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donnamp 06-01-20 07:40 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today was:

Pahla B - Knee Friendly Strength Workout (20 min)
Ellen - Sweet 15 (cardio/weight circuit) (15 min)
Trifecta Pilates - abs and legs (10 min)

Not much new to report!

Hope everyone has a good day!!


Leonana 06-01-20 11:23 PM

Yesterday was the Fusion Walk from the Strength dvd from the Walk On 3 DVD set. It hit the spot really well.

Today was two You Tube workouts, Strength Training for Bad Backs, and Resistance Training for Bad Backs with the band. I also did some housework and yardwork. I kind of stressed out this weekend, so being busy around the house helped my mood a lot.

Our small tv/dvd player in the bedroom bit the dust a couple of weeks ago. It was probably five years old. I bought a cheap one from Walmart, only $89. The picture isn't the best, but it works for my workouts, and I can still use the Roku I bought last year.

Donna, too funny about your husband. Like you said, sometimes you have to let them come to their realization. I haven't seen Pam in awhile.

Waves to wishiwasinhawaii!

donnamp 06-02-20 07:47 AM

Hi Everyone,

I think I posted in the wrong thread yesterday! Yikes.

I'm feeling stressed - both about my mom's passing and work. I start my new job Monday but I'm sure I'll be doing two jobs for a bit. Nervous about that and also trying to get as much wrapped up as possible this week at the old job. Timing on everything is really bad - but not something I have control over.

DD started her horseback riding lessons again last night - they are keeping the lessons smaller, parents have to stay in their cars (should get interesting when it gets hot!) and masks whenever they are inside. I'm glad she is back to it. They are also going to do a limited summer camp this year so she is going to be a counselor for at least a few weeks - they camp is scaled down and they don't need as many jr counselors, but the owner is going to try to give everyone who is interested a chance to work for a few weeks.

on the workout front:

Ellen - Super Fast Body Blast
Jessica V - Upper Body 1.0 (I've done this one before - no weights, body weight only) and Shoulder Stretch

I have a hard time sticking with any one thing these days so I think I'll just continue to mix it up.

I haven't checked our case count lately -but I suspect it is still climbing state-wide, although where I live it is pretty stable. Riots though in D.C. It is good DH is working from home b/c his building was vandalized.

The world really needs some prayers!

Sherry - my DH lost his phone this morning - in the house. He sometimes drives me crazy. LOL!


wishiwasinhawaii 06-02-20 07:40 PM

Hi! I've been busy with things around the house so I just haven't had a chance to write, but I have been doing Summer of Strength. Today was a long stretching workout, but I didn't have time so I found a shorter one.

The town is doing road work and had to turn the water off, so I had no water for most of the day. It's back on now, thank goodness, but you don't think about these things until you don't have them. When this would happen during the pre-COVID days, I would use the bathroom at a nearby store, but they're all closed so good thing the water wasn't off that long! I also went grocery shopping for the second time since this whole thing started and that went well enough. I'm getting the hang of all the rules now, but I am looking forward to the day when things return to normal--whenever that will be.

I checked and Pam61 hasn't posted anything since January, so I hope she's ok.

Donna, Have they told you how long you'll have to do both jobs? Any news on when your office will reopen? Nothing has been said about mine. It's great your DD is back riding! Camps are scaled back here too. My niece goes to a camp for a week in the summer and I'm not sure what's happening with that.

Sherry, It's good you were able to find a DVD player. I wonder how much longer they'll be making them? I only use mine for Jessica DVDs, LOL.


Leonana 06-02-20 08:15 PM

Nothing for today. My friend and I are back to our Tuesday Senior Day for Goodwill shopping. I wear my mask, although she doesn't. I get a lot of walking in, we went to three Goodwills and Trader Joe's to pick up a salad for lunch. I'm feeling tired today, so don't think I'll get anything in tonight.

We had five nights of protest, with Saturday being the worst. Someone organized a protest in Scottsdale on social media, and they looted a mall. Scottsdale is one of the wealthier cities in our area, so they traveled there. Our governor imposed a curfew on Sunday. However, last night ended peacefully, at 8 p.m., when curfew started, with no arrests. I read that "the crowd, which was smaller than at the earlier protests, dispersed after three officers followed a request from protesters and took a knee, leading to cheers." That was encouraging.

Donna, I'll remember to say a prayer for you that this week and next week go smoothly. I'm glad your daughter can go riding again. I hope your husband finds his phone. And I can relate! My husband lost his house keys - again! I was out today with my friend, with no keys in my purse to get back into the house, because he had taken them. Good thing for him he wasn't there at that moment, lol. Fortunately, I had my car key, which was parked in the driveway, and opened it to use the garage door opener. The back door in the garage wasn't locked, so I was able to get in.

wishiwasinhawaii, I'm glad your water wasn't out long. I always hate it when dh works on our plumbing, lol. I'm glad you are getting the hang of grocery shopping. It's almost like an obstacle course sometimes, trying to avoid people in the aisles!

donnamp 06-03-20 07:49 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today was:

Jessica Valent - Non-Impact HIIT Fundamentals - I enjoyed this one - body weight exercises - squats, lunges, floor work. I nice routine, nothing too over the top. Jessica is 6 months post surgery and I think she is creating gentler workouts for those who have undergone surgeries, babies, etc. I appreciate how honest and straightforward she is. And, this was a good workout for me, nothing too taxing, but enough to feel like I did something.

Trifecta Pilates - Posture & Plank Workout - although that sounds dreadful, it wasn't in that it wasn't all planks, LOL! It was definitely a good one to do to counter all the sitting and forward leaning we do all day.

Yesterday DD and I walked in the evening. it is going to be hot today - so not sure about when we will walk or if we will walk - I may do something inside if it is too miserable outside. I'm trying to get a min of 7K steps a day b/c I'm finding I'm moving less and less w/ working from home.

Sherry and wishiwasinhawaii - I think I'm going to start venturing out on a limited basis, particularly for groceries - the logistics and expense of delivery are getting annoying - but I will definitely wear a mask and take precautions.

As for my job, as of yesterday my boss hadn't figured out yet what is going to happen to my work come Friday. :eek: Maybe we'll figure it out.

Hope everyone has a good day!!


Sherry -thanks for the prayers! I decided re: my mom's stuff - one thing a day - that is all I can handle. I never realized how difficult it would be to turn off cable, cell phone, etc. I guess it is to protect people from fraud, but it is annoying to have to go through all the hoops. :(

wishiwasinhawaii 06-03-20 09:02 AM

Today was a 20 minute fusion workout on the schedule. I like that one. I try to do the DVD workout if it's from a DVD that I own, but I don't have her Feel Good Fusion DVD, so I did the (much shorter) youtube option.

I don't have central A/C, but I ordered a portable A/C for the room I exercise in so I can continue workouts during the summer. I usually end up giving up because it gets too hot in that room. It should be here tomorrow, but it keeps getting delayed, so who knows.

Donna, It's hot here too, and very humid, so it's going to be an indoor day. Grocery shopping really isn't that bad. These are my tips. Hope they help!
  • You don't want to spend too much time in the store, so go to a store you are familiar with so you can find things quickly. Aim to get out in about 20 minutes or less.
  • Around here, not all stores supply wipes, so I bring my own to wipe off the cart. Masks are mandatory here and everyone is wearing them, thank goodness.
  • You probably know that stores have arrows on the floor in the aisles, but some people don't follow the arrows or are confused by them, so don't expect total compliance.
  • Prices are higher on everything than they were pre-COVID, but it's cheaper than ordering for delivery since you aren't paying a delivery fee and tip.
  • When I get home, I wipe everything with wipes. I also spray the inside of my car with Lysol.
  • I have a friend who takes a shower and washes the clothes she was wearing, but I have not been doing that and haven't had any problems. I do take a shower at the end of the day though and wash the clothes that day or the next.

Sherry, You are so right about it being like an obstacle course! I don't understand why people have so much trouble with the arrows. So strange!

donnamp 06-04-20 07:40 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Leslie's Walk 15 - 4 Mile walk - first two miles. If the weather doesn't allow for an outdoor walk later, I will add the 3rd and maybe 4th mile on later today - we'll see how my step count looks. Honestly, I'm using the step count as more of an indication of how much I'm sitting each day - yesterday at the end of the day I barely had 1,000 steps so I did one of Jenny Ford's marching workouts (Texas), b/c it was too hot to walk outside.

Jessica Valent - Renew & Restore - a stretchy routine.

wishiwasinhawaii - thanks for the shopping tips!!

waves, Sherry and pgun!

Hope everyone has a good day!!


Leonana 06-04-20 03:00 PM

Yesterday was Total Body Standing Strength. I am planning on a cardio workout later today, will update. I think I will do the Summer of Strength starting on Monday.

Forecast shows a high of 106 today, 109 tomorrow. Then it shows it cooling down to the 90's by Sunday. Although this cooling down forecast keeps getting pushed back, I'm hoping it does happen!

Donna, echoing the tips already listed. I use a wipe at the store, to wipe my hands after I use the touch pad to pay. I like using my credit card, as I don't have to punch in the pin number. I also wipe my wallet where I touched it, and the part of my card that I touched. I wash my hands when I get home. I change my clothes when I get home, and wash them next time I have a load. I also throw my mask in the laundry basket. Sometimes I hand wash it. But I haven't been wiping any of my groceries. TBH, it's because I never thought of it, and now I'm in a habit of doing it this way. I'm usually in and out of the stores pretty quickly. I find it's better to go in the mornings, afternoons and evenings are more crowded.

wishiwasinhawaii, we love our portable a/c. We bought one from Walmart, and it works really well, sends out a lot of cool air. I think our Arizona room is now the coolest room in the house.

pgun3 06-04-20 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by donnamp (Post 2876512)
Hi Everyone,

waves, Sherry and pgun!

Hope everyone has a good day!!


waves back at everyone too LOL I wish I could get myself out of bed in the morning to workout!!! I'm just so darn tired LOL. After work my feet are killing me...excuses, excuses

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