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hch 08-25-19 06:41 AM

Workouts, 2019-08-25, Sunday
If you'd like to join, post your workouts and other activity for this day!

marki64 08-25-19 04:55 PM

Popsugar Jeanette Jenkins 40 min. Cardio Sculpt. Looked like it would be really great when I reviewed it, but it was just ok. Needed a little more intensity.

gigi 08-25-19 06:07 PM

Strong and Sweaty Giant Sets/Classical Stretch Feet & Ankle Strength and Mobility

wendug 08-25-19 06:37 PM

10 Minute Solution- Knockout Body

ncl 08-25-19 07:34 PM

3.5 hour hike.

owltx 08-25-19 07:50 PM

Kimberly spreen absolute kickboxing: cardio kickbox / cobalt weighted bar interval premix

anne 08-25-19 07:52 PM

Dance Off the inches Cardio Hip Hop first 10 minutes
Denise Austin Burn Fat Fast Cardio Blast: Retro, Dance, and Kickboxing workouts plus cool down

Erica 08-25-19 09:28 PM

Rodney Yee - AM Yoga For Your Week (forward bends practice)

Karen Beckwith 08-25-19 11:23 PM

Jane Adams Gentle Yoga Desk and Computer Work Relief with my husband
New KCM Strong and Lean. - Strong - really liked it!

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