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donnamp 02-18-20 06:57 AM

Hi Everyone,

I ended up sleeping in this morning - had a sinus headache overnight - and still have one now - I think it is due to the changing weather - it is supposed to rain today and yesterday DD and I took a long walk outdoors. I don't think that was the smartest move on my part as it wiped me out - but I really like to keep her busy and off social media as much as I can, so when she suggested it - I went for it.

Depending on time and energy and how I feel I may do something this evening.

Hope everyone has a good day!!

I have a ton of issues to deal with at work.

Oh - on a happy note, I got an offer on my mom's condo already. it is a full price offer - no weird contingencies other than a home inspection. Hopefully all will sail through peacefully.

Hope everyone has a good day!


Leonana 02-19-20 10:34 PM

Monday was three hours of painting. Fortunately, my friend helped me, or it would have been more. I got some paint on the tile floor, so another half hour of scrubbing that off. Then pulling some weeds in the evening. Yesterday was a rest day, but I did some light housework and it was our usual Goodwill shopping, so we get some steps in. Today was my Tai Chi class, and some more weed pulling. I have to keep up once it gets warm, or our gravel front yard will be overrun. It's been in the 70's for a high lately.

Donna, that's great you got a full price offer on the condo. I'm glad you are feeling better. That's too bad about Cocolime Fitness going to Vimeo. I have watched Graceful Beauty in the past, but unsubbed for some reason. I'm fickle, I guess! I recently subbed to Robert Welch for makeup, his brother James Welch for skincare, and Hiram for skincare. I guess I wanted to see what the male contingent had to say, lol. I'm not sure what a Florida room is, but an Arizona room is an enclosed patio off the backyard. My dh enclosed it, and built another patio off to the east side of it. We use it as a computer room/office/library. It really needed to be painted, I think it's been 10 years since it had been done! I have touched up the house periodically, especially baseboards, so it doesn't look too bad. But I think I'd like to paint our dining room. Take it slow, one wall at a time. We have vaulted ceilings in the dining and living rooms, so not an easy task to paint it.

donnamp 02-20-20 06:53 AM


Playing catch up:

Tuesday evening I did CS 1003

Yesterday was Ellen's Power Fusion and today was Ellen's Prayer Flow. Yes, back to an Ellen kick!

I'm still not feeling great - this cold is a butt kicker! :)

Sherry - your painting job sounds like a workout - I bet it looks nice. I think that is a Florida room, too! My DH's co-worker is looking to retire to AZ. I think I would like to as well! Who knows...a lot depends on where my DD goes to college and what ends up happening with her - but MD is too expensive to live in as a retiree - so once we are both retired we'll be moving, I'm sure.

I have watched Hiram, too. I think Graceful Beauty has had cosmetic surgery - not sure, but some videos are titled that way. I'm not interested in that for myself...

Hope everyone has a good day -

waves, wiishiwasinhawaii!


Leonana 02-20-20 09:51 PM

Today was a rest day. I did do my volunteer filing for two hours. I think it's the Tai Chi that wears me out! I'm now going to take Thursdays as a rest day, instead of Sundays. I thought the Tai Chi would be really easy, but it takes more out of you than you realize.

Donna, I'm sorry you're still suffering with the cold. Hopefully, it will be gone soon. I struggled with mine for three weeks, and finally had to stop working out until I was over it completely. I kept setting myself back. I think I stopped watching Graceful Beauty because her IG account wasn't my cup of tea. She is really into Keto. But I should subscribe to her channel again, I did like her skincare videos.

donnamp 02-21-20 07:58 AM

Sorry - quick check in again. I think I have turned a corner, first day w/out a sinus headache!

I did Ellen's Fusion Floor today - I enjoyed it - it is one of my least used Ellen workouts and when it first came out I didn't love it - but now, it seems to work for me. I did modify some of the reps/pace on my own.

Sherry - I guess T'ai Chi is a sneaky workout!!!

Be back later - lots to do today.....


wishiwasinhawaii 02-21-20 12:01 PM

I came back from my vacation on Wednesday and then started feeling sick. I went to the doctor this morning and she did a flu test and it came back positive so I have the flu. Yuck! I'm on Tamiflu now so we'll see if that does anything for the symptoms. I got a flu shot so not sure how this happened.

So I won't be doing any exercising for at least a week, but I'll still check in to see how you're all doing.

Donna, glad to hear you have an offer on the condo already!

Sherry, I took a Tai Chi class years ago and was surprised at how much of a workout it was.

Leonana 02-21-20 08:28 PM

Today was two you tube workouts, Back Friendly Strength and 12 Minute Low Impact Cardio Blast. I think Jessica did them when she was newly pregnant, and they are just about my speed nowadays! But I feel like I got a good workout in.

Donna, I'm glad your headache is gone. Yes, I guess Tai Chi is sneaky!

wishiwasinhawaii, I'm so sorry you got the flu. I hope the Tamiflu kicks in soon for you.

donnamp 02-22-20 08:29 AM

Hi Everyone,

Another quick check in (sorry)!

Today was:

Ellen's Dance Walk on Grokker - decided to try a little light cardio to see how I would fare - so far, so good. These are nice little workouts, but, honestly, nothing over the top terrific. Ellen's strength is in her fusion workouts and the walking workouts are ok, but not super.

Ellen's Barre Conditioning - this was enjoyable - it is my 2nd or 3rd time doing it.

wishiwasinhawaii - so sorry you have the flu! I guess the strain in the vaccine is different than what is going around. I took tamiflu once and it did really help to knock back the symptoms - the trouble was - I felt better so I didn't rest and it ended up taking me a long time to recover - so just take it easy even if you feel better!

Sherry - nice workouts. Did you see that Jessica re-designed her site? I went over there to look at the February Fusion rotation and it was re-vamped! I am not quite ready to start a formal rotation yet - but that one looks good.

Hope everyone has a good Saturday!


Leonana 02-22-20 06:00 PM

Today was a workout from February Fusion, WS1 Brain Fitness Fun. I finished the first week! Only took me two weeks, lol.

Donna, I did notice Jessica's site. I think it looks nice. You know, I was thinking about Cocolime fitness going to Vimeo, and I know that creators are not getting paid very much from You Tube. I guess I can't blame them for charging for streaming. However, Jessica has a lot of subscribers and views, so she makes more money than the average fitness person. Hopefully, that means there will still be free content on You Tube, but I will still buy her releases. Although, I would certainly understand if she went to streaming, and would sign up for it.

wishiwasinhawaii 02-23-20 08:13 AM

The Tamiflu is definitely doing something because the symptoms are lessening. Still feel tired though, but that's to be expected. I've already told my boss I will not be going to work this week and she is ok with it. Her boss also has the flu, so it's definitely going around.

Donna, thanks for letting me know about your experience with Tamiflu. I will definitely keep that in mind and will continue to take it easy. I haven't had the flu in at least 20 years and have never used Tamiflu before so it's all new to me.

Sherry, I didn't know Jessica had a new site so I checked it out just now. I like it. Her old site looked outdated and this new one is very fresh and inviting. I also wonder if she will go to a streaming model at some point, but I get the impression she still does well with DVDs so maybe she's not going in that direction yet. We'll see.

It looks like we're going to have a couple of nice weather days coming up and it's tempting to go outside, but I will resist!

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