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Aurora C. 08-13-16 05:43 PM

KCM 30 Minutes to Fitness Favorites...
Hi y'all! I recently got into Kettelbell Kickboxing right after a MetaShred rotation thanks to your suggestions! While I loved both and will continue to use them independent of a strict rotation, I'm feeling a bit burnt out on "systems" and seeing the same instructors repeatedly day after day, so I decided to revisit what's already in my extensive exercise DVD library to weed out what stays and what goes at an eventual yard sale, trade or whatever.

I did KCM Plateau Buster 1 today and it brought back how much I love her and the succinctness and efficiency of this 30 Minute series! I see she's got a ton more out since I last bought one and I'm seeking suggestions on the best of the best of these.

My goals, as usual, are strength, endurance, definition and overall body re-composition. I also do all high impact moves on my rebounder just because it's less punishing on my joints, so easily modifiable is a big plus.

Thanks for your input!

bubbles76 08-13-16 06:35 PM

We've got all the same goals :) I think that Muscle Up would probably be a good choice for strength. I also really like Shape Up and Trim Down for endurance.

Taramisu 08-13-16 06:40 PM

KCM is one of my favorite instructors, though I haven't clicked with all of her workouts. My favorites are:

Lean Body Circuits
Cardio Pump
Plateau Buster

I also like Trim Down but need to build up endurance, I do think it moves quickly in some spots. Kickboxing is the one DVD of hers I have had the longest, I pull it out every so often but sometimes struggle with the moves, my issue mainly.

Really, all of her workouts are good, I have tried most of them but the three listed are my very favorites of hers.

Boots 08-13-16 07:03 PM

My favorites are Cardio Blast, Circuit Burn, and Your Best Body.

Cardio Blast-You get an easy to follow step workout and a fun plyometric workout.

Circuit Burn-This dvd covers all the bases for cardio and strength.

Your Best Body-This is a good strength dvd with premixes to include cardio between body parts if you wish. There is also a short yoga section.

Hope that helps!

BigBadBetty 08-13-16 07:37 PM

Please note I am likely to change my mind in a few months:

1. Strength and Stamina is my current favorite. It uses a kettlebell for some parts, but you can use a dumbbell (like Samantha) or skip those sections by using a premix. Also, includes a step workout.
2. Split Sessions - I use a premix that is a full body strength workout.
3. Athletic Conditioning 2 - A mix of cardio/strength with her son and niece. Just fun.

Runners up: Cardio Blast, Stepboxing, Cardio Blast, Weights

The only ones I didn't care for:
1. Trim Down - goes too fast for me to have good form. I am not coordinated.
2. Kickboxing - I am too choreographically challenged.

wendug 08-13-16 08:59 PM

My fave KCM's are Kickboxing, Stepboxing, and Cardio Pump- but I love kickboxing in general. I also like her Circuit Burn, Muscle Up, and Cardio Quick Fix.

PrairieGem 08-13-16 09:52 PM

I love love love love love the strength section from Cardio Pump. I'd been looking for the perfect old-school (gym style??), full-body, not-too-long strength workout for ages now, and stumbled into Cardio Pump around Christmas last year. It's funny, because before this I had *never* liked a KCM strength workout--she has so many weird moves that just feel awkward or unnatural. But Cardio Pump is perfect!! Just basic, familiar moves (squats, deadlifts, lunges, rows, etc) that you work at your own weight and pace. Warm-up to cool-down is 32 minutes and change. There's no abs, but that's ok, b/c there *is* a biceps section, and I have tendonitis so I never work my biceps in isolation. :) So I sub abs for those moves.

The cardio work out is boxing, and it's *fast.* It's fun, but I'm not that coordinated. :D For me, the DVD is all about the weights, but they're both fun.

tiffanywu 08-13-16 11:47 PM

Big fan here :) My favorites are:
  • Muscle Up -- best heavy weights workout ever because it's efficient... I am short on time nowadays and make it a point to do this once a week and I've seen real strength gains as I'm going up to 30 lbs for pullovers and one arm rows, as well as 10-15 lbs for shoulders and 20-25 lbs for chest exercises. Love it!
  • Weights -- mid to heavy weights, fun!
  • Cardio Pump (weights section) -- very efficient, no dread workout
  • Split Sessions -- I use the upper body segment more than the lower body segment as I have tweaky knees and some of the moves can be a bit fast for me... and I do modify the upper body segment by substituting front raises and rear delt raises for upright rows and (sometimes) overhead presses
  • Your Best Body -- lighter weights because there are lots of reps
  • Body Shop (strength-oriented premixes) -- different but not-too-different moves, also efficient
  • Slim Sculpting -- my favorite kettlebell workout because it goes at a good pace, has lots of varied moves that are relatively safer/easier to learn than some other more traditional/advanced kettlebell exercises, easy to substitute a lighter dumbbell for some moves (and there's a modifier showing dumbbell variations) as I usually use an 8 kg/18 lb kettlebell for most moves but not for shoulder-intensive and core exercises (where I switch to 10 or 15 lb dumbbells)
  • Body Training -- I haven't done the floorwork segment yet but the standing work segment is great when I can't drag out any equipment

LizEMA 08-14-16 12:25 AM

OhmyGod, woman, where do I start? :D

In no particular order (I lie, my current favorites are at the top :) )

1. Strength & Stamina, :heart:
2. Lean Body Circuits, :heart:
3. Cardio Pump, as someone else mentioned, AWESOME weights/strength section. I only ever do Kelly's workouts as the combined workout premix, and, in this particular instance, for that premix, the cardio portions are more active recovery for me. I accidentally started just the cardio WO one, though, and, the small portion I did before realizing my mistake seemed to get my heartrate up more than when separated by the strength moves/weight work, which isn't the case for her other workout premixes that alternate strength and cardio.
4. Slim Sculpting!
5. I know you already have Plateau Buster, but I love that WO, too.:)
6. Circuit Burn
7. Your Best Body
8. Shape Up, I normally ETA: am not a fan of tabata WOs -- boring and grueling end ETA-- but Kelly manages to make it FUN. :)
9. Bootcamp
10. TLC is just fun, and the 2nd WO is great for muscle endurance. Some of the moves? Whoa.
11. Love the music in Cardio Blast, which always enhances my pleasure and WO enjoyment. :) Plus, it's a fun WO, as well.

There are actually a fair amount of her WOs I haven't gotten to, yet :o, almost exclusively her straight toning/strength offerings -- I generally prefer SOME cardio in my WOs.

horusosiris 08-14-16 06:02 AM

Some of my favorite KCM workouts are:

Home Gym Intervals- I love being able to change up the cardio equipment that I use
(treadmill, spin bike, rebounder, etc).

Muscle Up- You can go heavy. She uses a weight bench (other use a step for a bench) in this workout.

Body Shop - Nice mix of exercises

Total Body Kickbox- The first workout is all cardio kickboxing. The second work is cardio toning with light weights. I like to do this workout using the premixes that combine parts of both workouts.

Step Boxing- Great cardio workout

Split Sessions- One workout is upper body and the other is lower body. This is good for when you want to do splits (although using KCM's premixes you can do that with her other weight DVDs)

Train Like A Contenderr- This is my favorite boxing workout.

Circuit Burn- Good circuit workout and nice mix of cardio and weight moves

Lift- Has a good olympic lifting workout

Muscle Definition- good endurance workout using light weight and high reps

Weights- Good mix of weight exercises. You can pick active rest (cardio) or no rest between sets . You can also do this with some of KCM's other DVDs (cardio rest, ab work rest between sets)

Lean Body Circuits - 2 great circuit workouts with excellent premixes.

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