for that stuff and can focus more on it then. Glad your tooth is better. I had a tube of Differin in my closet, so I'm going to try it again - my skin was starting to break out - probably from my "experimentation" with using stuff up - some of the stuff I was using up was probably not great for my skin in the first place which is why it wasn't used up! so, that being said, I think the stuff that wasn't working on my face is going to get used up as hand and body lotion!
Glad your tooth is better!

waves, pgun and wishiwasinhawaii -


Leonana 05-28-20 05:22 PM

Today was the rest of the hallway. I finished it, yay! I've learned that I can handle about three to four hours of prep work and painting per day, to avoid muscle strain and over tiredness. I have one room left, our bedroom. I'm not sure when I will do it, maybe July or August. Then I'll need to paint dd's bathroom, after we remodel it this winter. I'm very happy with how the painting has turned out, it has made the house look much brighter.

Donna, I hope you get the death certificates soon, so you can get things wrapped up. Although, I suppose there is a time delay due to COVID. It sounds like it was a good thing that you moved her out of the condo, and had it sold. That's one less thing you have to deal with. There are quite a few products that break me out nowadays, although for me it's probably an allergic reaction. I've decided to simplify, but that doesn't stop me from eyeing new skincare, lol.

donnamp 05-29-20 08:54 AM

Hi Everyone,

I went with Pahla B and Jessica V. today -

Pahla B - Weights for Women over 50 - this was a very slow/controlled workout meant to be done w/ your heavier weights (if you could handle them). what I liked about it was the ability to get into a full range of motion for squats. And, that being said, I did not go super heavy on this b/c some of the moves are those that are known to tweak my back - like forward leaning rows and "triangles" (I can't think of the real name of the exercise, but it is a kbell type move). I went lighter on those and it was fine. I think my days of "heavy" weights are behind me b/c even going slow and controlled, certain postures just don't work for me. I think my "heavy" weights these days will be 8's, maybe 10's.

Jessica Valent - Pilates w/ a 5lb weight. I used both a 5lb, a 3lb and no weight depending on the exercise. It was more Pilates inspired than true Pilates.

Yesterday DD and I walked outdoors - it was humid and I'm still dealing w/ two limping dogs. My Golden hurt herself somehow and my Lab always limps. I hope my Golden gets better soon - she is a perpetual puppy even though she is going to be 8 next month

Sherry - I'm so thankful that my mom moved and that her condo sold - it sold right before MD went into lock down mode - I'm not sure what the real estate market is like now, but I'm so glad that we got it sold - and wrapped up. I just have to finish cleaning out her apartment and wait for paperwork so I can begin the process on everything else.

Hope everyone has a good day.

I went "back" to work today - I think it will help to have a sense of normalcy and routine.


wishiwasinhawaii 05-29-20 01:43 PM

Ugh, what an icky, humid day here. I have to go to Home Depot later to pick up ant traps I ordered for curbside pickup. I noticed some ants getting in through a window and I want to nip that in the bud. This is the first time I've had ants in the 8 years I've been living here. Guess I was lucky and I'm sure the humidity has something to do with it.

I am supposed to do Strictly Strength on the Summer of Strength rotation today, but I feel like a wilted flower with the humidity so I may do something less strenuous.

Donna, I agree about lifting lighter weights at this age. The heaviest I use is 10 lbs. I've noticed when I lift heavier, it really ramps up my appetite and I start gaining weight, but keeping it at 10 or lower doesn't do that and I still have strength gains. About your mom's condo, you sold it just in time. I have a friend who is a realtor and he told me he only has one listing now because sellers don't want people in their house who could be ill and buyers don't want to go inside houses.

Sherry, Congrats on doing all that painting yourself! Did you have to use primer first?

Leonana 05-29-20 05:34 PM

I finished the hallway yesterday. I am worn out today! But I did some yard work this morning. I'm behind on my weed pulling. I think I'll do a short Jessica yoga stretch this evening.

It's hot, even for here. It's 111 today, and we don't usually get that weather until the end of June. The humidity is 9%, if you can believe it. On the plus side, It is nice and cool in the house. We have a new portable a/c in the Arizona room, and we replaced the house a/c last January. They are both working really well. The portable a/c is fantastic, it even cools the living room and kitchen a bit. Very powerful for a small unit.

I'm the same as both of you, heavy weights don't work for me either. I can use 8's and 10's for leg work, and maybe bicep work. Nothing over 5 for overhead moves.

Donna, I hope your dog's leg heals soon, and that you had a good work day.

wishiwasinhawaii, I thought the real estate slow down would affect dh's work, since real estate affects the moving industry. But he's still been busy here. But they also do a lot of moves for the military. My guess is it will be really slow this winter. I'm putting as much into savings as I can, so we can enjoy his time off. I have a honey do list, lol. No, I didn't use primer first. They now have combination paint and primer, and I have been using that. I'm using Behr paint from Home Depot. It seems to be working really well. I also bought satin, and it's easy to clean, but not too shiny. It helps that the old color was sort of a cream, and I'm painting the walls white, so it's not too big of a color difference. If the walls were a dark color, I'm sure I'd need a primer too.

donnamp 05-30-20 01:56 PM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was Ellen's Dynamic Cardio.

Then, DH and I continued to clean out my mom's place - it is just about done save for finding a charitable organization to take furniture, clothing, etc.

DH tends to be a bit of a pack rat an takes things we don't need, but I'm just letting it go - piling it up in his space in the basement and then eventually get rid of it.

I'm going to get out for a walk today - either w/ or w/out dogs.

Hope everyone has a good day!!


Leonana 05-30-20 05:25 PM

Today I did WS1 Prehab Routine. That felt really good. She had a lot of good moves for the shoulders and wrists. I'll need to remember this one next time I have wrist and shoulder strain.

Donna, that's great you are almost done with your mom's place. I wish we had a basement. I'd happily put all of dh's stuff there! He's a bit of a pack rat too. It's not in the house, but we have stuff packed in the garage and in storage sheds in the backyard, along with just sitting in the back yard. He does have it on the west side, so you can't see it from the kitchen window or from the patio. And we do have room to park one car in the garage. However, I usually give that to dd. We could fit both cars in the garage, if I can talk him into moving his stuff out. Easier said than done, lol. It's so hot here, it would be nice to have covered parking.

donnamp 05-31-20 11:20 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning I did -

Pahla B - 25 Min Weight Loss Power Walk
Trifecta Pilates - Classical Pilates

Waves, everyone - I'm off to take my DD to the barn to ride her horse.

Tomorrow starts a new month - I'm not sure what I want to do - more Pahla? Jessica? Pilates? I do keep thinking I should spend a month with Trifecta Pilates to see how I feel - I can always mix other stuff in w/ it since she has some long and some short workout days planned throughout the month

One thing I think I should do for June is set a daily step goal -just to keep me accountable in moving as much as possible. It will get harder to do our outdoor walks as the heat and humidity build here. But w/ working from home I'm definitely not moving as much as when in the office - those walks to the printer and rest room add up! Now my printer is on the desk next to me.

Sherry - so, my DH is now all stressed out about the "stuff" in the basement. UGh. He is his own worst enemy - as I guess we all are - we definitely did not need to take so much from my mom's place.... Oh well, I guess sometimes you just have to stand by and let it play out.

waves, wishiwasinhawaii, pgun - has anyone heard from Pam61?

Hope everyone has a good afternoon -


donnamp 06-01-20 07:40 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today was:

Pahla B - Knee Friendly Strength Workout (20 min)
Ellen - Sweet 15 (cardio/weight circuit) (15 min)
Trifecta Pilates - abs and legs (10 min)

Not much new to report!

Hope everyone has a good day!!


Leonana 06-01-20 11:23 PM

Yesterday was the Fusion Walk from the Strength dvd from the Walk On 3 DVD set. It hit the spot really well.

Today was two You Tube workouts, Strength Training for Bad Backs, and Resistance Training for Bad Backs with the band. I also did some housework and yardwork. I kind of stressed out this weekend, so being busy around the house helped my mood a lot.

Our small tv/dvd player in the bedroom bit the dust a couple of weeks ago. It was probably five years old. I bought a cheap one from Walmart, only $89. The picture isn't the best, but it works for my workouts, and I can still use the Roku I bought last year.

Donna, too funny about your husband. Like you said, sometimes you have to let them come to their realization. I haven't seen Pam in awhile.

Waves to wishiwasinhawaii!

donnamp 06-02-20 07:47 AM

Hi Everyone,

I think I posted in the wrong thread yesterday! Yikes.

I'm feeling stressed - both about my mom's passing and work. I start my new job Monday but I'm sure I'll be doing two jobs for a bit. Nervous about that and also trying to get as much wrapped up as possible this week at the old job. Timing on everything is really bad - but not something I have control over.

DD started her horseback riding lessons again last night - they are keeping the lessons smaller, parents have to stay in their cars (should get interesting when it gets hot!) and masks whenever they are inside. I'm glad she is back to it. They are also going to do a limited summer camp this year so she is going to be a counselor for at least a few weeks - they camp is scaled down and they don't need as many jr counselors, but the owner is going to try to give everyone who is interested a chance to work for a few weeks.

on the workout front:

Ellen - Super Fast Body Blast
Jessica V - Upper Body 1.0 (I've done this one before - no weights, body weight only) and Shoulder Stretch

I have a hard time sticking with any one thing these days so I think I'll just continue to mix it up.

I haven't checked our case count lately -but I suspect it is still climbing state-wide, although where I live it is pretty stable. Riots though in D.C. It is good DH is working from home b/c his building was vandalized.

The world really needs some prayers!

Sherry - my DH lost his phone this morning - in the house. He sometimes drives me crazy. LOL!


wishiwasinhawaii 06-02-20 07:40 PM

Hi! I've been busy with things around the house so I just haven't had a chance to write, but I have been doing Summer of Strength. Today was a long stretching workout, but I didn't have time so I found a shorter one.

The town is doing road work and had to turn the water off, so I had no water for most of the day. It's back on now, thank goodness, but you don't think about these things until you don't have them. When this would happen during the pre-COVID days, I would use the bathroom at a nearby store, but they're all closed so good thing the water wasn't off that long! I also went grocery shopping for the second time since this whole thing started and that went well enough. I'm getting the hang of all the rules now, but I am looking forward to the day when things return to normal--whenever that will be.

I checked and Pam61 hasn't posted anything since January, so I hope she's ok.

Donna, Have they told you how long you'll have to do both jobs? Any news on when your office will reopen? Nothing has been said about mine. It's great your DD is back riding! Camps are scaled back here too. My niece goes to a camp for a week in the summer and I'm not sure what's happening with that.

Sherry, It's good you were able to find a DVD player. I wonder how much longer they'll be making them? I only use mine for Jessica DVDs, LOL.


Leonana 06-02-20 08:15 PM

Nothing for today. My friend and I are back to our Tuesday Senior Day for Goodwill shopping. I wear my mask, although she doesn't. I get a lot of walking in, we went to three Goodwills and Trader Joe's to pick up a salad for lunch. I'm feeling tired today, so don't think I'll get anything in tonight.

We had five nights of protest, with Saturday being the worst. Someone organized a protest in Scottsdale on social media, and they looted a mall. Scottsdale is one of the wealthier cities in our area, so they traveled there. Our governor imposed a curfew on Sunday. However, last night ended peacefully, at 8 p.m., when curfew started, with no arrests. I read that "the crowd, which was smaller than at the earlier protests, dispersed after three officers followed a request from protesters and took a knee, leading to cheers." That was encouraging.

Donna, I'll remember to say a prayer for you that this week and next week go smoothly. I'm glad your daughter can go riding again. I hope your husband finds his phone. And I can relate! My husband lost his house keys - again! I was out today with my friend, with no keys in my purse to get back into the house, because he had taken them. Good thing for him he wasn't there at that moment, lol. Fortunately, I had my car key, which was parked in the driveway, and opened it to use the garage door opener. The back door in the garage wasn't locked, so I was able to get in.

wishiwasinhawaii, I'm glad your water wasn't out long. I always hate it when dh works on our plumbing, lol. I'm glad you are getting the hang of grocery shopping. It's almost like an obstacle course sometimes, trying to avoid people in the aisles!

donnamp 06-03-20 07:49 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today was:

Jessica Valent - Non-Impact HIIT Fundamentals - I enjoyed this one - body weight exercises - squats, lunges, floor work. I nice routine, nothing too over the top. Jessica is 6 months post surgery and I think she is creating gentler workouts for those who have undergone surgeries, babies, etc. I appreciate how honest and straightforward she is. And, this was a good workout for me, nothing too taxing, but enough to feel like I did something.

Trifecta Pilates - Posture & Plank Workout - although that sounds dreadful, it wasn't in that it wasn't all planks, LOL! It was definitely a good one to do to counter all the sitting and forward leaning we do all day.

Yesterday DD and I walked in the evening. it is going to be hot today - so not sure about when we will walk or if we will walk - I may do something inside if it is too miserable outside. I'm trying to get a min of 7K steps a day b/c I'm finding I'm moving less and less w/ working from home.

Sherry and wishiwasinhawaii - I think I'm going to start venturing out on a limited basis, particularly for groceries - the logistics and expense of delivery are getting annoying - but I will definitely wear a mask and take precautions.

As for my job, as of yesterday my boss hadn't figured out yet what is going to happen to my work come Friday. :eek: Maybe we'll figure it out.

Hope everyone has a good day!!


Sherry -thanks for the prayers! I decided re: my mom's stuff - one thing a day - that is all I can handle. I never realized how difficult it would be to turn off cable, cell phone, etc. I guess it is to protect people from fraud, but it is annoying to have to go through all the hoops. :(

wishiwasinhawaii 06-03-20 09:02 AM

Today was a 20 minute fusion workout on the schedule. I like that one. I try to do the DVD workout if it's from a DVD that I own, but I don't have her Feel Good Fusion DVD, so I did the (much shorter) youtube option.

I don't have central A/C, but I ordered a portable A/C for the room I exercise in so I can continue workouts during the summer. I usually end up giving up because it gets too hot in that room. It should be here tomorrow, but it keeps getting delayed, so who knows.

Donna, It's hot here too, and very humid, so it's going to be an indoor day. Grocery shopping really isn't that bad. These are my tips. Hope they help!
  • You don't want to spend too much time in the store, so go to a store you are familiar with so you can find things quickly. Aim to get out in about 20 minutes or less.
  • Around here, not all stores supply wipes, so I bring my own to wipe off the cart. Masks are mandatory here and everyone is wearing them, thank goodness.
  • You probably know that stores have arrows on the floor in the aisles, but some people don't follow the arrows or are confused by them, so don't expect total compliance.
  • Prices are higher on everything than they were pre-COVID, but it's cheaper than ordering for delivery since you aren't paying a delivery fee and tip.
  • When I get home, I wipe everything with wipes. I also spray the inside of my car with Lysol.
  • I have a friend who takes a shower and washes the clothes she was wearing, but I have not been doing that and haven't had any problems. I do take a shower at the end of the day though and wash the clothes that day or the next.

Sherry, You are so right about it being like an obstacle course! I don't understand why people have so much trouble with the arrows. So strange!

donnamp 06-04-20 07:40 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Leslie's Walk 15 - 4 Mile walk - first two miles. If the weather doesn't allow for an outdoor walk later, I will add the 3rd and maybe 4th mile on later today - we'll see how my step count looks. Honestly, I'm using the step count as more of an indication of how much I'm sitting each day - yesterday at the end of the day I barely had 1,000 steps so I did one of Jenny Ford's marching workouts (Texas), b/c it was too hot to walk outside.

Jessica Valent - Renew & Restore - a stretchy routine.

wishiwasinhawaii - thanks for the shopping tips!!

waves, Sherry and pgun!

Hope everyone has a good day!!


Leonana 06-04-20 03:00 PM

Yesterday was Total Body Standing Strength. I am planning on a cardio workout later today, will update. I think I will do the Summer of Strength starting on Monday.

Forecast shows a high of 106 today, 109 tomorrow. Then it shows it cooling down to the 90's by Sunday. Although this cooling down forecast keeps getting pushed back, I'm hoping it does happen!

Donna, echoing the tips already listed. I use a wipe at the store, to wipe my hands after I use the touch pad to pay. I like using my credit card, as I don't have to punch in the pin number. I also wipe my wallet where I touched it, and the part of my card that I touched. I wash my hands when I get home. I change my clothes when I get home, and wash them next time I have a load. I also throw my mask in the laundry basket. Sometimes I hand wash it. But I haven't been wiping any of my groceries. TBH, it's because I never thought of it, and now I'm in a habit of doing it this way. I'm usually in and out of the stores pretty quickly. I find it's better to go in the mornings, afternoons and evenings are more crowded.

wishiwasinhawaii, we love our portable a/c. We bought one from Walmart, and it works really well, sends out a lot of cool air. I think our Arizona room is now the coolest room in the house.

pgun3 06-04-20 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by donnamp (Post 2876512)
Hi Everyone,

waves, Sherry and pgun!

Hope everyone has a good day!!


waves back at everyone too LOL I wish I could get myself out of bed in the morning to workout!!! I'm just so darn tired LOL. After work my feet are killing me...excuses, excuses

wishiwasinhawaii 06-05-20 09:06 AM

I went out for a walk yesterday morning before it got too hot and walked throughout the day and ended up with 12,000 steps, so that was nice. It's rainy and very humid today so I'll just do indoor walking and a strength workout.

Donna, I forgot to mention I also wear gloves when I go shopping. You don't have to, but I like to wear them because they remind me not to touch my face.

Sherry, I don't think you really need to wipe off groceries. I started doing that back when I was ordering from Instacart, but I might stop. They also say we should put things in the garage for a few days before using them and I've never done that and never had a problem. I have a portable A/C in the living room that does a great job. The one I ordered arrived yesterday and I'm going to set it up in my exercise room today.


donnamp 06-05-20 09:46 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning I switched gears and did an Essentrics workout. It was one from the challenge lead by Gail - it was good routine - standing and then some floorwork.

My challenge, as always, is to fit everything I like to do and everything I need to do into a rotation/plan!

MVA (DMV but in MD) is open now and my DD's road test is scheduled for 6/19. They are doing it completely differently now - all they have to do to pass is pull into a space, back into a space, and do a 3 point turn - the inspector is going to grade them from OUTSIDE the car. I hope she does ok! It is odd that they are not driving on the road at all.

It has been a stressful morning dealing with various issues. Hopefully the day picks up and turns around soon.

waves, everyone -


Leonana 06-05-20 09:26 PM

Yesterday evening was the 15 Minute One Mile Walk from WS3. That was a nice LI walk that got my heart rate up. There is some high impact, but easy to modify. Today was the 20 Minute Total Body Barre. I've been in the mood for lighter workouts this week.

Went to the dentist today for my crown. It was too high and she did grind it down with the drill, and it does feel a lot better. If it doesn't feel better in a couple of days, the nerve could be inflamed. I would need a root canal, which will cost me $1700. Ouch. I don't understand why it would be so expensive, especially since I think they are using the same crown? Anyway, I might just be chewing on one side from now on, lol. Hopefully, the nerve will heal. I could tell it felt a lot better when she had me bit down on it, after the drilling. I spent $900 for the crown last November. I might have gotten a discount going back to the same dentist, but I didn't trust him after this. Fortunately, this office did not charge me for today. Probably thinking I'll have to come back next week for the expensive stuff.

The staff wore masks, and the dentist had an N95 mask. I felt pretty safe there. I did wear my mask into the office, but obviously had to take it off. Funny, but the clerk was not able to get my temperature from aiming the instrument at my forehead. I wonder, could it have been my sunscreen or foundation?

wishiwasinhawaii, that is good to know about wiping down groceries. Tbh, I just never thought of it. There just seems to be so much disinfecting, it can drive me crazy! I have a little bit of OCD, so I have to be careful sometimes. I'm glad the portable a/c works well for you. That's great you will have one in your exercise room.

Donna, I wondered how they would do driving tests. I guess that makes sense, they would stay outside of the car.

pgun, I can relate. I am certainly taking it easier this week.

donnamp 06-06-20 12:55 PM


This morning's workout was:

Jenny Ford - Step Across America South Carolina
Trifecta Pilates - Principles of Pilates - 25 Min Breathing Practice

My day did improve yesterday and we had a Zoom happy hour for my last day. I start my new job Monday - eek -- it will be interesting learning everything remotely. I also am helping out at my old job until the end of the month.

Hope everyone has a good day - very hot and humid here.

Surprisingly, returning my mom's cable equipment to Comcast was not a nightmare!

Sherry - glad you are seeing improvement with your tooth! I almost did that Barre workout yesterday but did CS instead since I have a subscription paid for this month.

Pgun - yes, sometimes at the end of the day, I don't want to do anything either.

wishiwasinhawaii - that is a good idea about the gloves.

Take care,


Leonana 06-06-20 03:20 PM

Today was cardio, WS2 Ready Steady Go.

My tooth is throbbing today, I'm sure the drilling yesterday inflamed it more. I will most likely need a root canal. But the price at this office seems excessive, so I have an appointment a week from Monday at a more affordable dentist. Maybe I'll get lucky, and it will calm down completely by then!

In good news, our weather cooled off from a high of 106 to a high of 91. It's only supposed to last a few days, but I'll take it.

On another note, I paid to be a VF Supporter, but nothing has been done about it. I don't see it below my name, and I don't have any of the privileges. Oh well, I mainly wanted to support the forum, but it does seem to highlight the fact that it's not being monitored, along with new members not being approved.

Donna, the Zoom Happy Hour sounds like fun! I'm glad returning the cable box was easy, you were due for something easier!

donnamp 06-07-20 07:58 AM

Hi Everyone,

Modern Interval w/ Ellen for me this morning followed by a stretchy Pilates from Trifecta.

Jessica's Summer of Strength starts tomorrow - not sure if I will follow it or not or just keep doing what I'm doing which is some sort of loose collection of Pilates-Ellen-Cardio-Jessica V.

Sherry - I'm sorry about your tooth - I hope it is better today. Dental work is so expensive...even w/ insurance. Thank you for reminding me about VF support - I should re-up mine. It is one of those things I keep forgetting to do. I guess I will do it and see what happens.

I would so hate for this forum to go away. :(

Waves, everyone -


wishiwasinhawaii 06-07-20 08:02 PM

I mowed the lawn this morning and then did Jessica's 8 minute towel stretch. We had nice weather today but I had no motivation so I read a book most of the day.

I started Summer of Strength a couple of weeks ago so I started week 3 yesterday. Not sure what I'll do after I finish, but maybe I'll do it again or go back and do Calm and Strong again.

I don't think this forum is going away because it's very active, but it is weird that there doesn't seem to be anyone monitoring it.

Donna, Glad to hear Comcast didn't give you a hard time. I like Summer of Strength, but if you're happy with the loose rotation you've been doing, you can always start SoS another time. Good luck with your new job tomorrow!

Sherry, It's funny 91 is considered cool there! It was 77 here today and it felt so nice. Hope your tooth is ok. It's good you're getting another opinion.

Time to watch TV!

donnamp 06-08-20 07:26 AM

Hi Everyone,

I decided to give Calm & Strong a go - I like the variety of workouts in this rotation - so we shall see how it goes! I'm going to do the DVD version and at some point, maybe go back and do the You Tube version.

Today was:

Cardio Hit - From WS 3.0 - I admit I have been scared of the WS 3.0 workouts, thinking they would be too hard for me - while this was not an easy workout, I was able to do it - I left out the impact and moved at my own pace - but I got it done! It was kickboxing cardio w/ some leg/kicking drills at the end.

I added on with Yoga with Kassandra - Morning Yoga Stretch - which was the first practice in her 30 days of morning yoga challenge from earlier this year. It was ok - may have to try more of her stuff out to get a feel for it.

wishiwasinhawaii - we had nice weather yesterday - much less humid than Friday and Saturday!

Sherry - I hope the tooth calms down and you don't need a root canal.

waves, pgun.

Tomorrow is fusion w/ Jessica! Will also try to up my steps today, too.


wishiwasinhawaii 06-08-20 08:10 AM

Today was 20-Minute Cardio Sculpting. I don't think I'd ever done that one before and it was one of those sneaky ones you think will be easy, but it's not!

Donna, I was afraid of WS 3 workouts as well because it's been a couple of years since I did that rotation and remember it being tough, but I've been able to do them, although I do modify some of the moves. The toughest one is Metabolic Conditioning.:eek: I also do the DVD options, if I have that DVD. I don't have any of her barre or abs DVDs so I have to do the youtube options on those days. I really liked Calm & Strong and will probably go back to it when I finish SoS. It's a nice mix and I actually got good results with it and didn't feel worn out. I was also considering doing P90X3, which is very tough, but I'll decide about that when I finish the next round of Calm & Strong.

Well, it's 9:00 so I have to start working...

Leonana 06-08-20 01:32 PM

I started SOS, and dd WS3 Total Body. I also remember this one as being hard, but it's not as hard as I remember. Probably because I'm using lighter weights and follow Debbie. I can't do more than five pounds overhead. I use eight pounds for leg and bicep work. I don't do the floor ab work, and subbed the Pilates 100 and some leg stretching. From what I've read, my core is not strong enough for ab work on the floor, and I always get a sore lower back.

My tooth is feeling better! I'm cautiously hopeful. I'm still keeping my appointment for next week. I need a yearly checkup, plus I think I have another tooth with a partially broken filling. It feels a little rough.

Donna, I think I will do Calm & Strong after SOS. I didn't do it completely last time, because I was painting. I'd like to do the complete rotation.

wishiwasinhawaii, when you get used to the hotter weather, it does feel cooler! It's also very dry, I find that makes a big difference. Thanks for the reassurance about the forum. I hope it is around for a long time.

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