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JBliff 02-21-21 09:23 AM

Total Max Mixers - Week of February 21
Hi everyone. My workout yesterday was all 75 minutes of Kickmax. I haven't done the leg drills since I first got this workout. They were pretty hard.

We are finally getting a bit of a break on the cold weather. I am ready!

Waves to all. Have a good day.

Gibbee 02-21-21 01:35 PM

JB: Stay Warm! We finally got above freezing yesterday. Today should be up to 40 and it feels like summer comparatively speaking. The snow has gone nowhere yet, but that's OK.

Cher: I keep meaning to tell you that a lot of mornings I will open my bathroom window to let steam out. Sure as shootin' there will be a crow say 'caw caw caw'... and instantly I think of The Middle TV show's opening scene! LOL! I know you will understand what I am talking about.

Vannie: How is going with you?

Karen: Hope all is well.

Check in: No workout yesterday. DD and her fiance closed on their home on Tuesday. We took off Friday for the locksmith to change the keys. Well it was 42 degrees when we went in the house. The thermostat had broken and it was 1 degree outside. Spent over 6 hours waiting for the repair guy to arrive. We weren't sure what was wrong because we aren't familiar with a combined gas/electric heating unit. Thankfully he came right after the locksmith left. Then yesterday I stayed while the guy came to clean out the ductwork and clean the carpeting (which is in only parts of the house). I was there from 8 til 5. I told DD I'm not working on the house today. Haha. That won't be true because I bought them a vacuum cleaner and plan to take it to the house today. ;)

They get married 28 days from now... Sunday March 21. She is keeping the wedding extremely small and already I have had push back from DH's extended family (mostly his aunts). I'm sorry, but it's not my wedding and my aunts and cousins aren't invited either, so suck it up, buttercups. :mad: They are planning a larger summer reception for extended family and friends when, hopefully, we can be outside and the virus will be less of a threat to our elderly family members (inoculated) and friends.

Today my workout was Fit Split Pull weights only, but I did a second round of the deadlifts (suitcase grip) and only half of the stability ball roll-ins.


karjoy 02-21-21 08:05 PM

My IPhone just ate my post. Arrrgghh! Of course it was a longer one too. I will catch up tomorrow. Ran 15 miles today. I have done a lot of stretching and feel good.

Good to hear from you again Gibbee. So sweet of you you help out DD.

Waves to all, kareng

JBliff 02-22-21 07:20 AM

Hi all. My workout yesterday was LITE Metabolic Training + core + extended stretch.

Karjoy - You've really been ramping up your runs! How's the weather in Florida?

- Bummer about the repair to the house before your DD can move in. Wasn't the house inspected before your DD bought it? I'm glad it is warming up for you. We may have some snow showers today but will be in the 60s tomorrow. Crazy.

Cher - I saw your duplicate post and will direct people to this post. I started a new thread Sunday.

Hi to Vannie.

Have a good day, everyone.

Vantreesta 02-22-21 06:44 PM

Looks like I last posted workouts on 2/14 so here's what I've done since then:

Mon 2/15 52 minutes
28 minutes (from 1.944 mi for 10k trainer wk3 day1/VA American Southwest 2 Run/Zombies Run S3M33) MON
10 minutes (from J. Miller Yoga Tune Up Quick Fix Rx Lower Body Series -10 min feet & ankles)
7 minutes (from Strong Knees 7 Minutes to Save Your Knees) MON
7 minutes (from 1 dog walks .47 mi) still frigid wind chills

Tue 2/16 110 minutes
44 minutes (from glute activation warmup + PT exercises for HHT) TUE
38 minutes (from Cher Body Confidence Hot Dance) TUE still love this almost 30 years later!!!
28 minutes (from 2 dog walks 2.11 mi)

Wed 2/17 39 minutes
39 minutes (from 3 dog walks 3.08 mi) took a rest day due to hamstring & SI joint pain

Thu 2/18 79 minutes
18 minutes (from PT exercises SIJ reset, stabilization & stretch) THU
29 minutes (from Slim Series Cool It Off Express) WED
32 minutes (from 3 dog walks 2.42 mi)

Fri 2/19 120 minutes
55 minutes (from L. Sansone Walk to the Hits: All Time Favorites) 1st time
21 minutes (from Quick Fix Stability Ball -upper body + abs & back)
44 minutes (from 3 dog walks 3.16 mi)

Sat 2/20 101 minutes
15 minutes (from C. Jordan 15-Minute Glute Activation Workout, YT) 1st time
44 minutes (from V. Johnson Power Shaping II) one of my first DVDs--can't say I loved it today
42 minutes (from 3 dog walks 2.86 mi)

Sun 2/21 46 minutes
46 minutes (from 3 dog walks 3.07 mi)

Total weekly minutes: 547
Total YTD minutes: 4208

Today has been a bust. I didn't sleep well so woke up very tired. Did some house work before breakfast and walked after I ate. Cyric did not want to walk far so we only went about a mile. He was acting weird this morning and I wonder if he hurt himself standing/walking on his hind legs like he does to bark at the neighbors' dog on our last walk last night. Of course I was worried about him and he wanted attention so I sat down to pet him and decided a little 30-minute nap couldn't hurt, right? Two hours later I finally woke up and ate lunch at 3. Oops! Sooo...looks like I already messed up the workout schedule that I just set up this morning. :o

Vantreesta 02-22-21 06:59 PM

NOOOO! I just got the dreaded 500 error for the first time. I have never gotten it on my phone but I'm on the laptop now bc I was going to try to finally do personals. I was writing about MyFitnessPal but I don't know if anyone is really interested. If so, then I can retype the whole darn thing. Grr.

Unfortunately, now I'm out of time and need to make supper.

Cher 02-22-21 07:25 PM

Thanks JBliff for referring me to the right thread! :p I don’t know why I couldn’t find this post this morning! :o

Copying my post here:

Workout Saturday was Rick Bhullar walks (YouTube)....ended up doing 2 of his 15 min walks. The Feel Good Walk and The Rock Walk. I enjoyed them both! On the Rock one he did talk (which is fine with me since I like his accent anyway ��, on the other walk he didn’t talk. I also did Cathe’s Basic Step Upper Body Add-on. Then cleaned up my exercise bike (it was filthy for just sitting in the basement and not being touched for years) and I also figured out a way that I can watch something on my iPad to pass the time while riding it if I want to give it a try again.

Nothing yesterday. My SIL dog was here and she cries when I go in the basement.

Today’s workout was a quickie since I had a dentist appointment. I just did the warm-up from Basic Step and then Lower Body Add-on.

Catch up post! ;)

Gibbee - I miss The Middle! That was such a cute show. I don’t even see them playing reruns anywhere yet. What a hassle about the heat right after closing on the house but at least it’s fixed now. All those family members are just going to have to understand about the wedding and not being invited. It’s a shame but those are the times we are in right now.

Vannie - Sounds like a nice relaxing morning to me! :p

Karen & Vannie - What a hassle losing posts!

karjoy 02-22-21 07:31 PM

Hi guys. I am resting today. Got a decent nightís sleep last night which helps.

Jbliff we are having changeable weather and more rain than we have had in a while. It was about 36 degrees Saturday morning, about 45 Sunday morning and
I think in the 50s today.looks like we will be in the low 70s and high 60s during the day.

Vannie isnít it so frustrating to lose a post!? Ugh...
And of course it is always the better posts and not just the drive by ones.

Cher when do you guys go to your cabin? I assume you wait till at least late spring if not summer. I always wondered. Cute pics of the little dog!

Waves to Gibbee, kareng

Cher 02-24-21 07:02 AM

Workout yesterday was about 20 minutes on my stationary bike while watching show on my iPad, then did Catheís Upper Body Add-on and the Bonus Stretch from Perfect 30 Pump.

JBliff - We usually open up the cabin sometime the end of April to mid May. It all depends when the temperatures are warm enough to turn the water back on so the pipes donít freeze. One year we went for my dadís birthday which is April 15.....last year we couldnít go until the weekend before Memorial Weekend. Itís sort of just a wait and see. Mara is such a cute little dog! :love:

JBliff 02-24-21 11:00 AM

Hi all. My workout yesterday was a walk in town with DH in the morning + all of Drill Max in the afternoon. What a fun and long workout! I can't believe Cathe used to make workouts lasting over 70 minutes. I've been enjoying going through her old DVDs. It's almost like having brand new workouts.

- How old is Mara now? How's the COVID and vaccination situation in your state?

Karjoy - We're supposed to get to almost 70 today but back to the 50s tomorrow. My sleep pattern is so crazy bad these days.

Hi to Vannie and Gibbee. Have a good day, everyone.

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