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donnamp 02-23-20 12:55 PM


Today I did Misty Tripoli's Groove Fit (workout # 1) and Gentle Groovy Yoga - (ended up doing the whole thing even though I had only planned to do one segment.

These were fun for a change of pace!

wishiwasinhawaii - hope you feel better soon!!

Sherry - I hope Jessica keeps up with her You Tube channel! Hopefully her DVD sales help.

Happy Sunday - DD and I will probably walk....


Leonana 02-23-20 05:44 PM

Today was 20 Minute Cardio Sculpting. I'm going to try and add in 15 minutes of yoga this evening, either from Jessica's dvd or you tube.

We had some rain yesterday, which cooled things off, with highs in the lower 60's. Much more rain than we are used to, it rained almost all day. Forecast shows back in the 70's for the second half of next week. I find that it seems cold to me once the highs drop down to the 50's, so I'm glad it's been warmer lately.

wishiwasinhawaii, I'm glad you are feeling better. That's great you don't have to go in next week.

Donna, I hope you and your dd have a nice walk.

donnamp 02-24-20 07:00 AM

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday DD and i ended up taking a walk so I got a good number of steps in.

Today I did Ellen's Yoga Tone - will take a walk at lunch as I have to run to the post office today. And, the weather is nice.

Sherry -funny to hear of the rain in AZ. I keep eyeing the fusion rotation...I really need to try to up the ante on my workouts and that may be a painless way of doing it.......

Waves, wishiwasinhawaii - are you taking the week off or just working from home? I have so much sick leave yet I rarely take off - I do use a lot of it for my DD's dr apptmts and now my mom's and my own....

Hope everyone has a good day!


Leonana 02-24-20 08:59 PM

I did housework and yardwork today, but added in Jessica's 1 Mile Fast Interval Walk in the evening. I did the low impact modifications. I also did 8-Minute Standing Total Full Body Stretch.

Donna, I think the Fusion schedule is a good way to up the intensity. I just can't do the whole schedule in one week and have to pace myself.

donnamp 02-25-20 06:53 AM

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I did get out to walk at lunch - so that was good!

Today I did - Body Groove Fit Workout # 2 and Groovy Pilates Workout # 1.

These are nice for a change of pace. I'm bored with all my other cardio workouts - although you do have to be in a place where you don't mind looking silly when you do these workouts, LOL!

Sherry - Yes, I just have to modify rotations to make them work for me, sometimes I just don't feel like doing what is scheduled or I'm too tired or time crunched or stressed!!

wishiwasinhawaii - I hope you are feeling better!



wishiwasinhawaii 02-25-20 10:51 AM

I'm slowly getting back to normal. Most of the symptoms are better or almost gone, but I am still very tired. I don't think I'll be going back to working out for at least a few weeks.

Donna, I have a ton of sick days so I've been using those, but I worked from home today and will for the rest of the week. I probably should have used another sick day today, but I might use one later in the week, depending on how I'm feeling. The doctor told me that I am still considered contagious and have to stay home this week and my boss completely understood so it's not a problem. I plan to go back to the office on Monday, but am taking the next two days after that off because I have to stay with my niece for a couple of days while her parents and brother go on a college visit.

Waves, Sherry!

Leonana 02-25-20 06:19 PM

Today was Jessica's you tube, Kickboxing Cardio Circuit. The choice was between that and the Cardio Strength workout from WS3. I was thinking WS3 would be too difficult, but the you tube workout was harder than I remembered. I keep forgetting that I can follow Debbie for WS3. The Kickboxing workout had high impact, so I modified, and also moved slower for the strength moves. It is a bit humbling to remember that I used to be able to do this workout when it first came out.

wishiwasinhawaii, I'm glad you are feeling better. That's great you have the option to work from home.

donnamp 02-26-20 06:53 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today was back to Ellen with Modern Interval.

Sherry - yes, that workout is a tough one! I stumbled across one of Jessica's Walk Strong Master Calendars last night- I'm considering try it out....there was a lot of variety in it....

wishinwasinhawaii - good idea to take your time easing back into workouts. The flu really takes a lot out of you and not resting enough definitely makes recovery take longer. Where is your nephew looking? My DD is now talking about a gap year so she can work on her art portfolio and apply to art school. Honestly, I think she would end up wasting time - I'm ok with her living at home and commuting to college and getting a PT job - but I'm not ok with her sitting home to work on her portfolio. I think she needs to be around like minded and motivated people in order to get it done and that would mean being in school at least part time. *sigh* to think I though the baby years were hard. Teen years are worse at least for me!!!

I'm working from home today - so hopefully I can get a lot done.

Happy Wednesday!


wishiwasinhawaii 02-26-20 05:21 PM

So happy I get to stay home and fully rest. I went out earlier to pick up a few things and I'm feeling almost back to normal now.

Donna, My nephew is very close to making a college decision. I think he'll know in another couple of weeks. There is one college he should hear from by Friday, which is the last one he's waiting on. I agree your DD taking a gap year sounds more like a waste of time and possibly a stall tactic. She could easily take classes and at least get those out of the way.

Sherry, I don't think I've done the Kickboxing Cardio Circuit workout, but I'll have to give it a try--not anytime soon, lol.

donnamp 02-26-20 05:52 PM

wishiwasinhawaii - Yup! :)

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