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donnamp 02-05-20 06:49 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Jessica Valent Pilates - Wall Workout - this one was a mixed bag. While I can see the benefits of using a wall as a prop and for feedback - it, at times, was awkward - it also doesn't help that I don't have a ton of clear wall space in my house to accommodate this type of workout - and sometimes Jessica shows exercises that there is no way I'm going to do - although, in fairness to her, she always starts w/ a basic version that you can stick with while she goes on to more advanced options. Not sure if I will do this one again, but I wanted to check it out and some things were good, some bad, and some annoying!

Essentrics for later today!

Hope everyone has a good day!


Leonana 02-05-20 11:48 AM

Monday was the Dance and Stretch Walk from the 21 Day DVD. I got my dvd's mixed up. I did it in the evening. Yesterday morning I did the Back Friendly Strength workout from You Tube. Today is my Tai Chi Class.

Donna, I don't have much wall space either. Regarding skin care, I'm kind of iffy on the fragrance free Pond's cleanser, I have to rub a lot to get eye makeup off. I think I like using the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser without water for eye makeup, although it stings some.

wishiwasinhawaii, sounds like you had a nice rest day.

Waves to Pam!

donnamp 02-06-20 06:42 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was Jessica's Walking HIIT for Beginners (You Tube). It was pleasant and not dread-full at all!

Maybe I'll follow that workout plan?!

Sherry - nice workouts. On the skincare front - I ran out of Differin and decided to go back to the Alpha AHAs for now. This year is the year I use up what I have and then figure out what works and stick to it, LOL! Next year, I half decided will be a year of using my workout DVDs, and You Tube and cutting back my subscriptions - I suspect I will always keep Ellen Barrett's subscription - it is only $5.95 a month and I always enjoy her workouts. But I' thinking of dropping Pilates subscriptions as I don't use them enough to justify the cost.

Waves, wishiwasinhawaii!

DH reminded me that 10 years ago was "snowmaggedon"! Hard to believe my DD was only in first grade. I remember being in the house for the better part of a week alone w/ DD (DH was in a hotel for work for that week):

Happy Friday Eve!


donnamp 02-07-20 06:55 AM

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was a bust - it was raining all day - so no walk at work. And, when I got home from work I just didn't want to do anything -so I didn't.

Today was:

Jessica Valent - Lift those Buns (Pilates) and 5 min Inner thigh. I liked both of these - it is funny how some of Jessica's I love and others are awkward for me - like the wall workout and there is one mat workout that has weird moves in it, too.

Essentrics - Posture and Spine

I have to take my mom to MVA today to renew her license - she doesn't want to drive any more, but she needs some kind of ID, so she may either renew the license or just get a State ID. With the "Real ID" stuff you have to go in person to present all these documents - so hopefully it will go smoothly. My mom can be difficult and going to the MVA is no one's idea of fun. I'm going to renew my license while I'm there - it doesn't expire until Nov but I need to do my "real id" stuff, too.

Waves -


Leonana 02-07-20 05:43 PM

Yesterday was You Tube, 15 Minute Standing Cardio Strength. I didn't work out before my volunteer filing, and meant to do it in the afternoon. Didn't do it until 9 pm, so just did a short workout. However, I did an extra 15 minutes of dumbbell moves and stretching while watching more You Tube videos. I should watch videos on my tv instead of my phone, and increase my activity.

I didn't sleep well last night and was really tired, so today was just a 15 minute Walk and Talk. I figured out why I haven't been sleeping well lately, I think it's the kombucha. I started drinking it as it's supposed to be healthy, and I chose low calorie, low sugar drinks. However, I didn't realize there was some caffeine in there, and it's keeping me up at night. Oh well, I guess it's back to water or herbal tea.

Donna, good luck at the MVA with your mom. I recently updated my picture, and went ahead and got the new REAL ID-compliant license. In Arizona, we have to have it by October 1, if you want to fly. Not that I ever travel anywhere, lol. I still have some Paula's Choice 8% AHA, that I use on my hands. I swear it has diminished some of my age spots. Didn't seem to work on my face though, for some reason. I'm using The Ordinary azaelic acid on my face about twice a week. I'm still using Curology on MWF, and The Ordinary Niacinimide in the morning. I really like this routine. Good luck figuring out what works!

wishiwasinhawaii 02-07-20 09:13 PM

Yesterday was Stepping Strength and today I did a Jessica oldie youtube video (Stride and Step, I think it was called). It was 30 minutes but I only made it through the first 20. I hadn't done a step workout in a long time and it showed!

Donna, I remember 2010 was a rough winter. I was living in an apartment then so I didn't have to be concerned with shoveling too much, but I remember having to dig my car out a few times. One time I had trouble finding it! Hope the MVA went ok. I renewed my license last year before I knew about Real ID, or maybe it wasn't even a 'thing' yet, so I'll just use my passport for travel since I have no desire to go back to the MVA and pay to get the Real ID right now.

Sherry, It's good you were able to figure out it was the kombucha causing your sleep issues. I've never tried that, but I stay away from caffeine so I'm glad you mentioned it.


Leonana 02-08-20 05:52 PM

Today was another you tube, 30 Minute Feel Good Fusion. It was pretty feel good, it worked out some soreness in my lower back.

wishiwasinhawaii, I think I'm more sensitive to caffeine now that I have eliminated it. I still drink coffee, but decaf. I read your post at first to say that when you were living in an apartment, you weren't too concerned with showering, lol. Stride and Step sounds good, I'll have to check out some of Jessica's older videos.

donnamp 02-09-20 08:56 AM

Hi Everyone,

I'm a bit behind!

Yesterday was:

Morning - Essentrics Full Body Strengthening w/ Amandda
Afternoon - Jessica Smith - Feel Good Fusion - Cardio

My DD had the ACT yesterday morning so I had to cut my morning workout short and then I had to go to my mom's condo to take care of a few things - it should be listed for sale this week or next. I survived Motor Vehicles...barely. But at least it is one thing checked off the list!

Today I did:

FitPrime Lean - for some reason, I have been thinking about these workouts a lot recently. I think it may be a longing to go back to the time when a DVD release was a big deal and instructors put so much effort into the set and music and it wasn't all HIIT and drills and blah, blah, blah. Anyway - what fits the category for elaborate production other than FIRM/FitPrime? I did enjoy revisiting this workout but, boy, am I not used to doing this stuff. I remember when this first came out thinking how easy it was -well - not so much today. There was one arm sequence that is going to have my triceps sore for the rest of the week. All that being said, I would actually like to do a rotation of these - my trouble is time! Maybe I can just do them on the weekend??

Anyway - hope everyone is having a good weekend!!


Leonana 02-09-20 06:18 PM

Rest day today. Maybe a stretch this evening.

We are going out to eat tonight, dh's sister is in town for a work conference, so we are meeting her this evening at a restaurant. She lives in Chicago, so I guess our 70 degree weather today will be a nice change. Of course, it's supposed to rain Monday and Tuesday, with highs in the 50's. Never fails when you have a relative come into town, lol. But the rest of the week is supposed to be sunny and in the 60's.

Donna, I have checked out video clips of older Firm workouts. I definitely don't think I could do them! Although, I didn't start working out until I was around 53. But I was able to do more back then than I can do now at age 60. But the important thing is that we are still moving!

donnamp 02-10-20 09:27 AM

Hi Everyone,

I'm not as sore from Lean as I thought I would be! I definitely feel it, but I was expecting major DOMs in my triceps, but not too bad.

This morning was:

Essentrics - Total Core and Legs w/ Meg - I only have two more workouts to complete the challenge. I may do a 7 day posture challenge on Essentrics TV next - it is a mix of seasons and other workouts.

My subscription ends on 2/20 and I'm not going to renew - I own so much content on DVD that I can "manage" with that for awhile!

Sherry - I hope you had a nice dinner with your SIL. I watched Dr. Dray's video on Deva Curl (I have curly hair -never used the Deva products, though -too expensive!) and one with her shopping at Walmart. I still enjoy her commentary on skin care issues and products!

waves wishiwasinhawaii....


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