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TonyaC 04-12-09 12:32 AM

Shoes that work well with orthotics?
I just got new orthotics, and unfortunately they're fairly thick and don't work well with most athletic shoes. It's kind of ridiculous, really, since these are "sport" orthotics, i.e., designed for athletic shoes. I'm hoping someone out there can help me find shoes that they will work with.

The orthotics are 5/16" thick at the heel, so I need shoes with removable insoles that are approximately that thick.

I need running shoes and also a separate pair of shoes for step aerobics and weight lifting and also the occasional hi/lo or kickboxing workout. For running, I need motion control shoes because I overpronate.

I do have an old beat-up pair of Brooks Ariel running shoes, which my orthotics fit in quite nicely, so I may try to find the latest version of those. For some reason, my local Road Runner Sports doesn't carry them. I'm still interested in other options, though.

I have been wearing Ryka N-Gage (probably the 07 model) for step, but my orthotics are too thick. I'd prefer a shoe designed specifically for aerobics, but my options are probably limited, so a cross-trainer would be OK, too.

Bonus points for casual (non-exercise) shoes that these darned things will fit in. I'll probably have to shell out the money for a pair of the thinner "dress" orthotics. My insurance paid for the first pair, but I doubt they'll pay for a second pair. :p


ETA: In case it matters, I'm usually a size 8, "normal" width.

Loretta S. 04-12-09 12:26 PM

Did you trying taking out the insole that the shoe came with first? That is what I always do.

TonyaC 04-13-09 02:46 PM

Sorry - I guess I didn't express myself very clearly. I always remove the insole that comes with the shoe.

The problem is that most shoes come with fairly thin insoles, so even when they are removed, the orthotic still doesn't fit right. My heel is up too high, and it feels like the shoes are going to slip off.

Basically, I'm looking for recommendations for shoes whose insoles are about 5/16" thick at the heel, which is the same thickness as my orthotics.

Loretta S. 04-14-09 12:03 AM

I guess your orthotics must be thicker than mine. I hope you find some that work for you.

behaha 04-14-09 07:17 AM

I run in Mizunos, and they have a removable insole. I don't know how much control they offer to the overpronator, they're pretty light shoes but well-structured. They work well for me with non-custom orthotics I also get from the running store; I have high arches and tend to PF.

Ctfitnut 04-14-09 07:55 AM

I have pretty thick orthotics myself. I wear Merrell cross trainers and got them off of


boakley 04-14-09 11:15 AM

I also wear custom orthotics, and some shoes are just better/deeper than others. Unfortunately, it all depends what issues you have. The link below is wear I go to find out what type of shoe I should go for. Then I try find it locally and go to the store to try on with my orthotics. Hope it helps:


PS - I need a neutral shoe with stability and they're often a hard to find combo.

jenjenjen 04-22-09 05:49 PM

There are a couple of solutions:
1. Bring your orthotics to the shoes store and buy new athletic shoes. Maybe the new shoes will be motivating!
2. Go back to the doc and request the custom orthotics in different thicknesses for different shoes. From that I understand, the part of the orthotic taht does the most work is the heel, and they can modify the rest to be different thicknesses. For example, the thinnest one you have will go in your dress shoe. The thicker one will go into your walking/golf shoe. The thickest into your running shoe.
I can't think of anything else now. Hopefully these work!

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