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Leonana 02-10-20 08:39 PM

I started February Fusion today. I did Cardio Mat Fusion 2, I think it was made seven years ago. Definitely faster paced! Lots of overhead arm movements and plie squats. I had to slow it down a bit near the end. It really got my heart rate up. On Wednesday, I will sub my Tai Chi class for the fusion cardio.

Donna, I did watch the Walmart video, but my hair is very straight, so didn't watch the Deva Curl. The title of the video sounds like it was controversial somehow, lol. And thanks, we had a nice time at dinner. It was a Mexican restaurant, and was pretty good. Although, kind of modern, trendy Mexican, and I prefer the regular old fashioned Mexican food. Although, technically I guess any Mexican food here in the U.S. is not really authentic anyway, lol.

Leonana 02-11-20 08:57 PM

Today was the 30 Minute Fusion Sculpt from You Tube. It's also Goodwill Tuesday, my friend and I hit a couple of Goodwills later in the morning. Senior Discount, one positive of being over 55, lol.

donnamp 02-12-20 07:02 AM

Hi Everyone,

I have to catch up:

Monday evening I did Jessica's Dance Walk from her first Walk On set. I liked it! Good to re-visit these.

Yesterday I did Essentrics Calorie Burning and Lower body with Gail. It was too miserable to walk outside yesterday and last night I just didn't have the time or energy for anything else.

Today, so far, was Essentrics Full Body Stretching with Miranda.

I completed the challenge! It definitely did help w/ aches and pains and I need to be more consistent with adding it in regularly. I own a lot of content, so I don't need to subscribe to ETV on a regular basis, although I may from time to time to try out their new "exclusive" workouts. I may start a 7 day posture challenge while my subscription is still active.

Unfortunately, I think I caught the crud that is going around. I don't feel awful but I don't feel good either. Hopefully it will be short lived!! This may end up being a rest and recovery week.

Sherry- I think the Deva controversy is that some are claiming it is making their hair fall out. Dr. Dray's explanation was that the Deva products do not adequately cleanse the hair/scalp so build up occurs, etc. I never used Deva so I can't say. I generally use regular shampoos/conditioners on my curly hair. Sometimes I will just wet my hair and condition it - rather than shampoo it every time. I've become so cynical in my old age - I think the whole Deva "no poo" thing is just a marketing ploy to get people to buy their stuff! For curly hair I think the most important thing to do is leave it alone (minimal styling) and keep it moisturized. I think there are plenty of regular drugstore shampoos that will do that!

I sent Pam a PM but haven't heard back.

waves, wishiwasinhawaii.

I'm glad to be working from home today -


p.s. I think I may start February Fusion at some point......I'll wait until I see what happens with this cold virus though!

wishiwasinhawaii 02-12-20 10:53 AM

Sorry I haven't been checking in. I've been working late because I'm leaving on a trip and needed to finish a bunch of things before I go. I don't know if I'll be able to do any formal workouts while I'm away, but I will try!

Donna, Hope you feel better. I'm not thrilled to be flying with all this scary virus news, but I guess we can't hide in our houses either.

Waves, Sherry!

Leonana 02-12-20 05:12 PM

Today was my Tai Chi class. I enjoyed it and I think my balance is getting better. I even came out of introverted shell and chatted a little bit, lol.

Donna, Dr Dray's explanation sounds similar to what happened with WEN hair care. The theory was that the build up was causing hair to break. I have a friend that swears by WEN. But I don't know, her hair isn't a ringing endorsement to me, lol. I can't use it anyway, with my fragrance allergy. I wish I could use drugstore shampoo, but they don't make fragrance free. I am using Free and Clear, but it doesn't lather well, they took everything out that works, lol. The Paula's Choice shampoo is the best, but pricey.

wishiwasinhawaii, good luck with your trip. I'm sure you will be fine. I've read that there are only 13 cases in the US with no deaths. But I'm sure I'd be stressed too.

Leonana 02-13-20 09:52 PM

Today was no workout, but Iíll do a short Jessica stretch. I was just too tired today, plus I did two hours of filing. I over did it yesterday, with the Tai chi class and housework and yard work. I was on my feet a lot. I guess I canít do it all! But I still want to do February fusion, but it will take me longer than four weeks.

donnamp 02-14-20 06:57 AM


I got sick...weird b/c I never get sick in the winter! But, I guess whatever DD brought home was extra contagious.

So, yesterday was nothing....just didn't feel up for it.

Today was a 30 min deep stretch from CocoLime

I hope to be back to some sort of routine over the weekend.

Sherry - yes, sometimes rotations will just take longer to finish up since we have to live life, too!!!

waves, wishiwasinhawaii - I think this is a very "sick" winter season - at least around here!


Leonana 02-14-20 11:10 AM

Donna, sorry you are sick and hope you feel better soon. And thanks! Good to know I’m not alone on doing a rotation slowly. I started thinking something was wrong with me! Today I did Day 3 of the Fusion Schedule, and did the Toning Walk from the 30 Day Walk on. The band workout felt good, and I also slowed down some of the walking. I don't think I'll do Day 5, which is either a step strength workout or the WS3 Metabolic workout. Too hard for me right now, I'll have to sub something else.

I watched a video by Kenna, who is a biochemist in the skincare industry, on Deva Curl. It was really interesting. She doesn’t think not washing could cause these issues, and theorizes that it could be adulterated essential oils. Here’s the link. There was an interesting comment from a poster who claimed to work there who said the company always had problems, but the majority of people with problems increased as they became more popular. They mysteriously said it wasn’t the no poo method or adulterated essential oils, and gave the impression the company had been doing something else shady. Interesting! I really enjoy Kenna’s videos, she’s very knowledgeable.

I checked Dr Dray’s comment section, and it seems people were unhappy with her video. They felt she didn’t do enough research, as a lot of people who used the products were also using another clarifying shampoo.

Leonana 02-16-20 10:17 PM

Yesterday was WS1 360 Abs. I forgot how much I loved that one.

No workout today. This morning we went out to breakfast with friends, then this afternoon I prepped our Arizona room for painting, mainly cleaning the walls and baseboards. DH did some repair work on one of the walls, and it needs painting. We use it as a computer room, and sort of library with bookcases. Tomorrow Iíll be painting, so that will most likely be my workout.

donnamp 02-17-20 08:56 AM

Hi Everyone,

Sorry to be MIA - this virus was a nasty one!

On Saturday I spent most of the day either in bed or on the couch - but I did manage to do Essentrics - Body Reshaping and Posture w/ Amanda.

Sunday was CocoLime Mat Workout (CocoLime is moving off You Tube - moving on to vimeo with a $6.95 per month subscription price. Sad about that - but i expect lots of instructors will move towards paid subscriptions.....)

Monday - so far has been CS 1102 Posture Workout - and Jessica Valent - Love Your Body Pilates Workout.

I'm loosely following the Essentrics 7 Day Posture challenge - most of the content in the challenge is content i own, so I'm going to cancel my subscription.

I'm going to take it on the easy side this week as I don't want to start feeling sick again. Resting on Saturday was the ticket to feeling better b/c there was a big improvement between Saturday and Sunday. I'm sure I ran myself down by going to work, etc. while being sick - but sometimes you just have no choice.

Glad I have the day off today, though.

Sherry - good luck painting!! I guess an Arizona room is like a Florida room, LOL!

Thanks for the link!

While laying around I came across another "mature" skin care You Tuber - Graceful Beauty - I liked the videos i have watched so far - she seems pretty practical and down to earth!

waves, wishiwasinhawaii!


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