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wishiwasinhawaii 01-05-20 01:04 PM

Today is a rest day so I'm focusing on more decluttering and getting ready to go back to work tomorrow. I did go for a walk indoors today and will probably ride my exercise bike later. It's sunny out, but very windy, so I'm staying in!


Leonana 01-05-20 10:06 PM

Nothing until this evening around 9:00 p.m. I did two of Jessica's Walk and Talks, the one on New Year's Resolutions from January 2018 and the newest one on Stress.

Donna, I'm still toying with trying Curology. Even though what I'm using is working okay. I always want something new, lol. That's great you are using up your products. I just ordered some more Hado Labo sunscreen from Amazon. That one is my favorite. I'm currently using the Eucerin. I've heard The Inkey List Vitamin C Serum is good, I think that's the one Lab Muffin recommended. I've backed off Vitamin C serums, but maybe I'll try that one.

wishiwasinhawaii, I'm now wishing I had kept my exercise bike. I gave it to Goodwill, but I had bought it used off of Craigslist. It wasn't fancy but it worked. I haven't been getting outside lately, and I think I'd use it now.

donnamp 01-06-20 08:47 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Ellen - Lifted & Lean.

I always go back to her for my comfort food workouts. I didn't sleep well last night and this one fit the bill. I like her weekly schedule for this week and may follow it and incorporate some outdoor walks as the weather allows.

Sherry - good for you for getting the walks in later in the day - I usually quit by then!

wishiwasinhawaii - hope the decluttering went well. It is nice to start off with a clean slate. I need to do more at home as well. I will make a list of the areas in my house that need work and I will get through them a little at a time this year.

Pam - waves, how are you?


Leonana 01-06-20 04:03 PM

I decided to try the January Jump Start challenge. Jessica sent it in an email this morning, I think it originally came out a year ago. You can choose either a you tube workout or a dvd workout. One seems to be less intense than the other, so that's the one I'll choose most likely. I did the Get Strong Strictly Strength workout. I used 5 and 8 pounds, although I sub the 5's for overhead moves.

donnamp 01-07-20 09:00 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today was: Ellen - Fusion Flow. For some reason, this is one that I don't reach for very often but it came up on her weekly schedule for this week - so I got it in. I do enjoy it so I'm not sure why I don't grab it more often.

I did take a walk yesterday and hope to get one in today before the weather gets bad (supposedly we are in for a little snow - but who knows, it is sunny right now!)

Sherry and wishiwasinhawaii - the January Jump Start does look good. Maybe one day I will get around to it! :)

Waves, Pam - how are you feeling? Any progress?


Leonana 01-08-20 12:19 AM

Well, I came down with a bad cold yesterday. So no workout today. I guess I jinxed it by starting a rotation! Hopefully, I can get back to it in a few days.

donnamp 01-08-20 07:44 AM

Hi Everyone,

Because my step count was so low yesterday, when I got home (I left work a little bit early b/c we did actually get snow yesterday!) I did two of the 15 min walks from Jessica's 15 Min Fat Blaster DVD. I did the first two - can't remember the titles!!! But, I was reminded about how much I enjoy Jessica and how nice that bright scenery is in the winter!

This morning I had some extra time b/c schools are delayed by two hours so I did Jessica's Feel Good Fusion - Strength. Although I don't find her workouts to be a "zen" as Ellen's I enjoy the scenery, Jessica, and the more athletic approach sometimes.

I see Classical Stretch has posted their winter health challenge - it looks like some thought went into it in terms of building yourself up over the 4 week challenge. There is a bit of repetition in it and the workouts, at least initially, look like they are on the easier side - but it makes sense since it looks like it was designed to be progressive in nature. I'm tempted to follow it!

Sherry - I'm sorry you are sick! I know what you mean - as soon as I decide to do something I either no longer want to do it or something happens that derails me! January Jump Start does look like a good rotation, though, w/ a lot of variety. Maybe....if I don't jinx myself.



wishiwasinhawaii 01-08-20 09:21 AM

I've been sticking with my homemade Jessica rotation, but I'm working from home today, tomorrow and Friday so I'm going to start the January Jump Start later today. I don't normally WFH on Wednesday, but my boss is away and she was ok with it, so I'm happy to stay home. A lot of people in the office are sick so I'd like to stay away!

Donna, We didn't get any snow here. I guess it all stayed south. It's colder today though and it's supposed to get very windy later. I didn't know about the Classical Stretch challenge, so I checked it out and it looks interesting, but I'm not a subscriber. Classical Stretch is on PBS here so I just do that.

Sherry, Sorry to hear you're sick. I had a bad cold last month, but it thankfully didn't last more than a few days. Feel better!

Leonana 01-08-20 12:58 PM

I signed up for Tai Chi at our local Parks and Rec for over 50. I feel better this morning, but not sure if I should go or not. I'm leaning towards not, as I'm still not over my cold completely. There is no email or phone number for the instructor, but I guess I'll notify the Parks and Rec I have to miss this class.

Monday I committed to the rotation, signed up for this class, then made an appointment for blood donation on Tuesday. Then promptly came down with a bad cold in the afternoon, lol. But I do feel a lot better today, so crossing my fingers I'm okay tomorrow.

donnamp 01-08-20 01:45 PM

Tai Chi sounds great, Sherry! I hope you feel better soon.

wishiwasinhawaii - our snow was good - it didn't stick to the roads, but it got places to close earlier - I left early to get home before it got dark. Our traffic is horrible under regular conditions, when it snows it is a nightmare.

Ever since that happened, the Fed Gov't closes early and just about everyone else allows employees to leave early!

I started watching some of the videos for Jump Start January and they look to be above my level right now. I spent 2019 taking it easy! I'm still not ready mentally to do anything too taxing.

I may consider the CS Health Challenge, although I would have to subscribe to streaming for a month - I don't have all of the DVDs included in the challenge, but I like the way it is laid out and I was thinking I could add on some good outdoor scenery workouts on to them.

Or, I may change my mind again...


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