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Mollie F. 01-04-16 08:24 PM

I date back to 1998 or 1999, and I remember the Friday night chats. I also remember most of the people who are posting in this thread!

I did some moving around, got out of shape, and am finally getting back to the exercise habit. I've been lifting in the gym, but use my videos for cardio and stretching (and some of them are vintage as well--they're actually videos--VHS!).

I was thinking about you, Barb, just the other day. Funny to encounter you again--and congratulations on Mr. Fabulous!

Hilary 01-04-16 08:39 PM

Hi Maryan, I'm somewhat a veteran ... been here since 2000. And I'm coming to stay in Paris for three weeks in May and June. On pourrait se rencontrer, peut-etre?

SeptemberGirl 01-04-16 09:39 PM

I guess I'm considered a veteran here too since I joined in 2002. I used to post a lot in the beginning and came from the old FIRM Believers message board back in the late 90s. Off and on throughout the years, I tried to pop in here at VF to keep up with topics but life got in the way and I've had long stretches of time where I wouldn't post. As a result from inconsistently participating (totally my fault), I often now feel at times like I don't fit in and have any connections with anyone here. Would love to change that. In a way, my approach to fitness has had a lot of inconsistency too and it's been a tough journey staying motivated. Regardless, I'm still appreciative of the knowledge and advice everyone here has.

Chris T. 01-04-16 11:07 PM

Been a VFer since late 1997!
I spent my late 20's with VF, all of my 30's, and now the first 5 years of my 40's! VF turned me onto Cathe, CIA, Kari Anderson, Amy Bento, rebounding, Beachbody, yoga, Pilates, Kettlebells, Barre workouts, Classical Stretch, Essentrics, Patrick Goudeau, and others! I said on another recent thread about how long we've been on VF that VF has the kindest, nicest, most supportive people on the Interwebs. A big thanks to Wendy for having the foresight to create rules to keep this forum nice and supportive, when so many places have devolved into nastiness and trolls. Love VF!!

sherry7899 01-05-16 06:10 AM


Originally Posted by Daphne M (Post 2597982)
Hi fellow old-timers, it's nice to see the old names all showing up in one place. My VF history dates back to 1997, which seems unbelievable. Time has flown!

VF is so big that we've developed lots of micro-communities through the various check-ins, but I still recognize many of the names here. Just looking on this page alone, there's Barb L! And Nora (yes you definitely qualify;) and Sherry who probably doesn't remember sending me a bunch of old Kathy Smith videos when my elementary-school aged daughter wanted to try some basic stepping. That kid is in college now. (And loves her zumba and strength training classes but has never clicked with any DVDs, sniff sniff.) And Jennifer R -- living the good life in Hawaii -- yep, good memories.

Daphne-you are right, I don't remember :D Wow, your daughter is in college now?! Time really flew!

I miss people from the first check in I joined-meggie, sabresfan, bdandy and nicky.

Beth is on facebook, so I know she is doing well, but I wonder about the others.


Barb L 01-05-16 01:08 PM

The gang's all here--or at least lots of us!

Hi, Stephanie R. DH and I are headed your way in a couple weeks. Friends have invited us to stay with them at their timeshare on Kauai. I've never been anywhere but Honolulu, so this will be a real treat. Especially in January, considering midwest weather right now.

And...good incentive to work on those Michelle Obama arms (as if!)

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