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JBliff 07-25-21 09:10 AM

Total Max Mixers - Week of July 25
Hi everyone. My workout yesterday was LITE Metabolic Blast + extended stretch. I used 3-8 lb weights and it felt good to at least do something with weights even if they are not heavy.

Karjoy - Glad you are feeling better. I've been watching some of the Olympic action for stress relief and of course doing lots of reading.

Waves to all. Have a good Sunday.

karjoy 07-25-21 06:25 PM

Thanks for starting us off as usual Jbliff. Glad you can at least use light to mediumish weights and it does not bother you. Progress!

Iím resting today. The trail races are tough because of the obstacles and unknowns and worry about tripping and falling and I just couldnít manage doing much today. Plus exerting yourself in the heat. :asleep: I
have done some heavy duty deep cleaning and going upstairs a fair amount.

I think with Covid and school starting we are going to have a rough few weeks to a few months, especially here in Florida. One good thing is that we have mild winters so people donít have to be stuck indoors together till like November. Iím hoping that people will learn something from this second or third surge or whatever this is.

I signed up for the Cathe trip today.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

JBliff 07-26-21 08:05 AM

My workout yesterday was 40 minutes on the elliptical + an episode of Essentrics.

Karjoy - How fun that you'll be going to the Cathe road trip. I hope we don't have another bad surge but I'm not too optimistic. Virginia has mostly been pretty good about vaccination (75% adults with at least one dose and 54% of all population 12 years old and over fully vaccinated); however, we are seeing a jump in number of cases lately, all from the un-vaccinated crowd.

Hi to everyone. Have a good day.

karjoy 07-26-21 07:48 PM

Yeah, Jbliff at this point Iím just not counting on doing much of anything. SighÖ.

karjoy 07-26-21 08:19 PM

Jbliff and all, I wonít be surprised if other states start to have Floridians quarantine when we get there. That would of course ruin the Cathe trip if something like that happens. Fingers crossed.

I went to Burn Boot Camp tonight and we did Athletic Conditioning. This is cardio using just a few pieces of equipment. We worked with a partner and did med ball slams, battle ropes, squat jumps, sprints with band around the ankle and so on. This was actually a lot of fun and went by fast.

Waves to Cher, Gibbee, and Vannie.

JBliff 07-27-21 09:54 AM

No workout for me yesterday as I had a doctor's appointment at the time I usually work out and I was too frustrated when I got back to do anything. The doctor's office always make me wait a full hour after my appointment time before I get to see the doctor, which is really annoying. I like the doctor but I think I'm going to look for another one.

Karjoy - Well, if we had a vaccination passport, responsible Floridians could travel. We can always dream...

We're in another heat wave now. We should hit 97 tomorrow. Ugh.

Hi to everyone. Have a good day.

Vantreesta 07-27-21 11:33 AM

Mon 7/26
6 minutes (from SanFran Fitness rebounding 5 min Mini Moves Series Day 8 Fun Cardio Moves, YT) 1st time
10 minutes (from E. Welsh The Firm The Wave Ride the Wave) 1st time
22 minutes (from Crossrope Swing Into Summer day 12)
10 minutes (from L. Carvalho Brazil Butt Lift Maximum Results Abs Rapido) 1st time
14 minutes (from Kassandra Evening Yoga Movement day 11 Evening Yoga Stretches Full Body Flexibility, YT) 1st time
33 minutes (from 3.03 mi for Run With Hal app 15k Base Training Plan day 78)
29 minutes (from M. Giordano Athletic Yoga: Yoga for Runners post-run practice from memory + extra)

I am so over all this heat and sunshine. I've done well keeping with the running this summer despite it but we haven't been walking much bc Cyric hates the heat even more than I do and it's not like there's a good way to know if he is really too hot or just doesn't wanna. But my mental health needs longer walks and nicer weather and he has been pretty blah and lethargic.

I didn't track goals and habits for this month and have started feeling lost so I'm ready to get back at it next month. I think I did need the little break from it but ready to move on. I've been wasting too much time online and still not even posting! I can't seem to get my head around actually replying to posts. :(

Last night's 3 mile run was rough. It was still 79 degrees at 8:30 and humidity was 70% so real feel was 82 and there wasn't much breeze. I apparently overstretched my hamstrings in triangle pose earlier in the day (even though I did use a block) so btwn that and the longer run I'm kind of hurting today, plus I don't think I did rehab stuff at all last week. Gotta get back on that today.

karjoy 07-27-21 08:19 PM

30 minute easy treadmill run for me tonight. I didnít turn my AC down in enough time (my treadmill is upstairs) for it to get optimally cool but itís not much different than outside really.

Vannie that run sounds like running here. Trust me, slow down, hydrate and then hydrate more, and expect to be considerably slower and for it to feel a lot harder. Good job getting it done.

Jbliff I think you should not have to wait for an hour each time to see your doctor.
Once in a while, sure, but every time seems too much. Iíll be thinking about you tomorrow with your 97 degrees. :mad:

Hi Gibbee and Cher.

JBliff 07-29-21 06:31 AM

My workout yesterday was 50 minutes on the elliptical + Total Body Stretching on the ball segment. My workout Tuesday was LITE Pyramid total body premix, but only doing 4 sets of each body part instead of 5 sets. I used up to 15 lb DBs and that was a bit of a mistake as my wrist hurt quite a bit after that. I think I'm going to have to be more patient and use lighter weights for a while.

Karjoy - I never even stuck my nose out of the house. DH went for a walk early in the morning and he said it wasn't as bad as it could be.

Vannie - I can't imagine 79 degrees at 8:30. That is miserable.

Hi to Cher and Gibbee. I hope you are both doing OK.

karjoy 07-29-21 07:27 PM

Yesterday I ran about an hour on the treadmill and in that workout were some mild hills which is always a challenge. Tonight was treadmill again but a medium hard interval workout about 42 minutes overall. Itís so nice to not have to run outside.

I talked to a lady today who us strongly thinking about getting vaccinated for Covid. At least she is open minded and asking good questions. And she had a criticism for the CDC that rings true in my book: they say one thing and 3 days later they say something else. She has a point!

Tomorrow is Friday which is good. Going to Burn for legs after work.

Waves to all.

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