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Gams 07-21-19 09:43 AM

? for anyone with Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s Strength and Stamina
I just got this one and was going to do it this morning, but there’s no music! There’s music during the intro and before and after the warm and workouts, but no music during the warm up or workouts. What’s up with that? I won’t like it without music. Bummer.

Gams 07-21-19 09:48 AM

P.S. The music “on” button is definitely selected.

Dorothy J 07-21-19 10:58 AM

Well, that's a puzzle. There's definitely music on my Strength & Stamina dvd.

If you got it directly from, I bet Kelly would replace it for you.

Gams 07-21-19 10:58 AM

Never mind- must be an issue with my DVD player because I put Plateau Buster in and had the same problem. The good news is that I didn’t give up and put Start Here in and it worked!

carly 07-21-19 12:42 PM

If you have a computer and/or separate sound system speakers hooked up to your TV the no audio can be a "temporary settings glitch" or "hickup" in the system that is often resolved by turning your TV and electronics off and restarting. Always worth investigating before replacing something or returning a DVD.

Gams 07-21-19 12:48 PM

Thanks, Carly!

marki64 07-21-19 08:53 PM

I just wanted to chime in and say that I love this dvd! Her best IMO.

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