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Maryan, Paris 01-04-15 10:48 AM

OT- Veteran VFers, where are you?
I discovered VF in the late 90's and spent many wonderful years getting fitter, gaining knowledge and wisdom about health/exercise/body/mind... and last but not least, getting to know a wonderful bunch of women, and even getting to meet some of you in person, despite living in Paris, France :)

I am still in touch with a few 'veteran' VFers, but now that I am back, I wonder what happened to the rest of you? I remember Rainee, Joan Boadway,KayB, Fitnik, Kathy, a VFEr who taught French in university, etc. etc.

Also many VFers with whom I traded : i still find messages from you in the VHS videos we traded (just found one by KirstyScooby :)

Where are you all?!? Please come and say hello :)

MariC 01-04-15 12:11 PM

Hi Maryan,

I often wonder the same thing myself. I miss some of my old VF friends and wonder how they are doing.


Kathy G 01-04-15 01:28 PM

I still see many veteran posters as well new people who join. Nice mix! :)

Maryan, Paris 01-04-15 01:33 PM

MariC, thanks for your post: so I am not the only one who would like to know how the VF 'old-timers' are doing, whether they still post here or not :)

Hopefully, some of us have stayed in touch off-line and can share news about other VFers?

Barb L 01-04-15 02:42 PM

Hi, Maryan. I am certainly vintage VF. I've been away for a while due to major life changes, including NO home workout space. Now I'm back in a house, and gearing up to become my old VF self. I want those guns back, even if I am eight years older!

Collage Video is probably having a party to welcome me back:love:

Best wishes.

Maryan, Paris 01-04-15 02:46 PM

Heyyyy BarbL, congratulations on your new DH and your new home :):):)!

And don't worry about getting older, after all I am older too and here I am, back to being a student again (major career change).

So glad to hear from you!!! Great minds, I just responded to your post on the vintage dust bunnies thread: looking forward to reading your posts.

Jennifer R 01-04-15 04:12 PM

I'm still here too, although I don't post as prolifically as I used to. Hi Barb! Still being consistent with working out although I don't step as much as I used to. Loving my rebounder!

Maryan, Paris 01-04-15 04:15 PM

Jennifer, it's great that you've kept the same avatar, the bellydancing palm tree :)

Susan G. 01-04-15 04:21 PM

Hi Maryan. I qualify as an old-timer. I turned 50, then 60 while on this board. Hope all is well.

Jennifer R 01-04-15 05:44 PM

That's funny, Susan. I was already over 40 when I found VF, and I've also turned 50, then 60, then some here!

Joni O 01-04-15 05:47 PM

VF was founded in 1996 and I think I joined shortly after that. I know one of the software updates caused our join dates to change, so I've actually been here longer than 2001. I turned 50 in 2003, but I turned 40 before I joined.

I know there are several old timers - and old Friday-night-chatters - that don't post anymore.

Jennifer R 01-04-15 05:52 PM

Delete--misunderstood another post

Kiwi Katie 01-05-15 12:32 AM

I've been a lurker and only occasional poster - way back to 1996. Back in those days it was very expensive getting videos from the US to New Zealand so I relied heavily on VF reviews and general chat to avoid costly mistakes!

Some of the names that stick in my mind are: Mandy Lee, Maryann Parker, Roberta Kagno, Renee D, Dawn Henson, Christine Letsky, and Joni O of course. Most of those names can still be found in the reviews section. Now and then when I'm lurking I often wonder what became of those ladies and if they are still here under different names.

Kate :-)

KarenJo 01-05-15 05:40 AM

I've been around since '99 and the 'Temporary' software phase. I was off dealing with an ill father when the last software change happened so I didn't get a November 2001 join date because I couldn't trust the connection I was on not to fowl up my reenrollment. I also started in my mid-40s and just turned 60.

Renee D went to graduate school in Public Health and stopped posting

Rainee posted that her dad had had a health scare and she needed to spend more time in her non-digital world and never came back

Joan Boadway is no longer named Boadway but still posts occasionally under diavalobella

Mandy Lee is still around but doesn't post as often. Her kids are mostly all grown up.

Joanna teaches French at a university in Canada and recently got married.

susan p is in nursing school but still works out and posts occasionally

If you search on a poster's name and get to their public info page it will have the date of their last post. It used to also show the last time they were on the site but I don't think it does any longer. People do sometimes change their screen name, though, especially if they started with their real name and no longer feel comfortable with that or if they were gone long enough to forget their log-in info and reregistered.

Maryan, Paris 01-05-15 08:58 AM

Joni O, thanks for your post, I remember you very well :)

And KarenJo, thank you for giving us these news. I am sorry Renee D is not posting anymore, she was a keen bellydancer and I liked her reviews and infos.

It's great that most of the VFers you mention are still around and still post from time to time.

Joni O 01-05-15 09:46 AM

Roberta Kagno hasn't been around in years. I think she was from Boston and disappeared from VF years ago.

Maryann Parker and I used to email all the time. Haven't heard from her in years.

Diavolobella 01-05-15 10:32 AM

I'm still here! :) I got divorced in 2003 and stopped using the user name Joan Boadway (since I took back my maiden name). I don't post as much, but I still work out and I can sometimes be found on the Exchange forum. I really should start posting more often, I suppose. I still use The Firm and Ellen Barrett, but also some other instructors and I became a runner over the years and run regularly in addition to DVD workouts.

Anyway, thanks Joni O for letting me know about this thread! :)

Barb L 01-05-15 10:59 AM

It's lovely to reconnect with all of you! Not to mention my VF self.

After trying to make a go of using the very nice fitness room at my condo, I finally realized that I needed people--and music--to make those workouts motivating. I joined the Y. But they kept switching instructors and workout styles to fit the fashion--and to chisel the pay of the trainers, if you ask me!

I did hot yoga for a year or so. Felt good, but rather expensive.

Then I met Mr. Fabulous. This has been very good for my heart, but not so good for my fitness. I didn't entirely abandon my good habits. But right now I'm in a restorative mode. Totally about vanity and fitting into my "cute" clothes.

Videos have always been the most convenient and effective way for me to maintain the exercise habit. I'm still grateful to WWWendy for keeping the door open for wanderers. So...I'm back.

Best wishes.

Joni O 01-05-15 03:38 PM

Barb, I recognize your avatar from way back when. :-)

It's interesting to go through the reviews and see all the names of people who haven't posted in years. I know some people moved on to other things like running, gym workouts, etc., but so many seem to have just vanished. :confused:

VF has been through a lot in the last 15+ years that I've been here. I've met some people I consider to be good friends here and had a huge amount of fun meeting and working out with lots of other VFers at various events over the years.

Paula N 01-05-15 04:53 PM

I always seemed to have a lot of the same workout tastes as Deanna ('vidiot for life') and would look for her opinions and recommendations on workouts. I acquired a few tapes and DVDs based on her comments I have not seen her post in years.

hdw 01-05-15 05:21 PM

Was the french teacher Kathryn?

Maryan, Paris 01-05-15 05:23 PM


Originally Posted by hdw (Post 2485556)
Was the french teacher Kathryn?

Yes, Kathryn! I always have a problem remembering names.
Have you heard from her? We used to trade a lot, it was great fun.

wendy2 01-05-15 06:47 PM

I was just thinking of Kathryn this morning. She disappeared a few years ago, I think. I remember some posts from her on a vitamix thread either here or on Cathe's site, but that's the last I remember seeing her post.

Was there a Cleda? Really in to spinning? I've never been a frequent poster, but I remember all the names being mentioned in this thread. Hope all are well and just got busy with life...

sherry7899 01-05-15 07:21 PM

Cleda is still here and posts on the "everyday" check in. :)

Joni O 01-05-15 07:42 PM

I'm friends with Deanna on Facebook, but I haven't seen her post here in a long time.

KayB 01-05-15 08:09 PM

Hi, Maryan!
I'm still here! Dh & I retired to the mountains of TN ten years ago. Seems the majority of my workouts turned into functional fitness, building our home & living the country life.
I've been participating in the "Everyday in..." check-in for years. Yes, Cleda is there too.
Currently I'm side tracted recovering from breast cancer surgery two weeks ago, but hope to get back on track soon.

Stac 01-05-15 08:12 PM

Nice to see so many veteran VFers
I joined sometime in 1997, I think. I remember because I had just gotten my first "real" job and couldn't afford to keep my gym membership and pay off law school debt (and my job had me working long hours). I learned so much from the forum.

I didn't post often, but I do still scan the threads. I mean VFers still give the best reviews on workout DVDs and know all the news. I am really happy to see so many familiar names in this thread. And I do miss some of the folks listed. I also miss the Minnesota get togethers. Joni, have you kept in touch with Suzanne or Janet or anyone else? Stac

Deanna 01-06-15 06:16 AM


Originally Posted by Paula N (Post 2485541)
I always seemed to have a lot of the same workout tastes as Deanna ('vidiot for life') and would look for her opinions and recommendations on workouts. I acquired a few tapes and DVDs based on her comments I have not seen her post in years.

Joni directed me to this thread! I don't think I have attempted to login to VF in...well...years! Thank you for remembering me!! Very sweet of you!! As to my life? Lots of twists and turns. The last year or so of VF (2006-2007) I was going through an ugly divorce, had all but given up my vidiot workouts, and was only walking (or hiking!) with my dog. It felt silly to continue with the CCTB check-in ("I walked the dog, AGAIN"). I finally found my way back to my videos a little over 2 years ago. I hesitate to return to VF because I have not acquired any new videos since 2007 (gasp, the horror!) or so and I know I would feel lost in the discussion.

Paula N 01-06-15 06:54 AM

Deanna! So good to hear from you! I really did to seem to like a lot of the workouts you raved about, so there are definitely a few in my collection that I tried for that reason.

You should check out the vintage / dustbunny thread.

With the exception of a few recent Cathe's, almost all the workouts I own are pre-2010, so don't worry about feeling out of place.

Deanna 01-06-15 07:18 AM


Originally Posted by Paula N (Post 2485740)
Deanna! So good to hear from you! I really did to seem to like a lot of the workouts you raved about, so there are definitely a few in my collection that I tried for that reason.

You should check out the vintage / dustbunny thread.

With the exception of a few recent Cathe's, almost all the workouts I own are pre-2010, so don't worry about feeling out of place.

Thanks, Paula! I just pulled out IMAX (the original) the other day. And...thoroughly enjoyed it :sun:

I'll try to find the vintage thread! Thanks.

Vintage VFer 01-06-15 12:06 PM

Hi, Maryan!

I'm still here! I've been through some name changes and a lot of other changes.

But, I'm still here! :sun:

Vintage VFer (aka Alta)

horusosiris 01-06-15 01:32 PM

I miss DaisySunshine and her posts. Has anyone heard from her?

sherry7899 01-06-15 02:29 PM

Daisysunshine is active on Facebook. She is very sweet as always. I will pass along a message if you would like.

Helen S 01-06-15 02:50 PM

I also started posting in the 90's. I was in my 30's and now I'm in my early 50's. Yes, a lot of the VFers that you mentioned don't post anymore. I do notice that some veteran VFers don't post in GD or they don't post as much. However, they are active in their check-ins.

Maryan, Paris 01-06-15 04:40 PM

Thank you everyone for replying to this thread, I am so glad that despite life's ups & downs many of us are still there :)

Alta, I remember you, who could forget your avatar ;)

Kay, I do wish you a speedy recovery and send you a big hug across the ocean.

horusosiris 01-08-15 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by sherry7899 (Post 2485929)
Daisysunshine is active on Facebook. She is very sweet as always. I will pass along a message if you would like.

:) Yes, please could you give her a message that she is really missed on VF. :) Thanks!

Cleda 01-08-15 10:55 PM

Still here ....
Joni: You've been busy directing us old veterans to this thread! ;)

although, I have to admit, I don't FEEL like a veteran. Until everyone starts talking about Friday Night Chats or road trips or get togethers. Or I see old pictures.

I was a spinning freak. Went on to many long distance cycling adventures. Sadly, haven't been on my bike in 15 months. I will get back to it.

I still buy dvds. . . once a vidiot ..... although lately I'm trying to slow up a little bit. Way into KCM. She works for me, is brief and that's about all I have time for.

Barb - loved seeing your avatar. This is like a high school reunion!
Kay - Had no idea you were in TN for 10 years already. HOW ON EARTH DID THAT HAPPEN????

Yes, I sporadically check in to the Every Day in check in. Daphne and I text (when I'm on the exercise wagon) and Sherry pops in every now and then to make sure I'm around. . .

That's about it.
(Oh and I still talk a lot).


sunnyside 01-09-15 03:06 PM

I'm a veteran since 2002. I lurked before that. I'm mostly in the check-in section, but have taken a break from that as well. This and the Jane Fonda thread is bring back a lot of fun workout memories.:)

JackieB 01-09-15 06:24 PM

I think I joined a year or two after my first son was born so maybe in 1999 or 2000. I took a break and came back...ended up as my join date of 2005. I've been around for first workouts were Firm Volumes 1 and 2 on VHS.

seagreen01 01-09-15 09:36 PM

I've been around since the nineties and rejoined with the forum changes. Just reading about some of the people who used to be here is bringing back a lot of memories. I's great to see some familiar names and faces appearing in this thread and reminds me of times when workouts seemed more fun. Working out sometimes feels like a more serious business these days so I go back to oldies for fun.

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